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NoLimitCoins Review

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Of all the different free-to-play casinos I've tried in the past few years, NoLimitCoins presents probably one of the most interesting gameplay models I've seen. Its two-mode coins system is great fun, and the fact that you can enjoy the best bits of what the casino has to offer without paying a cent is an amazing advantage.

Of all the different free-to-play casinos I’ve tried in the past few years, NoLimitCoins presents probably one of the most interesting gameplay models I’ve seen. Its two-mode coins system is great fun, and you can enjoy the best bits of what the casino has to offer without paying a cent is an amazing advantage. Our Nolimitcoins review tests the games and apps in detail, so you don’t have to.

The range of games in store at NoLimitCoins is impressive compared to the wider competition, meaning I’d likely recommend it to anyone who’s just getting into sweeps casinos and games for the first time. But, as always, there are plenty of details to get into, so let’s delve deeper into what you can expect as a brand-new player in this NoLimitCoins review.

My NoLimitCoins Experience

From the get-go, NoLimitCoins is bright and friendly, offering clear routes into the site through promotions and its free daily rewards. Thankfully, the site’s also very easy for newbies to get accustomed to even from sign-up onward, with terms and conditions and fine print very clear and easy to spot.

My experience at NLC may vary to others, but trust me – with years of experience in playing sweeps games, I can assure you there’ll be few problems in you getting started here. Now let’s dig into the promotions and freebies.

NoLimitCoins Promotions

From the very start of the sign-up process at NoLimitCoins, you’ll get the chance to choose between either the Gold Coins mode or the Super Coins mode. I’ll cover these in a little more detail a bit further down, but ultimately, the difference is that you’ll get 100,000 Gold Coins ready to play with. Super Coins, meanwhile, are collected in a slightly different way.

NoLimitCoins Best Offers

NoLimitCoins’ self-described “best deal” offers 1.05 million Gold Coins for $29.99, a reduction of 33%, with 3,999 Super Coins extra for free. While this is likely a good deal for anyone who wishes to top up their sweeps accounts regularly, I personally prefer to stick to true free play – so let’s dig a bit deeper into other promos.

Other appealing promotions here include the Lucky Wheel game, which gives you a chance to claim both Gold Coins and Super Coins each day with a free wheel spin. This helps keep gameplay at NoLimitCoins free, meaning there’s not much need to pay in to win, if at all! You’ll need to verify a valid phone number and read the applicable terms and conditions before you spin.

I’d also recommend looking out for prize draws and pools available at NoLimitCoins. For example, I really like the email prize draw, where you just have to reply to a special email from the NoLimitCoins team to grab a chance at a 25,000 Gold Coins prize.

My personal favorite promo running at NoLimitCoins right now is the Million Wishes tournament. The prize pool in this tournament, at the time of writing, sits at more than five million Gold Coins. To grab a chance at claiming one of the top prizes, you’ll need to choose a game and play it to the best of your ability. I like the fact you can play as much as you want and that there’s a minimum entry of 100 Gold Coins required. The entry level is nice and low!

The terms and conditions attached to NLC’s promos are clear and easy to understand. It didn’t take me too long to read through the fine print and to get started. Again, I’d probably recommend you try some of the genuinely free prize draws and games as a priority – and thankfully, the wheel promo is a daily chance for you to keep topping up your Gold Coins credit.

It’s worth noting that NLC will keep changing its promos from time to time, meaning it’s well worth signing up for promotional emails and to keep logging in to see what’s new.

Signing up at NoLimitCoins

The great news is that NoLimitCoins is one of the easiest sweeps casinos to sign up for. That can be a blessing and a curse, as some sites might bury their terms and conditions deep – but thankfully, NLC presents its finer print front and center.

Here’s how to get started signing up to play with a NoLimitCoins casino login for the first time.

  1. From the front page of the site, you’ll see a bright red “register” button. Click this, and you’ll bring up the registration form.
  2. All you need to fill in at this stage is an email address and a password or register with a Google address or a Facebook account. Personally, I fill in my details as is.
  3. Before you click “create account,” read the fine print carefully. There’s a box you’ll need to tick where you confirm you’re older than 18 and that you’re playing from a non-restricted state. That’s anywhere outside Washington, Wyoming, and Idaho.
  4. Then, read the privacy policy, terms of use, and the California privacy notice (if you’re from CA). I recommend you take the time to read these carefully, especially if you’re new to sweeps casinos in general.
  5. Once you’re happy with the terms, tick the boxes and click “create account.” You’ll then receive an email to verify your account. You’ll need to open this and click the link provided within to fully confirm your registration.
  6. At the next stage, you’ll see a splash screen that asks you if you’d like to try Super Coins or Gold Coins. You get Gold Coins free (100,000 to start), so I highly recommend you choose this option while you get started.
  7. You’ll then be taken to the top-up window, but you can actually start playing for free! Simply choose “Games” from the bottom of your main screen.

NoLimitCoins’s Super Coins

I’ve touched briefly on the two currency modes running at NLC, but let’s discuss the main differences and what you need to know.

NoLimitCoins Gold Coins vs Super Coins

Players at NoLimitCoins can choose to play in either Gold Coins or Super Coins mode. In Gold Coins mode, you can take part in tournaments and play games at NLC without paying a cent. They’re purchasable, too, but you’ll get free GCs every day if you take part in the wheel spin game.

With Super Coins, players get chances to win different prizes. Super Coins are available as add-on prizes, and again, you can win them through the wheel spin game and other promotions. What I really like about both currencies at NLC is that you never have to pay to win prizes. 

Playing at NoLimitCoins

NoLimitCoins really does strip the sweeps casino back to its basics – I was up and playing within a matter of taps. It’s nice and smooth across desktop and mobile modes, and the website’s always easy to navigate. Everything I need is right at the bottom panel of the main screen – the menu, games, tournaments, promos, and the fabled wheel!

There are more than 70 games available at NoLimitCoins, and they’re all presented in different categories and themes from the “games” tab. For example, if you’d like to check out the newest titles, click “new,” and if you want to try jackpot games… I’ll let you fill in the blanks!

The games here are presented in an accessible and appealing “patchwork” style, meaning it’s easy to scroll up and down through the plethora of slots available. Personally, I recommend checking out Grand Koala and Thunder Fishing from the newest games available, though Wolf Reels is always a firm favorite of mine.

The games are super quick and smooth to load. I barely had to wait more than 10 seconds for the first game I played here to get started – and it’s never tricky to find how to close one game down and return to the main menu to try out other titles.

What’s more, the 100,000 free coins you get just for joining NoLimitCoins do go a long way. For example, you can play Wolf Reels from as little as 20 Gold Coins a spin, meaning you’ll get 5,000 free goes just for registering!

This is all without mentioning the fantastic array of tournaments and modes on offer. I’ve already mentioned the Million Wishes prize pool, but there are several other chances for players to claim up to 10 million Gold Coins as part of sprawling tournaments.

For example, there’s the Thunder Wonders tournament at the time of writing, which serves up a potential total prize of 10 million GCs. It’s well worth looking for upcoming tournaments and prize pools available at NoLimitCoins – I think they all help to add a little bit of extra fun to proceedings, not that there isn’t already plenty to do at the casino!

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NoLimitCoins Support

NoLimitCoins’ support team is speedy and resourceful. Thankfully, I barely needed to get in touch with customer care during my first few plays here, but I was interested in knowing more about the Super Coins system.

<span id=NoLimitCoins Support Chatbot” class=”wp-image-7649″/>

That said, I’m afraid the support bot, who you’ll come across as your first point of contact, could be a little more intuitive! I asked the bot to explain Super Coins a little more, and it had difficulty understanding what I was looking for (see my screenshot).

That said, telephone and email support avenues are available, which puts you in touch with helpful humans. It’s worth remembering, however, that you can only call the team about a payment issue within the US. Anything else, and the email team will get back in touch with you reasonably swiftly.

NoLimitCoins also has a strong social media presence, though the accounts they have active at the time of writing (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) appear to be purely promotional as opposed to offering support at this time.

Would I recommend NoLimitCoins?

I’d absolutely recommend NoLimitCoins to anyone interested in trying sweeps games for the first time. The site’s nice and user friendly, there are very few fiddly options you have to muddle around with, and while there are always going to be bits of fine print you need to read through, these are never confusing and are highly reasonable.

I like the range of games available at NoLimitCoins, too. Admittedly, there are sweepstakes casinos that offer a broader range and perhaps even a wider variety – but for most players, I feel the mix on offer here will be more than sufficient. I like the way the casino’s laid out and that there’s not too much fumbling around trying to find different sections and options.

NoLimitCoins does promote its paid top-up side quite frequently. Therefore, if you’re looking for a genuinely free gaming experience, I’d recommend you read each of the pages and offers you come across very carefully. NLC is a reputable games provider, but it’s sometimes easy to misread promotional areas of the site.

I love that I can just keep topping up my free coins balance by spinning the wheel each day. That, and there’s always a chance to win bigger prizes by unlocking Super Coins through free draws. This is a sweepstakes site that offers genuinely free games – there’s absolutely no need to pay in unless you want to.

I hope you’ve found my NoLimitCoins review helpful! Take it from me – I’ve been playing here for a while now, and I’ve not once dipped into my bankroll. I think NoLimitCoins does have room to grow, but for newbies and those who are exploring their sweeps options, it’s a great little site to try out.

Pros Cons
Lots of different games and styles of slot games available Chatbot support could be more intuitive
Very easy to sign up to, and terms and conditions are easy to read and consume Lots of advertising for paid games and top-ups
Games load very quickly and work well across different devices and browsers
Opportunities to get free coins every day through promo games
Open to most US states