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NoLimitCoins Review

Writer’s Opinion

If you’re a fan of sweepstakes casino games and always seeking something new, then NoLimitCoins is a spot you might want to check out.

It offers an array of over 58 unique games at your fingertips and the chance to have fun while possibly earning unlimited fantastic prizes.

Our NoLimitCoins Review

Welcome to the exciting world of NoLimitCoins, an engaging social gaming site that has successfully carved its niche in the realm of online sweepstakes platforms.

If you’re an ardent gamer and enjoy a fun-filled gaming experience, you’ve probably heard about this sweepstakes casino and wondered, “Is NoLimitCoins legit?”

Well, we’re here to unravel this enticing gaming platform for you!

NoLimitCoins is one seriously polished looking sweeps casino site. What makes this sweeps gaming platform stand out from other sites is the Super Coin (SC) format.

You can acquire these coins by enjoying your favorite games on the site. These Super Coins are not just for show; they’re your ticket to even more enjoyable gaming experiences and potential prizes.

But don’t just take our word for it – many users have shared their positive experiences on NoLimitCoins, praising the platform for its exciting games and quick verification process.

Feeling excited and curious? If you’d like to dive into the inner workings of this social casino, keep reading our review.

Pros Cons
Lots of different games and styles of slot games are available. Chatbot support could be more intuitive.
Very easy to sign up to, and terms and conditions are easy to read and consume. Lots of advertising for paid games and top-ups.
Games load very quickly and work well across different devices and browsers.
Opportunities to get free coins every day through promo games .
Open to most US states.

User’s Verdict

The best way to understand a platform is to see it from the users’ perspective. Players have reviewed NoLimitCoins as “Great”, further confirming its legitimacy.

Many have voiced their pleasant experiences on the platform, commenting on its fair games, quick verification process, and swift transaction times.

The daily bonuses and discounts have also added to their joy.

While some users have raised concerns about connecting their bank accounts, the in-house support team has been proactive in responding to their feedback, offering support through their 24/7 live chat or email assistance.

Overall, the platform has garnered a positive response from the users, making it a great option for people looking for a trustworthy and enjoyable gaming experience.

About NoLimitCoins

NoLimitCoins (NLC) is the brainchild of A1 Development LLC, a company known for creating appealing sweepstakes platforms including the likes of Funrize Casino and Tao Fortune Casino.

The platform was introduced in 2021, and since then, it has been delighting gamers with its captivating selection of games and thrilling experiences.

The site is nice and user friendly, there are very few fiddly options you have to muddle around with, and while there are always going to be bits of fine print you need to read through, these are never confusing and are highly reasonable.

The selection of games is a crucial aspect of any social casino, and NoLimitCoins has ensured it scores high on this front.

The platform offers players more than 58 casino games, including various slots and intriguing fish games, all for free. All these games are powered by a software developer called NetGame Entertainment, known for creating high-quality and engaging games.

This wide range of games caters to a broad spectrum of gaming preferences, ensuring every player finds something of their liking.

Like other sweepstakes casinos, NoLimitCoins comes with two game modes. You can have fun without making a redemption request in the Gold Coins mode or redeem your free coins in the Super Coins mode.

But whichever the case, you will discover that NoLimitCoins offers players multiple ways to win Gold Coins and Super Coins.

My NoLimitCoins Experience

Of all the different free-to-play casinos I’ve tried in the past few years, NoLimitCoins presents probably one of the most interesting gameplay models I’ve seen.

Its two-mode coins system is great fun, and the fact that you can enjoy the best bits of what the casino has to offer without paying a cent is an amazing advantage.

The range of games in store at NoLimitCoins is impressive compared to the wider competition, meaning I’d likely recommend it to anyone who’s just getting into sweeps casinos and games for the first time.

From the get-go, NoLimitCoins is bright and friendly, offering clear routes into the site through promotions and its free daily rewards.

Thankfully, the site is also very easy for newbies to get accustomed to even from sign-up onward, with terms and conditions and fine print very clear and easy to spot.

My experience at NLC may vary to others, but trust me, with years of experience in playing sweeps games, I can assure you there’ll be no problems in getting you started here and enjoying the fun free-play.

Would I Recommend NoLimitCoins?

I’d absolutely recommend NoLimitCoins to anyone interested in trying sweeps games for the first time.

I like the range of games available here. Admittedly, there are sweepstakes casinos that offer a broader range and perhaps even a wider variety, but for most players, I feel the mix on offer here will be more than sufficient.

I like the way the casino is laid out and that there’s not too much fumbling around trying to find different sections and options.

NoLimitCoins does promote its paid top-up side quite frequently. Therefore, if you’re looking for a genuinely free gaming experience, I’d recommend you read each of the pages and offers you come across very carefully.

NLC is a reputable games provider, but it’s sometimes easy to misread promotional areas of the site.

I love that I can just keep topping up my free coins balance by spinning the wheel each day. That, and there’s always a chance to win bigger prizes by unlocking Super Coins through free draws.

This is a sweepstakes site that offers genuinely free games; there’s absolutely no need to pay in unless you want to.

I hope you will find my NoLimitCoins review helpful! Take it from me, I’ve been playing here for a while now, and I’ve not once dipped into my bankroll.

I think NoLimitCoins does have room to grow, but for newbies and those who are exploring their sweeps options, it’s a great little site to try out.

How NoLimitCoins Works

From the very start of the sign-up process at NoLimitCoins, you’ll get the chance to choose between either the Gold Coins mode or the Super Coins mode.

In Gold Coins mode, you can take part in tournaments and play games at NLC without paying a cent. They’re purchasable, too, but you’ll get free GCs every day if you take part in the wheel spin game.

With Super Coins, players get chances to win different prizes. Super Coins are available as add-on prizes, and again, you can win them through the wheel spin game and other promotions.

What I really like about both currencies at NLC is that you never have to pay to win prizes.

You can play all the available games using the free Gold Coins and Super Coins. I was able to test a few slot machines from NetGame using my free Gold Coins.

It’s worthy to remember that you cannot exchange the free Gold Coins for Super Coins under any circumstances.

These coins are for playing games in their respective game modes.

Also, GC cannot be redeemed as cash prizes, whereas players can make a redemption request after accumulating enough Super Coins.

Where is NoLimitCoins Available?

NoLimitCoins is accessible in many US states with a few exceptions.

Residents who are younger than eighteen (18) years of age in the following states can’t sign up at this sweepstakes casino at the moment:

  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming
  • Michigan

However, if you’re in a state where it’s permitted, why not try your luck?

Signing Up At NoLimitCoins

The great news is that NoLimitCoins is one of the easiest sweeps casinos to sign up for. That can be a blessing and a curse, as some sites might bury their terms and conditions deep, but thankfully, NLC presents its finer print front and center.

Here’s how to get started signing up to play with a NoLimitCoins Casino login for the first time.

  1. From the front page of the site, you’ll see a bright red ‘register’ button. Click this, and you’ll bring up the registration form.
  1. All you need to fill in at this stage is an email address and a password or register with a Google address or a Facebook account. Personally, I fill in my details as is.
  1. Before you click ‘create account,’ read the fine print carefully. There’s a box you’ll need to tick where you confirm you’re older than 18 and that you’re playing from a non-restricted state.
  1. Then, read the privacy policy, terms of use, and the California privacy notice (if you’re from CA).

I recommend you take the time to read these carefully, especially if you’re new to sweeps casinos in general.

  1. Once you’re happy with the terms, tick the boxes and click ‘create account.’ You’ll then receive an email to verify your account. You’ll need to open this and click the link provided within to fully confirm your registration.
  1. At the next stage, you’ll see a splash screen that asks you if you’d like to try Super Coins or Gold Coins.

You get Gold Coins free (100,000 to start), so I highly recommend you choose this option while you get started.

  1. You’ll then be taken to the top-up window, but you can actually start playing for free! Simply choose ‘Games’ from the bottom of your main screen.

No Purchase Welcome Offer

At NoLimitCoins, I received a free signup offer for merely completing the account registration process. You can complete the process using your Google Account or Facebook or enter your email and password.

Either way, the casino offers free 100,000 GC to get you started with the available games.

Interestingly, I discovered that players don’t need to enter any NoLimitCoins promo code to claim the welcome offer.

Just complete the process, and the free coins are yours. No purchase is necessary here!

First Purchase Welcome Offer

Although I found several loyalty promotions to keep my account replenished with free Gold Coins, there were instances where I needed to purchase more gaming tokens.

To make a purchase, tap the “Buy” button at the top-right corner and select your purchase option.

I realized that each Gold Coin option offers free Super Coins, making the casino one of the best regarding the first purchase offer.

Below are the offers you’ll find for your first purchase:

  • $4.99 – 50,000 Gold Coins + FREE 500 Super Coins
  • $9.99 – 100,000 Gold Coins + FREE 1,000 Super Coins
  • $19.99 – 200.000 Gold Coins + FREE 2,000 Super Coins
  • $49.99 – 500,000 Gold Coins + FREE 5,000 Super Coins
  • $99.99 – 1,000,000 Gold Coins + FREE 10,000 Super Coins
  • $149.99 – 1,500,000 Gold Coins + FREE 15,000 Super Coins
  • $199.99 – 2,000,000 Gold Coins + FREE 20,000 Super Coins

NoLimitCoins also rewarded me with special offers branded as ‘Best Deals.’ Below are the offers:

  • Purchase 360,000 Gold Coins for $11.99 and receive FREE 1,800 Super Coins.
  • Purchase 1,050,000 Gold Coins for $29.99 and receive FREE 3,999 Super Coins.

Existing Player Promotions

As I said before, there are many ways to get free Gold Coins and Super Coins with no purchase necessary. Here I present some of the promotion offers that let me quickly replenish my coin balance.

However, It’s worth noting that NLC will keep changing its promos from time to time, meaning it’s well worth signing up for promotional emails and to keep logging in to see what’s new.

Spin The Lucky Wheel

NolimitCoins has a Lucky Wheel ready to spin every 24 hours, granting you an opportunity to win free GC and SC.

Just tap the Lucky Wheel tab at the top menu bar and spin the wheel. However, players must verify their phone numbers before spinning the wheel, which is an easy requirement.

Free Special Personal Offer

My promotions page at NolimitCoins also had a Free Special Personal Offer. As the name suggests, this promotion targets specific players.

Therefore, what I got might not necessarily be what you’ll get.

After signing up, the social casino will give you a few hours to verify your profile before unlocking the promotion. In my case, I had 4 hours to verify my profile to claim the Free 1,800 SC.

Player Referral Program

Do you have a friend that likes playing at social casinos? You can refer them to join NolimitCoins and get FREE 500,000 GC + 2,000 SC.

That’s not all. Your friend will also receive a FREE 400,000 GC + 500 SC reward.

But before you can claim this reward, your friend must join the social casino via the unique link you will provide them. Also, they should purchase GC worth at least $20.

Email Prize Draw

NolimitCoins also has a special FREE Email Prize Draw. In this promotion, the casino will send you an email link to which you must answer to participate in the weekly lottery.

Gamers can win free Gold Coins and Super Coins in this promotion.

Slot Tournaments

NolimitCoins Casino runs many free-to-join daily tournaments, giving you a chance to win free GC and SC. I could see the ‘Daily Tournament’ tab on the top menu bar with the number of active tournaments to join.

The tournaments have colossal prize pools, with the casino clearly indicating the start dates.

When I was writing this bonus review, the Fireworks Fortunes event was about to start with a total prize pool of 10 million Gold Coins.

Playing Games at NoLimitCoins

NoLimitCoins really does strip the sweeps casino back to its basics. I was up and playing within a matter of taps.

It’s nice and smooth across desktop and mobile modes, and the website’s always easy to navigate. Everything I need is right at the bottom panel of the main screen – the menu, games, tournaments, promos, and the fabled wheel!

There are more than 70 games available at NoLimitCoins, and they’re all presented in different categories and themes from the ‘games’ tab.

For example, if you’d like to check out the newest titles, click ‘new,’ and if you want to try jackpot games, I’ll let you fill in the blanks!

The games here are presented in an accessible and appealing ‘patchwork’ style, meaning it’s easy to scroll up and down through the plethora of slots available.

Personally, I recommend checking out Grand Koala and Thunder Fishing from the newest games available, though Wolf Reels is always a firm favorite of mine.

The games are super quick and smooth to load. I barely had to wait more than 10 seconds for the first game I played here to get started, and it’s never tricky to find how to close one game down and return to the main menu to try out other titles.

What’s more, the 100,000 free coins you get just for joining NoLimitCoins do go a long way.

For example, you can play Wolf Reels from as little as 20 Gold Coins a spin, meaning you’ll get 5,000 free goes just for registering!

This is all without mentioning the fantastic array of tournaments and modes on offer.

There are several chances for players to claim up to 10 million Gold Coins as part of sprawling tournaments.

For example, there’s the Thunder Wonders tournament at the time of writing, which serves up a potential total prize of 10 million GCs.

It’s well worth looking for upcoming tournaments and prize pools available at NoLimitCoins. I think they all help to add a little bit of extra fun to proceedings, not that there isn’t already plenty to do at the casino!

How to Redeem at NoLimitCoins

If you’re going to make a redemption request for the NoLimitCoins free SC, it’s essential to read the bonus fine print.

From what I found, nothing is alarming on the social casino’s promotions page. The casino says the free Super Coins can only be used in the Super Coins mode.

But are the free SC coins ready to redeem instantly? Not really!

Players must play through the coins at least once before making a redemption claim. Also, you must verify your NoLimitCoins profile before redeeming cash prizes.

NoLimitCoins Support

NoLimitCoins’ support team is speedy and resourceful.

Thankfully, I barely needed to get in touch with customer care during my first few plays here, but I was interested in knowing more about the Super Coins system.

I’m afraid the support bot, who you’ll come across as your first point of contact, could be a little more intuitive!

I asked the bot to explain Super Coins a little more, and it had difficulty understanding what I was looking for (see my screenshot).

That said, telephone and email support avenues are available, which puts you in touch with helpful humans.

It’s worth remembering, however, that you can only call the team about a payment issue within the US. Anything else, and the email team will get back in touch with you reasonably swiftly.

NoLimitCoins also has a strong social media presence, though the accounts they have active at the time of writing (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) appear to be purely promotional as opposed to offering support at this time.

Final Verdict on NoLimitCoins

In conclusion, this site offers a secure and entertaining platform for social gaming enthusiasts. The gaming site is owned by a recognized company and has earned favorable reviews from users, which significantly affirms its legitimacy.

Moreover, with an exciting mix of games available, NoLimitCoins is indeed a platform where players can enjoy the thrill of social gaming in a secure environment.

I’m highly impressed by the promotional offers on this social casino. The FREE 100,000 GC signup offer should be more than enough to last you at least a day or two before spinning the Lucky Wheel to claim more free coins.

Also, I was wowed by the long list of first-purchase offers, with some offering up to 50% off. All in all, I couldn’t find any flaws with NolimitCoins regarding its promotional offers.

I think you must give it a try if you are fascinated by the free-play offered at social casinos.

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