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McLuck Casino Review

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McLuck is a smart, concise little sweeps casino that calls itself a “social experience” – and there’s definitely a good community spirit built into the site. I really like the range of classic slots games here, especially from noted studios such as Relax Gaming and Pragmatic Play.

McLuck is an innovative, concise little sweeps casino that calls itself a “social experience” – and a good community spirit is built into the site. I like the range of classic slot games here, especially from noted studios such as Relax Gaming and Pragmatic Play.

I think it’s a wonderfully designed sweeps experience that offers more than just a few flashy visuals – and you’re no doubt here to learn more about why I love McLuck. Let’s dive into my full McLuck Sweeps casino review.

My McLuck Experience

As you’d expect with signing up at any new sweeps casino, you will need to provide a handful of details to get started. However, McLuck makes the registration rigmarole pretty straightforward – and if you’re interested in looking at the site, here’s pretty much everything you need to know.

McLuck Promotions

From the very start of registration for a McLuck login, you’ll have the chance to claim an extra 150% coins on top of what you’d typically expect as a new customer. When I signed up, for example, I received a handsome 7,500 GC or gold coins. This is the main currency used to play games at McLuck, and I’ll go into more detail about this below.

Minimum spin amounts vary across the slot games available at McLuck, meaning you’ll need to do a little research across the catalog if you’re looking for a great value game. Thankfully, McLuck’s games catalog tells you the minimum and maximum gold coin totals you’ll need to play before you start.

Beyond this, a couple of promotions are usually available for you to enjoy once you’re verified and signed up. At the time of writing, for example, there are social media competitions you can take part in over at the official McLuck Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

What I also really like about McLuck’s promotions is that you don’t need to physically do much to be entered for a chance of winning a prize! For example, the McJackpot prize draw offers a top prize of 200 million gold coins, which anyone can win anytime.

You enter the McJackpot draw whenever you spin the reels on a slot game. Therefore, even just by participating in free games, you always have a shot at some big prizes. I’ve not even mentioned that the size of the prizes in this draw increases the more people play!

I’d highly recommend registering for any promotional emails and message lists available through McLuck. This will give you a front-seat opportunity to get some free coins before anyone else.

Signing up at McLuck

What immediately struck me about McLuck was how easy it was to sign up and get started. There were a few of the typical boxes to tick and terms and conditions to read, but all of it was easy to understand, and I wasn’t kept hanging around waiting to get started.

Once you have a McLuck login, you can access all the games and account options available from almost any device.

  1. Head to McLuck.com and look for the red “join now” button. Tap or click it, and you’ll find the sign-up screen.
  2. On this screen, you’ll need to fill in some details about yourself and get confirmation of the 150% boost currently running for new customers.
  3. If you’d prefer to fill in your details by registering your Google or Facebook account, you can – but honestly, I like filling everything out manually and keeping these accounts separate. Your preferences may vary!
  4. As you can see from my screenshot, you’ll need to fill in details about your name, date of birth, email address, and password. Make sure this is a valid email address, as you’ll need it to verify your account later in the process before you can start playing for real.
  5. Take note of the small fine print towards the bottom of the sign-up screen. You’ll need to carefully read McLuck’s terms of service, which shouldn’t take long but will take some concentration! The terms here, thankfully, are very reasonable and are there to protect you as much as the interests of the casino itself.
  6. Do also note that you’ll need to agree you’re not playing from barred states. McLuck won’t accept players from Idaho, Nevada, Georgia, Alabama, Washington, or Kentucky. This is a little more restrictive than other sites, such as NoLimitCoins – but it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re not playing from these states. If you fall foul of the law, you’re at risk of your account getting shut down (at the least).
  7. You’ll be sent a verification email once you’ve ticked the box and clicked to register. This can take some time to arrive in your inbox – up to an hour, in my experience. However, you’ll need to act quickly, as the email’s verification link can also time out.
  8. This means you’ll need to watch your inbox carefully, particularly the junk box. This is where I received my verification email, and as I don’t have alerts set up for that box, I missed the verification the first time around – and had to go through the process again. Heed my warnings!
  9. Clicking the verification link takes you straight to the casino. There’s no confirmation that you are verified, but the fact that all the games in McLuck’s library are now open to you means you have free access to all the fun in-store. Go ahead and explore!

McLuck’s Sweeps Coins

McLuck’s casino runs on its own special currency, known simply as gold coins. You’ll get a stack of these for free when you first register (for example, I received 75,000), and you’ll use these in all games available across the site.

Gold coins at McLuck are purchasable, but you don’t have to pay to access them. You can access a free prize game once a day to boost your free coins balance. Therefore, you can always play for free here without wasting a cent. There are plenty of options for you to top up, but I like to keep things genuinely free!

Playing at McLuck

What I really enjoy about McLuck is that the free casino-style games and site options are all straightforward to spot and navigate around. There are tons to get into here, and rather than scrambling around the site, you’ve got pretty much everything you’ll need from that front page onwards.

For example, a quick scroll down from my account shows me a range of games recommended for me, and there’s a list of new games stacked underneath as well. I also appreciate the floating menu bar toward the bottom of the page, which gives me access to account features and lets me search for games without moving too far away. It’s a nice touch!

Now, onto the games. There are some great titles from surprising studio names, such as Pragmatic Play. When you click on a game you’d like to play; you’ll see a quick screen that tells you how much you’ll need to play with as a minimum, the maximum gold coins accepted, and how volatile the game is.

It’s then really simple to launch the game and start playing. This is one of the smoothest-launching sweeps casino catalogs I’ve ever played at, and the experience is much the same across mobile and desktop alike.

You won’t have to worry about games slowing down or crashing if you have a reliable internet connection. At least, not in my experience – and I’ve been a McLuck fan for a while now!

Do also take time to look through the special Megaways, jackpot play, and exclusive GC games available through the “hamburger menu” towards the bottom of the main screen. McLuck is crammed full of hidden features that deserve exploring!

My favorite games at McLuck include TNT Tumble, a Relax Gaming classic, and NetEnt’s Let It Burn, which takes slots back to basics but with a free play twist! I also like the fact there are Megaways games here – meaning big jackpot games aren’t restricted to full-play casinos alone.

McLuck Games

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McLuck Support

I didn’t need to contact McLuck customer care for much support during my opening few days at the site, though I did follow up with the team when I had problems with the verification process. While I’d figured this out for myself once the team got back in touch, the support team provided helpful advice that would have supported me in getting registered sooner.

There are a couple of customer support options available through McLuck, with the web form being the route I chose to access help. Here, you can fill out a few details and submit, and the team will get back to you within a day or two.

There’s also the support@mcluck.com email address, which will get you in touch with the same team. In my experience, the web form is much quicker.

If there’s anything I’d potentially improve about the support service at McLuck, it’s to include a chatbot where customers can potentially find answers to their queries without having to wait for a support ticket response. However, I really can’t complain about the quality of the service I’ve received, as it’s been great so far!

Would I recommend McLuck?

McLuck has a lot of great features to offer, and I honestly feel it’s one of the few shining stars in sweeps casinos that appeals to both newbie and experienced players.

Once I’d verified my account and started playing at McLuck, it was really easy to start getting into games and exploring different features. I like that everything’s laid out in simple columns and patchwork, for example. The menus are intuitive, and finding support isn’t a chore.

What’s impressive about McLuck is the range of games and developers on board. You won’t always expect big-name studios such as NetEnt and Relax Gaming at sweeps casinos, which made playing games here all the more surprising.

A really nice touch that I don’t believe I’ve seen at many sweeps casinos is the little information snippet you see before launching a game. You don’t have to open a game up to find out the minimum gold coins you need to spend to start playing, for example. McLuck goes the extra mile to break down everything you need to know before you launch.

As someone who’s played sweeps for a while now, I think McLuck has some room to grow, and while it may seem a little limited to some seasoned players, it’s still got a wide enough selection of games to hold most people’s interests.

With all sweeps casinos, it’s always worth making sure you’re not expected to spend to access gold coins. McLuck offers paid and free packages, and you don’t have to look too far to grab the freebies.

Overall, it’s definitely worth a close look if you’re just getting started with free and social gaming online – and the social media channels are super interactive, too, meaning there’s a great feeling of community here.

Pros Cons
Games from some of the biggest and best-loved developers and studios online No chatbot feature available
Absolutely no need to pay for coins Email verification can take some time to complete
Support team is friendly and knowledgeable
Good variety of promotions and deals available
Works great across desktop and mobile platforms