Is Stake Legal in the US?

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It’s hard to escape the huge press Stake has had recently. Whether it’s sponsoring Drake, the Alfa Romeo formula 1 team or Everton FC in the EPL, they are everywhere! But, is Stake legal in the US? Find out below…

Is Stake Legal in the US? Find out right here

Looking for an online casino that gives you access to more than virtual slot machines and fish games? Stake is a popular digital destination that offers plenty of table games, from a range of poker variants to live blackjack, and so much more.

However, is Stake legal in the US? The answer is “it depends”.

The most important thing to understand here is that is legal for US residents to use. Its sister site,, is not. So, if you’re in the US and want to play a hand of Omaha HiLo or enjoy some live roulette, you’ll need to visit But what’s the difference between these two websites? Let’s explore what you should know. vs.

Wondering is Stake legal in the US? If you’re accessing, then yes. If you’re trying to access, then no. They’re sister sites owned by the same company, but they are not the same. So, let’s break down the differences.

Accessibility is designed as a sweepstakes casino for US residents. is not and focuses on cryptocurrency instead. If you’re in the US, you cannot access

Licensure does not require a license because it is a sweepstakes/social casino. However, operates under the Curacao license. Most states in the US allow social casinos to operate without licensure. Note that this does not mean that anyone from any state in the country can access Currently, you must be at least 21 years of age. You must also live in a state other than New York, Nevada, Kentucky, Michigan, Idaho, or Washington.

Speaking of Currency…

Is Stake legal in the US? To make legal, players use gold coins. These have no redeemable value, but you can win prizes for playing. On the other hand, uses Bitcoin.

Slot Machines offers access to a wide range of virtual slot machines from some of today’s top developers, including Pragmatic Play and others. However, has a larger library, because its offerings do not need to comply with US laws and regulations.

Table Games

Both and offer a substantial number of table games for players to enjoy. That includes video poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and multiple varieties of poker.’s selection is slightly larger, but there are still plenty of choices available to US players on

Stake Originals

Both and have a category named “Stake Originals”. These are original games developed specifically for Stake websites. While’s library is larger, offers 18 Stake Originals currently with more on the way. These range from options like Plinko to keno, Tome of Life, Slide, and much more.

Live Games

Both and offer live games. However, the selection is dramatically different on each platform. has four live roulette versions, two versions of blackjack, three versions of baccarat, two types of Sic Bo, and one version of Teen Patti. Many of these are produced by Beter Live, but does produce three of them (one each of blackjack, roulette, and baccarat). has a larger library of live games.


You’ll find that has more promotions overall, but has the edge when it comes to no-purchase bonuses. Every day you log into your account, you’ll be rewarded with 10,000 gold coins, 1 stake cash, and 5% rakeback.

Age was founded five years before As the site’s popularity grew, more and more US players wanted access, which was not possible under current rules and regulations. Instead, the founders decided to create a new sister site with a .us extension. For anyone wondering is Stake legal in the US, the answer is yes, as long as you’re trying to access

Conclusion is legal for players located in the United States, but is not. The sister sites have many similarities, including table games and slot machines but they’re not available to the same audiences. If you’re searching for a social casino with plenty of gaming options, there’s a lot of fun to be found at

Is Stake legal in the US? is not legal in the US. is its sister site and it is legal in the US. is a social casino and you’ll use gold coins to play everything from poker to slot machines.

Is accessible in all 50 states?

No, it’s not. Residents of New York, Nevada, Kentucky, Michigan, Idaho, or Washington cannot access this site.

Does have live games?

Yes! You’ll find a wide range (18) of live games available through, including multiple versions of perennial favorites like blackjack and roulette.

Jep Brayden
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Jep Brayden
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A bona-fide croupier, Jep brings his expertise straight from the Reno tables to!

Jep Brayden
Topic expert
Jep Brayden
Twitter-Icon linkedin-icon

A bona-fide croupier, Jep brings his expertise straight from the Reno tables to!

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