Is NoLimitCoins legit?

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Is NoLimitCoins legit? The answers are below…

Is NoLimitCoins Legit?

Love slots and fish games? Do you appreciate access to plenty of promotions, so you always have access to gold coins for your gaming? If so, NoLimitCoins might be a great option for you. But is NoLimitCoins legit?

While sweepstakes casinos can offer a great deal of fun, you must be an informed player. Many casinos are legitimate, but it can be challenging to detect those that aren’t. We’ll help you decide if NoLimitCoins is the right casino for you.

The Basics

NoLimitCoins was founded in 2021 and has become one of the most popular social casinos today. It offers access to hundreds of different slots in a range of formats. You’ll also find fish games if you’re ready to take a break from virtual slots. However, there are no table games on offer, so if blackjack or baccarat are more your style, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Likewise, this casino does not offer card games, so there are no poker variations.

Are you asking “is NoLimitCoins legit”? If so, you can rest easy. This is a well-established online casino that’s been around for several years. It offers an excellent gaming experience, coupled with good customer support and plenty of security.

One of the things that sets NoLimitCoins apart from some other social casinos is that customer support is available 24/7. The simplest way to get help is to use the live chat feature, which can be accessed through most pages on the website. You can also contact the casino by email or even by phone if necessary. That level of support should offer peace of mind about the casino’s legitimacy.

Another nod to its legitimacy can be found in the technology used to safeguard your personal information. The company spells everything out in its privacy policy and terms and conditions. Note that you should also explore your rights and responsibilities, which are also listed in these documents.

But what about game fairness? That’s an important consideration when answering the question “is NoLimitCoins legit”. Gaming Labs is an international testing and certification body, and it has certified that all games on NoLimitCoins are fair and impartial, delivering an optimum gaming experience to everyone.

Who Owns NoLimitCoins?

A1 Development, LLC, owns NoLimitCoins. This is the same company that owns Funrize. Both platforms are popular, legitimate, and accessible to most people in the US. A1 Development is a privately held company, so information about its makeup and actions is scarce, but there have been no legal cases filed against it at the time of this writing.

Is NoLimitCoins Licensed?

Because NoLimitCoins is a sweepstakes casino, it does not require licensing. Players can win prizes, but gold coins and SCs have no real redemption value, so the platform does not fall under US gaming rules and regulations.

Who Regulates NoLimitCoins?

NoLimitCoins is not regulated because it doesn’t fall under the prevue of US gaming regulations. That means the platform is largely self-regulating. However, there have been no major problems reported with the casino and players are largely happy with their experiences.

Who Can Access NoLimitCoins?

NoLimitsCoins is accessible to most Americans. However, if you live in Washington, Idaho, or Wyoming, you’ll need to find another casino for your gaming enjoyment.


Looking for a social casino that has no limit on the amount of fun players can have? NoLimitCoins could be just the place for you. It’s a legitimate social casino that offers access to hundreds of today’s most popular games, all of which have been verified for fairness. Go ahead and create an account today so you can start gaming!

Is NoLimitCoins legit?

Yes, this is a legitimate social casino with tested, verified games and a well-crafted privacy policy and terms & conditions. It’s owned by A1 Development, LLC, a well-established business that also owns and operates several other online casinos.

Is NoLimitCoins free to play?

Yes, this is a sweepstakes casino, and you’ll use gold coins and SCs to play. You get free gold coins on signup, for logging in each day, and through promotions.

Is NoLimitCoins accessible by all US residents?

No, it is not. While most people in the US can legally access this social casino, that’s not the case if you live in Idaho, Wyoming, or Washington State.

Does NoLimitCoins have table games?

While you’ll discover a wealth of slot games and fish table games here, the casino does not offer any table games. You’ll need to consider another option if those are your preferred form of entertainment.

Natalia Atteberry
Topic expert
Natalia Atteberry

Natalia is our connection to the glamorous old-school casinos of Europe. Think cocktail dresses, roulette and stylish sportscars!

Natalia Atteberry
Topic expert
Natalia Atteberry

Natalia is our connection to the glamorous old-school casinos of Europe. Think cocktail dresses, roulette and stylish sportscars!

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