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  • 2023 review

    Golden Hearts Games

    Our Golden Hearts Games Opinion

    I was fascinated to discover a social site that allows players to donate their winnings to charity. On most social sites, players get to keep what they win, but instead, Golden Hearts Games allows gamers to choose a charity and decide how much they would like to donate. If they don’t want to donate, they also have the option to keep their winnings.

    I was fascinated to discover a social site that allows players to donate their winnings to charity. On most social sites, players get to keep what they win, but instead, Golden Hearts Games will enable gamers to choose a charity and decide how much they would like to donate. If they don’t want to contribute, they also have the option to keep their winnings.

    My Golden Hearts Games review

    Golden Hearts Games is a site with a difference. It is where fun meets philanthropy.

    It’s easy to become a member of this free-to-play social casino, and gamers can choose any of the 1 million or more approved charities to donate to. 

    It is the first of its kind, and it has done well so far. Many of their players donate to whatever good cause appeals to them while enjoying a great selection of games.

    I like that there is a healthy mix of charities, and many of them do important work, like providing food for Americans in need and supporting veterans. Pet lovers will love this social gaming site, too, as there are plenty of pet charities to choose from. 

    My overall experience was good, and I would recommend the site to anyone who wants to enjoy social gaming and help others at the same time. 

    This review is my way of telling you a bit more about Golden Hearts Games so that you can make up your mind as to whether it is right for you.

    First Impressions

    The first thing I noticed is that their site is well-designed. Everything is well laid out, and they have tried to avoid clutter. The homepage is easy to navigate, and you can become a member as soon as you load the site by clicking the ‘Join Now’ button. 

    The games cascade down the rest of the page, after which there is a section with links to helpful pages on how you can donate, how to play, and how to redeem your winnings for cash prizes. 

    The causes that you can support roll continuously near the bottom of the page, and there is a ‘Learn More’ section that answers questions about what the site is all about, how it works, who can play, what you can win, and even a little bit about tax deductions for your donations. 

    Right at the bottom are various links, some of which are important. One takes you to the universal platform rules, and another to the official game rules. I recommend that you take some time to read these two sections because they tell you everything you need to know about how the site works and what rules govern gameplay. There are also the usual terms and conditions and privacy policy links.

    I like that everything is easy to access, and finding what you want is simple. Their game selection may not be as big as other social sites, but there’s enough here to keep beginners and experienced gamers busy for quite a while. 

    Golden Hearts Games promotions

    Social sites are keen to offer promotions to their players. They are an excellent way to get new members on the site and keep existing members returning.

    Golden Hearts Games has several promos; if you understand how to use them, you can get a stash of coins to keep you playing for a while. 

    The welcome bonus

    You will find this on almost all social casino sites, and Golden Hearts Games is no different. Just for signing up, your account is credited with free coins that you can use to get started.

    Every new member gets 1,000 free coins and a chance to spin the wheel to earn more. You don’t need a promo code to activate them; they appear automatically in your account. 

    These are playable coins, meaning you can use them to play any game. If you win using these coins, your winnings appear instantly in your account, and you can redeem them for cash prizes. 

    It is important to note that players can join the site with or without donating to a charity. If you opt to donate, you will receive an even bigger welcome bonus. 

    First purchase bonus

    The money from your first purchase goes to a charity, and the site gives you a 100% bonus. Say, for example, you want to purchase 5,000 coins. You will need to pay $10, and after you pay, your account will be credited with the coins you have just bought and an additional 5,000.

    You will have 10,000 coins that you can use to play your selection of bingo games and slots.

    To give you an idea, $25 buys you 12,750 coins; if you add the bonus, you end up with 25,500 coins. 
    $50 gets you 26,000 coins and a similar bonus, so you have 52,000 playable coins in your account.

    If you purchase coins for $100, you get 54,000 coins, and if you add the bonus coins, your account will have 108,000 coins. 

    Of course, you can play for free on social casinos like Golden Hearts Games.


    Social sites use the refer-a-friend feature to get existing players to bring in their family and friends. At Golden Hearts Games, every additional person you recommend the site to earns 5,000 free coins when they donate $10.

    You can make as many referrals as you please. Remember, there are strict rules governing player age, so everyone you refer must be of legal age. They don’t have to be experienced slot players. The games on this site are easy to master, and anyone can quickly learn how to play them.


    Keep a close eye on your inbox because Golden Hearts Games sends weekly promotional emails that you can use to get free coins. You can also spin the wheel every 24 hours to win 2,500 coins free of charge.

    I tried the wheel myself, and I could win a few hundred playable coins. Remember, if you win any game using these coins, your winnings can be redeemed for cash prizes.

    Make sure to follow Golden Hearts Games on social media. They run promotions that give players a chance to win thousands of playable coins there, too. 

    Signing up at Golden Hearts Games

    I mentioned earlier that one of the best things about this social site is its simplicity, and the signing-up process is no different.

    The first step is to visit their website. It is optimized for all platforms, so whether you are on iOS or Android, you can view it. 

    Click ‘Join Now’ to create an account. You can join using your Facebook account, or you can enter your name, email address, and zip code. 

    You will receive an email that asks you to verify your account by providing your mobile number. The site sends a 6-digit code to your phone that you should enter to complete the process too. 

    You will receive 2,500 coins in your account once you finish the sign-up process. This means you don’t need to purchase coins to start playing. It is given to every player the first time they join the site. 

    You are now a registered member of the site, and you can make a donation or make a purchase. The donation is optional, but remember it is a good way to add to your playable coins so that you can have more gameplay. Gamers who do not want to donate can request a redemption code. 

    Now that you have a healthy stash of coins you can start playing. Click on any game on the site and follow the prompts. All your winnings will be transferred into your account. You can start redeeming them after you earn at least 2,500 coins. 

    Golden Hearts Games sweeps coins

    This social casino does not require players to pay any money to play. Instead, players have several ways to earn promotional playable coins, and they can also get them if they donate.

    To buy coins, you need to visit the coin store on the site and look at the available donation amounts. Your purchase should be dictated by the number of coins you hope to get. If, for example, you would like to have at least 50,000 coins you should be prepared to spend at least $100. 

    Clicking on ‘Buy’ will bring up several payment options so that you can select the one you are most comfortable with.

    Add your details, and then click the ‘Confirm’ button at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

    The site takes you through a two-step verification process. Follow the prompts to make sure that your purchase is transferred safely. 

    Players can check their coins balance by logging into their accounts.

    Playing at Golden Hearts Casino

    You have opened an account and you have coins. The next step is to play, and just like everything else on this site, the process to get into a game is pretty easy. Just click on any bingo or slot game and start playing.

    The site offers several exciting games, and each needs a different number of coins to play. Games include:

    • Golden Hearts Bingo
    • Old School Video Bingo
    • Gem Smash Scratch Game
    • Cash of the Titans
    • Cash Cow Scratch Game
    • Rockdog Slots
    • Old School Blackjack
    • Frantic Fish
    • Pirate Looty
    • Monster Moolah
    • Old School Slots
    • Scratch Poker
    • Lucky Stars Slots

    These aren’t all the games on this site; you can visit it yourself to see their complete selection.

    One thing I did notice is that this site has fewer games than some other sweep coins sites. It may be because they are still in the early stages of development and will add more games over time. I certainly hope so anyway. 

    To be fair, this site does something that no other social site is doing, which is to offer players a chance to enjoy slots and bingo games and make donations at the same time. 

    Developing such a site must be a time-consuming process especially when you consider that it is linked to more than 1 million charities. 

    I certainly hope that they will add to their game’s repertoire so that they can attract more players. 

    Social casino support

    Support is one of the most essential things on a social site. When players encounter problems or have queries, they should be able to talk to someone who can help them immediately.

    Golden Hearts Games has a ‘Contact Support’ button right at the bottom of the page. When you click on it, you are transferred to another page where you can submit a request. 

    You start by choosing a category for your query, and there are many of those. There is a category for miscellaneous questions, account creation and login, payments and donations, bingo, slots, redemption, and others. 

    Choose a category that suits your query to go to the next page, where you will be asked for details like your email address, first and last name and the subject of your question. This is where you get to describe what issue you would like resolved. You can expect a response typically within a few hours. 

    In all, I think they can do better when it comes to support. A chat function would allow players to have their questions answered on the fly. In a gaming environment, it can kill the mood if a player waits a few hours for support to get in touch.

    Would I recommend Golden Hearts Games?

    Yes, I would. The site does have some shortcomings, but it is essential to look at those in context. It allows players to donate to numerous charities, and this alone has my vote.

    As for the limited number of games, I hope they are growing their selection as we speak and will see it expand over time. That said, there are enough games there to keep the average gamer busy for a while.

    Pros Cons
    It is a pioneer in its field by combining gaming and philanthropy. It has fewer games compared to other social sites.
    The site has a clean look, and everything is well laid out. Customer support could be better; a chat function would allow for faster responses.
    Buying sweeps coins is easy. You need at least 25,000 coins to redeem your winnings; this requires quite a bit of gameplay.
    You can easily redeem what you win.
    The site has good explainers in the ‘Learn More’ section.