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Our Funrize Opinion

As an avid sweep slots enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for new social sites that offer a unique gaming experience and offer players lots of options. Funrize is just that.

As an avid sweep slots enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for new social sites that offer a unique gaming experience and offer players lots of options. Funrize is just that.

Right off the bat, I like that new players get healthy bonuses, can enjoy a wide selection of slots from NetGame, and can access several purchase and redemption options. Their minimum redemption points are low, and the casino allows players enough time to transfer their winnings too. 

That is everything in a nutshell, but before you play, you may be looking to find out more. I’ll be doing an in-depth Funrize review, and by the time you get to the end of it, you’ll be able to decide whether or not this social casino is right for you.

My Funrize social casino experience


Arriving on the Funrize website, two things struck me right away. Unlike so many other social sites that are cluttered with images and content that makes them hard to navigate, this one maintains a clean look.

Users can immediately see a welcome bonus of 125,000 coins for signing up. All the games are displayed, along with how many sweeps coins the user needs to get started. 

There is a ‘How it Works’ section that explains the different modes of play on offer, and it outlines clearly the steps that players must take to start playing. The section also explains how users can get 100 free promo entries every 24 hours. 

For support, you have the option to chat with a customer service team member, or you can drop them an email by clicking a link that is provided on the website. 

The ‘Games’ category is neatly arranged, and it’s easy to find what you are looking for. All new games are listed on one page. Another page shows you the most popular slot games and there is a page for the hottest games too. If you are looking to take home big wins, there is a jackpot page that lists all the games that allow players a chance to scoop the biggest prizes. 

How does this compare to other social gaming sites? Well, Funrize offers a cleaner experience compared with many others I have visited. It makes it easy even for beginners to become members and enjoy playing various games. 

It is important to have a look at the terms and conditions before you get started. Social sites are governed by certain rules, and it makes sense to know what they are before you start playing. It helps you to avoid surprises and disappointments along the way. 

The site has a clear refund policy, and there is a link that tells you how you can join promotions without paying a cent.

Familiarize yourself with how these promotions work because they are a great way to win sweeps coins that you can use to play different games.

My overall take? Funrize has worked hard to provide gamers with a unique, fun-filled experience with plenty of options to feed their accounts and redeem their winnings.

One of the things I like most is their sweeps promotions, both on-site and off-site. 

Funrize social casino promotions


From the moment you join, you are eligible for several bonuses and can also participate in promotions to get sweeps coins for your account. 

Bonus offer

This offer is for new players only, who receive 125,000 coins as soon as they sign up and verify their accounts.

The signup process itself is really easy, and even easier if you have a Google or Facebook account. Choose which one you would like to use to sign up and fill out the form that appears on your screen. As soon as you click ‘Submit’, your account will receive 75,000 coins. 

You can use these coins to load up any games you want to play, and once completed, you receive an additional 50,000 coins in your account. 

These coins are yours to use as you please. Remember, you cannot redeem them for cash; they are only valid for playing slot games. Any coins that you win after you start playing will be sent to your account.

Each sweeps coin is equivalent to $1, and you need to have at least $25 worth of chips in your account before you can redeem and convert your coins into cash prizes. 

Daily prize wheel


To participate in the daily prize wheel, you need to be a registered member and verify your phone number. Spin the wheel every day for the chance to get a range of available bonuses. 

Free-to-play races and tournaments

These allow you to earn sweeps coins by playing your favorite games. The rewards are huge, sometimes as large as 2 million coins, so make sure to check regularly for tournaments and free-to-play races. 

First purchase bonus

For your first purchase, the site awards you 250% of their value in extra coins. 

Daily mail bonus

This offer gives players a chance to win sweeps coins by sending an envelope to Funrize with your name, date of birth, address, and telephone number to U.S. Postal Service. 

The envelope must be hand-written, and on the reverse side should contain your reverse address, the Funrize address, and a free entry request. 

You can only enclose a single request in a single envelope, but you can send in as many envelopes as you like every day. 

Signing up at Funrize social casino

The first step is signing up, and it is easy and quick. When you visit the Funrize page you will see a ‘Sign Up’ button on the top right-hand corner of your screen. Click on it and you will be taken to another page that allows you to register using either your Google account or your Facebook account. Alternatively, you can sign up by providing your email address and telephone number.

You need to confirm that you are of legal age (minimum 18 years), and also accept the terms of use and privacy policy. If you have a promo code, you can input it before you click on the ‘Join Us’ button. 

This is a no-purchase necessary social site, so you do not need to pay any money to become a member. It is intended for fun and amusement, and you shouldn’t join it as a way to supplement your income. 

Funrize’s sweeps coins

Let’s take a moment to talk about Funrize sweeps coins and how they work.


This social site does not use money. Instead, players use either gold coins or sweeps coins to play, and when they win, rewards are in the form of coins which are reflected immediately in their accounts. 

You may wonder what the difference is between sweeps coins and gold coins. If you are new to social sites, you may be a little confused about what they are and how they work. 

When you have sweeps coins, you are holding virtual coins that you can use to play any slot of your choice. You cannot buy them outright; they are either gained by winning them in promos, earning them as you play, or by requesting them from Funrize Casino by mailing in an envelope. 

When you win, these are the coins that are transferred to your account. 

Gold coins are a little different in that they are used when you want to play for fun. You cannot use them to play for prizes, but they are a good way for beginners, for example, to familiarize themselves with different slot games. 

If you are using gold coins to play, everything you win will be in the form of gold coins. 

You can buy gold coins if you like, and most bonuses come with a few included. When you buy gold coins, you usually get a bonus pile of sweeps coins. 

The important thing to note here, apart from understanding the difference between sweeps coins and gold coins, is that there is no point at which you will need to use any cash to enjoy the slot games on Funrize. 

You can use your sweeps to continue playing, but you can also redeem them for cash prizes at the rate of $1 for every coin. If you wish to trade in your winnings, you must have at least $25 in your account. 

To see your balance, just log into your account and if you would like to redeem, there is a button there that allows you to do so. All cash prizes are sent to the registered bank account in your name. 

Playing at Funrize social casino

Before going onto the site, you might want to know what the experience feels like, especially compared to other social sites.

I had a rather pleasant experience on Funrize. One of the most impressive things about it is the clean look. I have been on many of these social sites and a common problem they have is cramming too much information on one page. They are hard to figure out in the beginning, and for beginners especially, it can be hard figuring out what to do. 

Not at Funrize. Their pages are clean, and you can see everything at first glance. You immediately see the welcome bonus and they tell you how you can claim it. 

To the right side of the screen is the Funrize wheel that you can only spin if you register, and beneath that is a short menu that takes you to the games, the ‘How it Works’ section, and you can also contact support from there. 

If you want to see the terms of use and privacy policy, scroll to the bottom of the page where there are also additional support buttons. 

The games are properly classified, with one page that has all of them, and others that show you what’s new, what’s popular, and what’s hot. There is also a separate page for fishing that contains aqua-themed games like Fishing Kingdom and Thunder Fishing.

All in all, you will enjoy your experience on Funrize social casino because it was created for easy navigation. If you are a newbie, you will not be overwhelmed, and if you are an experienced gamer, you’ll be able to quickly find what you’re looking for. 

I played a few games, and the experience was flawless. When I clicked on my first game, I was asked to verify that I was 18 or older and accept the terms and conditions. 

I clicked ‘Yes’ so, my account was created, and I earned 75,000 coins just for signing up. 

The site explains that there are two different modes available to players, ‘Tournament’ and ‘Promotional’. Tournament mode is what you play for fun, while promotional mode is what you play when you want to win prizes. 

You can choose any game to get started, and I chose Big Catch Bonanza, which took me right to the game. 


Wondering about Funrize’s slot game collection? It’s large, and below is just a sneak peek into some of their hottest:

  • Power of Zorro
  • Carnival Cat
  • The One Armed Pirate
  • Thunder Fishing
  • Hot Cash
  • Money Hive
  • Cactus Riches
  • Diamond Shot Blitz
  • Fu Yin Yang
  • Grand Koala
  • Double Bucks
  • Shining Princess
  • Reel Rider
  • Fortune Skulls
  • Mighty Horses
  • Wild Buffalo
  • Heat Hit
  • Aladdin’s Chest
  • Phoenix Queen
  • …and many more. 

I didn’t try all of them but based on the experience I got from playing a few of them, you can expect the gameplay to be flawless throughout. 

Funrize social casino support

Support is vital on social gaming sites, and I like that the Funrize customer service desk is easy to reach. If you have a pressing issue, you can use the chat option by clicking the ‘Support’ button on the left side of your screen, right beneath ‘How it Works’.

If you have an issue that isn’t very urgent but still needs clarification, you can send them an email at support@funrize.com

I did, and I asked how to redeem my sweeps coins. They replied within minutes, were helpful, and the person at the other end explained everything step by step. They were also friendly, and they invited me to contact them if I had any other questions.

Would I recommend Funrize social casino?

Yes, I would recommend Funrize social casino to all who love slot games. It is a simple social site that delivers exactly what it promises and has a relatively low redemption point. You don’t have to be an expert and rack up lots of winnings to enjoy playing.

Pros Cons
A clean user interface allows for smooth gameplay. The game selection could be bigger especially if they hope to attract more players.
Games are grouped into categories, so it’s easy to find your favorites. The process to get additional coins through the mail is rather tedious.
Redemption limits are low and even beginners can meet them.
The site has impressive customer support and is responsive.
Gamers enjoy a healthy selection of games.