Wagering Requirements: Friend Not Foe

Online gambling is synonymous with fun and games for adults looking for an evening of video games with a payoff. The industry has grown from strength to strength and has developed to the stage where casinos, like us at Vegas Casino, harness Blockchain technology to offer players a flutter by means of Bitcoin deposits.

The obvious reason for the industry’s success, including ours, is the tremendous support that we get from our faithful clientele. While you continue to play on our site, we continue striving to make sure that the level of entertainment offered to you is innovative and world-class in all its aspects.

There is only one ‘dark phrase’ on the lips of some of the online players – the words, ‘Wagering Requirements’. The very term seems to strike a negative note in the hearts and minds of gamblers. This article is here today to dismiss this negative connotation to the word, by explaining why wagering requirements are necessary to ensure that you receive top-class entertainment, and just how this practice can benefit you.

To start you off, we would like to paint you a picture of the history of casino bonuses, so that you can understand why these requirements have been instituted and what they exactly entail. Thereafter we will look at how they can work for you.


In the early days of online gambling, operators realised that casinos would need to advertise attractive promotions to win over a sceptical crowd, who were not digitally savvy yet. Not only this, but bonus offers would have to be implemented in order to draw customers to your site as internet gambling became more and more popular and competitive.

As such, casinos used to offer free credits in bonus form, to win over players. Unfortunately, there were no real terms and conditions attached to the usage of these bonuses back then. Players would therefore claim the bonuses, use them sparingly and then cash out the rewards within no time at all, leaving the casino short-changed. Other players would open up several accounts on a single platform and then claim a ‘sign up’ bonus per account and then cash them out. Once again, this would drain operator’s bank accounts very quickly.

Of course, no company could constantly exist with this sort of practice. After all, casinos need to make a profit to survive, just like any other business out there. Online operators therefore had to improvise and institute a plan of action that would protect their interests and still be able to cater to the needs and demands of the players. For this very reason, leaders in the industry put their collective heads together and came up with an idea, which is widely used by online casinos today, whereby players would have to satisfy certain wagering requirements before being able to claim any wins on bonuses.

This marvellous brainstorm put in place a practice that would allow bonuses and promotions to stay intact for players to use. If casinos had simply removed casino bonuses from the industry, both the players and the operators would have been deprived of blessings. Because of wagering requirements, Vegas Casino can continue to offer the best promotional products to you.


Vegas Casino wagering requirements are a set of terms stipulated by us, that when completed, allow you the pleasure of being able to draw on casino wins earned with your free money. They require that players spend some time on our platform, playing our games and getting to experience the wonder of what our Bitcoin-first casino offers, before checking out.

The wagering terms require that you wager the bonus amount through our machines a set number of times while capitalising on the extended entertainment factor. If for example, you claim a deposit bonus of 50% on a deposit of 100 mBTC, then we grant you a 50 mBTC bonus amount which accumulates with your deposit amount to take your total credit balance to a decent 150 mBTC. On a 50% deposit bonus, our wagering requirement is 30 times the bonus. This means that you can claim your winnings by simply wagering 1,500 mBTC (30×50) back into the machine and then hit the cashier’s desk for your payout.

Wagering requirements come with other terms as well, such as:

  • Minimum deposits
  • Maximum wagers per round
  • Time Limit (usually 30 days)
  • Exclusions
  • Withdrawals via security verification

Be sure to visit the Bonus Terms section found at the bottom of our ‘Home’ page for a full breakdown of all our terms under our bonus claims.


With some of the background understanding, you might begin to piece together just how valuable wagering requirements are for your entertainment:

  • Thanks to the faithfulness of our gambling partners who honour our Wagering Requirements, we are able to continually spoil you with more and more competitive promotions.
  • By accepting wagering requirements you are empowering Vegas Casino to continue offering the world-class entertainment that you enjoy so much. No wagering requirements would mean that all of this greatness would have to stop.
  • Learning how to manage bonuses and wagering requirements teaches you the finer skills of bankroll management, which is a vital skill to learn towards being able to gamble like a pro.
  • Wagering Requirements hone your marathon playing skills. Casino gaming should always be approached as a marathon and not as a sprint. As they say, “All good things come to those who wait”.
  • By legitimising bonuses, players are now empowered to spend more time at the casino then they could have previously afforded. It maximises the entertainment factor many times over.

Be sure that we at Vegas Casino have the best bonuses with the fairest wagering requirements in the Bitcoin-first sphere. Make use of our sign up bonuses if you are new to our site, or continue to use top class daily or monthly reload bonuses to keep your flutter going throughout the month. Extend your playing resources with our BTC bonuses to ensure that are afforded the optimal VegasCasino experience.