VegasCasino Slot Competitions

VegasCasino Slot Competition

At VegasCasino, we endeavour to steer clear of the mundane and strive to be the best that we can be when it comes to exciting and fresh new content and entertainment. 

We already offer you the finest Bitcoin First platform, where cryptocurrency trumps fiat currency, offering cutting edge Blockchain technology for the best transactional protocols in the world. As if that were not enough, we continue to look to innovative ways of keeping the excitement factor alive on our site. One of the ways in which we do this is by offering regular promotional offers that go hand in hand with playing our top BTC games. 

Aside from traditional Welcome Bonuses and Top up Bonuses, we often run Slot Competitions for you, which offers a unique way of bolstering your bankroll. 


The truth is, we need these promotions as much as you do. We are a casino based on giving back. If we were not able to give back, we would not be living up to our philosophy and would only be seen to look after our own interests. 

Keeping things exciting and competitive does wonders for a gambler’s heart, too. Those with risk-taking natures thrive on adrenalin and enjoy pitting themselves up against the competition. Our Slot Comps provide just the environment to do this in. 

Lastly, game promotion is the key to the long term success of a casino. Making you fall in love with games will only keep you coming back for more of our titles. Family is made up of members, not visitors. We want you to become part of the family. 


The Slot Competitions are not the same as traditional bonuses offered at casinos, where you are subjected to wagering requirements and playthrough terms.  

These promotions are fresh and different, offering a bit of diversity. They do not offer people free credits to play with, but rather offer players free money after they have played. 

In order to win cash prizes with Slot Competitions, all you need to do is play! The more you wager, the better the chances are of you coming out tops with this offer. 


These promotions usually follow the same formula. A cash prize pool is offered for those who bet the most on the game within a certain period of time (stipulated in the promotion). Sometimes they can run for a weekend, other times for a week. 

The more and more you play and bet on the game, the higher you climb in the rankings. Depending on the size of the prize pool, there will usually be numerous winners (three to ten at times), with the prize value escalating as you get nearer to the top. The top better over that period will walk away with the highest cash win. 

You can keep your eye on the leaderboard by visiting the promotions page on our site and then clicking on the competition tab. It will be updated every day to show the latest standings. 


The prizes are advertised in US Dollars instead of Bitcoin, because fiat currency provides a more stable value to base wins off over a period of days. Bitcoin is volatile, with its value changing every day. We would hate for you to enter a promotional competition where the value of the prize has dropped by the end of the tournament. 

We keep it fair by providing a Dollar basis for your prize, but it will be paid out in the equivalent Bitcoin value at the end of the promotion. There are no withdrawal procedures needed. The prizes will be split and your Bitcoin Wallet will be credited with the winnings within a few days. 


At the time of writing, VegasCasino has a special “Deep Blue” competition in play with the “Wild Ocean” slot from Booming Games. Here a prize pool of $1700 will be split between the top 3 performers over the course of the week – ranging from Saturday, 8th June 2019 to Saturday, 15th June 2019. The top prize being a decent $1000 worth of BTC in your pocket. 

Be sure to read our blog post review of “Wild Ocean” to get you revved up and ready, knowing what to expect when playing.