VegasCasino Favourites

How to Add VegasCasino Favourites to Customise Your Bitcoin Betting Experience

Bitcoin casino gaming is really all about you. Sure, we spread a strong selection of games and bonuses that everyone will love, but the one person that really matters is you. If you’re not happy and the experience isn’t what you expect on a personal level, then it’s not worth spending time with us. But we certainly don’t want that, and neither do you.

However, we can’t read your minds and we don’t really know what you enjoy playing. All we can do as a Bitcoin casino is provide you with a lot of options and let you do our own thing. To help make this a reality, we’ve designed a feature known as “favourites”. As the name suggests, this button allows you to select and save your favourite games. This, in our opinion, is a big part of what makes our platform stand out from the rest.

What Are VegasCasino Favourites?

In simple terms, VegasCasino favourites are any games that you love. Even though it’s possible to look through our lobby and filter games in certain ways based on what other people think, you’re the only person that really matters in all of this. Because of this, VegasCasino favourites are the games you have chosen as the ones you enjoy the most and, more importantly, the ones you want instant access to, so you can play again and again without having to search for them.

To put it another way, the VegasCasino favourites button allows you to customise your online betting experience. Instead of forcing you to scroll through hundreds of games that you may or may not want to play, the favourites button allows you to skip straight to exactly what you want. In short, you can turn VegasCasino into your MyVegasCasino with a single click. Simple!

How to Add Your VegasCasino Favourites

OK, so you now know that the VegasCasino favourites button is the perfect way to customise your online experience. The next thing you need to know is how to go about it. Naturally, as is the case with all the cool features we offer, things are extremely simple. First off, you need to create an account with us by hitting the “register” button at the top of the homepage. Once you’ve done that, you can scroll through the games menu and test out what we have to offer.

Does that mean you have to pay for the pleasure of finding some favourites? Not at all! Because we want you to have the best experience possible without breaking the bank, you can test out all of our games (except for our live dealer or jackpot games) for free. By selecting the “practice” option, you can load up a table and get a fully functioning gaming experience without the expense. From this, you can build up an idea of the types of games you enjoy as well make up your mind on each of the games itself.

Eventually, once you’ve had experience what we have to offer, the only thing left to do is set your VegasCasino favourites by hitting the heart icon. Located in the bottom left corner of each game box, the heart icon will save each game you love playing to your account so you can access instantly each time you login. Indeed, to find all of your VegasCasino favourites, all you have to do is go into the games lobby and look towards the top right of the interface for the box labelled “favourites”. This button will call up a lobby that has all of your selected games and nothing else.

How to Add VegasCasino Favourites

Why is Saving Your VegasCasino Favourites Important?

As we’ve already said, the reason we give you the option to set your VegasCasino favourites is so you can have a more personalised experience. However, the other reason we provide you with this option is so you can have a slicker and quicker betting experience. In the Bitcoin casino world, time equals money and the more time you spending searching for something to play, the less time you have to make some money.

In order to speed up the search process and ensure you have the most fun possible, we give you the ability to save your top games to a special page. Basically, it doesn’t matter if you’re joining us on your desktop or mobile device, the favourites button will always give you easy access to the games you love the most. So, each time your login to your VegasCasino account, you’ll be able to deposit, play and win without wasting any time!

A Little Bit of Help from Us

Before we let you go off and set your own VegasCasino favourites, we wanted to let you know that we have a voice as well. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to listen to us. However, since we’ve got a few years’ worth of experience in the business, we like to think we know what we’re talking about when it comes to Bitcoin casino games. Basically, when you load up our gaming lobby, we’ll give you the ability to apply a variety of filters. Two of the most important are “hot” and “featured”.

Any game that makes it onto the “hot” filter is one that’s been rated as excellent by our community. As you scroll through the lobby, you’ll notice that each game box has five stars underneath the game title. These stars represent the rating our community has given the game. The ones with the most stars are given the “hot” tag. Beyond this, if you use the “featured” filter, you’ll get to see the games that we think you should try playing. This could be because they’re the latest games in town or for some other reason. Whatever it is, this option is another way to see the top rated games we offer.

As we’ve said, you don’t need to listen to us and play these games. However, we think it’s a good idea to start with these suggestions and see what you think. Maybe you’ll agree with the other players, maybe you won’t. Either way, these filters provide a strong starting point for you to build on. So, if you’re ready to customise your Bitcoin casino experience and enjoy the best selection of games around, make sure you hit the “register” button and set your VegasCasino favourites today.