VegasCasino Bonus Bonanza

Vegas Casino Bonus Bonanza

The online casino environment is filled with the ‘Bonus’ buzz word. Everywhere you look online in the gambling environment, you will be met with casino promotions.  The reason for this is because the online casino world is so competitive. 

Bonuses are used as drawcards to bring in players. Operators are constantly trying to out-do each other, which often leads to ludicrous promotions being offered. The problem with this is that some of the offers come with outrageous playthrough terms and wagering requirements. This means that the bonus is not actually as grand as it looks on the screen. 

At VegasCasino, we strive to offer a fair selection of bonus offers that are engineered to give you a leading edge at the casino but are not steeped in outlandish wagering requirements. Each promotion is extended with a full explanation of what is expected by players in the promo so that there are no misunderstandings around what you can expect. 

At our casino, you can finally concentrate on the entertainment factor offered by the great game selection, rather than wonder if you are going to satisfy the bonus terms. We understand that casino gaming is meant for enjoyment, so we have engineered all of our bonuses and promotions to meet this requirement. 


Some players are really sceptical of the benefit of bonuses, touting them as gimmicks and cons.  This is simply not the case at VegasCasino. Each bonus offers you extra credits on top of your deposit, that both extend your bankroll and maximises your game time. 

Yes, there are restrictions on bonuses, but these are only in place to curb abuse of the casino. Any player that plays well within the minimal bonus terms has the chance of reaping rewards with bonus wins.  

When you look to the concept presented by each condition, it simply punts the expectation that you play with the credits offered to you. Isn’t that why you are at the casino in the first place – to play? So, the terms only expect what you are willing to give anyway and once you have done so, you will be rewarded with wins that may have not been possible lest you had had an extended roll. It really is a win, win situation! 


While there are tons of fiat currency casinos in business today, there is a group of casinos emerging that hold the keys to the future. VegasCasino is a Bitcoin First operator, meaning that we only accept Bitcoin wagers. As such, our bonuses are afforded to you in Bitcoin and your wins are paid out in Bitcoin, as well. 

The simple fact above is loaded with benefits: 

  • Bitcoin is the Way of the Future: The Blockchain is being universally recognised as the way of the future by tech giants around the globe. Massive names in the tech industry, such as Samsung, Apple, Facebook, and Huawei, have adopted crypto concepts to provide to their clients. Bitcoin is the mother of cryptocurrency and it is thanks to this technology that the blockchain even exists. As, such, if you start conducting more and more of your affairs in Bitcoin, you are already ahead of the pack and on the cutting edge of development.  
  • Growing Value = Great Investment: Being afforded the proverbial “Leg Up” in the Bitcoin industry is not an opportunity that you should take lightly. Any form of added bonus geared to increase your Bitcoin holdings is worthwhile exploring because the Bitcoin environment is worth so much right now. 2019 alone has seen Bitcoin almost triple in value, securing it as one of the best investments out their right now. So, being able to make use of bonuses to potentially increase your crypto holding only works in your favour. 
  • Safe, Secure, and Cost Effective: The Bitcoin Blockchain is one of the safest and most secure places to transact your funds. The encryption on wallets and the secure nature of coded transactions provides very high-level security. The anonymity offered is second to none, providing users with a way of transacting without divulging sensitive information and data about themselves.  Though mining fees may be charged on transactions made on the Blockchain, the overall costs of service are far less when transacting over borders with fiat currency. Because Bitcoin is universal and there are nodes in every country around the globe, an international transaction is treated as a domestic one, so there are no foreign exchange rate costs involved. The fact that the Blockchain is a peer to peer transactional platform, also cuts out trusted third party involvement, neutralising the need for administration fees in this regard. 


Don’t miss out on the fair and free offers that we provide on our exclusive casino site. These bonuses are guaranteed to enhance your gameplay. They are designed to work exclusively with our slot game portfolio, ensuring that you can enjoy the great variety of games on offer and benefit in the best way with Bitcoin

The offers include: 

Welcome Bonus – 1st Deposit – 1,000mBTC Bonus 

If you are new to the VegasCasino world and have not yet claimed any bonuses on the site, you can make use of this great offer. It essentially offers you up to 1 Bitcoin (over $8,100) in bonuses credits to play games with over the course of 30 days. 

The casino offers a 100% deposit match up to 1,000mBTC, which means that you can opt for a smaller deposit if need be. The casino will match any budget – big or small. If you only want to deposit 50mBTC, then the casino will offer you a match of 50mBTC to boost your bankroll to 100mBTC 

Welcome Bonus – 2nd Deposit – 1,000mBTC Bonus 

You can also take advantage of a second deposit bonus, once you have made good use of the first one. Here, VegasCasino will offer you a 50% deposit match up to 1,000mBTC, affording you half of what you deposit as a bonus. 

Monthly Reload Bonus – 1,000mBTC Bonus 

We don’t only care for new players at our site, we want to make sure that existing players keep calling our casino ‘home’. As such, we offer a Reload Bonus for every first deposit of each new month. This includes a 50% deposit match up to 1,000mBTC, each time. 


Aside from the standard casino bonuses offered on our site, we often offer special slot competitions that you can take part in from time to time. Be sure that you keep your eye on our ‘Promotions’ page for these exciting additions.  


So, based on the information in this article, do not be shy to claim a bonus at VegasCasino, especially if your bankroll is in need of a boost.  

For a full rundown of all of the rules and wagering requirements on all of the bonuses, please read through our bonus terms and conditions thoroughly. They apply to each of the promos offered above.