Vegas Casino Online

Vegas Casino Online: The Verdict

To make an informed choice in the Bitcoin betting world, you need to know a few facts and, on occasion, a few opinions. Sure, when the chips are down and it’s up to you to put some money on the line, the final decision is yours. However, before you can test the waters and arrive at a conclusion, you need to know what’s what.

This is where we come in. Using our insights and experience in the industry, we’ve broken down the basics of Vegas Casino online and what it stands for. From the features that make it tick to our own verdict, this guide will give you the perfect starting point from which to explore Vegas Casino for yourself.

What is Vegas Casino Online?

First things first, Vegas Casino online is a place where Bitcoin and betting live side by side. Unlike some online casinos that simply offer Bitcoin as a payment option, we give you the ability to pay and play in the cryptocurrency. In fact, we’re so in tune with the cryptocurrency world and its focus on universality and anonymity that you can join us from virtually anywhere in the world and we won’t even ask your name.

That’s right, when you join us, you can simply provide your email address and your desired username. Because we trust in the security and efficiency of Bitcoin, we don’t really need any other details before you make a deposit. Now, when it comes to making your first withdrawal we may ask for a little bit more information, but the fact remains that you can pay and play the best online casino games around under the cover of Bitcoin.

In short, Vegas Casino online is an online betting site where you can enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin at all times.

Vegas Casino Online

Three Things that Make Vegas Casino Online Tick

Games: We partner with 12 software suppliers so you can get access to 400+ casino games. What’s even better about our site is that every bet your make and every prize you receive will be in Bitcoin. Because we’ve tailored each game to suit our needs, you can ante up in mBTC amounts for a complete Bitcoin betting experience. Oh, and did we mention you can also play for free? That’s right, aside from live dealer and jackpot games, you can practice your skills and have some fun on our demo tables.

Bonuses: When you join Vegas Casino online, you’ll get something for (virtually) nothing. Whether it’s up to 1,000 mBTC free when you make your first deposit, a reload bonus or some free spins, you can always get something extra for doing almost nothing. What’s more, we also offer a VIP scheme where you can receive exclusive prizes and a personalised service. Open to all players but on an invite-only basis, this scheme is a great way for all players to get more from their time with us.

Security: Perhaps the biggest benefit we offer you as a casino player is security. Like all major online casinos, we’re fully compliance-tested which means that our games are proven to be safe and fair. On top of this, all accounts have password protection as well as the option to add Google Authenticator as a second level of security. Finally, because we’re 100% Bitcoin, it means your funds are extremely safe. As a monetary system, Bitcoin is virtually immune from fraud. This naturally carries over to our platform, which means your bankroll is always in safe hands.

The Verdict: What the Community thinks about Vegas Casino Online

From an objective standpoint, the features listed above should tell you that we offer a fantastic place to play. The fact we offer Bitcoin betting laced with bonuses and hundreds of games means we’re ahead of the game in many ways. However, if you’re looking for some sort of validation from the casino community, you only have to scroll through our lobby to feel the love.

Thanks to our internal rating system, every Vegas Casino online player can rate the games we offer. Based on this, you can see exactly what’s hot and what’s not. At present, you’ll notice that almost every game we offer has at least a three-out-of-five star rating. In fact, many of our top games have a full five star rating which suggests that players love what we offer.

Of course, the proof is always in the pudding and that’s why we’d urge you to sign up and test things out for yourself. Even if you stick to the free play games at the start, we’re pretty confident you’ll agree that the Vegas Casino online platform is a great place to enjoy Bitcoin betting from your desktop or mobile device.