Twitter Bolsters Bitcoin with a ‘Square’ Arrangement

Twitter Bolsters Bitcoin

It’s a wonder to wake up each day and scan the news of world events in the crypto market. It’s exciting because it becomes more and more evident that we are on the right track with Bitcoin and the Blockchain.  

Technology giants all seem to be facing one way at the moment – the blockchain way. This is fabulous news for e-currency businesses, as our markets are set to grow. 

Facebook is planning massive things for their new Libra e-currency, and have incorporated big brand names into their crypto plans, such as: Vodafone, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Uber, eBay, Spotify, and more. Samsung and Apple have made their software platforms more crypto-friendly, bracing for growth in this arena, as well. The list goes on and on. 

One of the new digital names to be connected with the crypto world is Twitter, as its founder, Jack Dorsey, and has planned to strive for new heights in the crypto wallet world, with his well-established payment provider, ‘Square’. 


The world is in need of a super user friendly service provider that is able to simplify the subject of crypto-trading. There are plenty of newbies to the Bitcoin world that are still finding their feet in the market. These adventurers are in need of a payment concept that makes it easier for them to get by on the blockchain. 

It’s exciting to hear of the plans by Dorsey, who has stated that he has extended his team to concentrate on its new ‘Square Crypto’ concepts by tasking them with the job of providing a product that will make it “…easier for ordinary people to conceptualise using digital currencies like Bitcoin as an everyday tool for payment.” 

Making Bitcoin a natural way of life is the key to the success of the market; a concept that Mr Dorsey is clearly aware of and is putting his full effort into achieving. We are sure that it is a goal that he and his company have the ability to achieve, especially with the great influence he has in social media circles, thanks to Twitter


Jack Dorsey’s mission has been to provide an infrastructure for frictionless internet payments. This goal has met real challenges and stumbling blocks along the way, thanks to the red tape involved in multiple regulations imposed upon financial services from country to country. It is clear that there are frustrations around the restrictions that the finance industry poses on the internet, as Dorsey states: 

“Just from a business perspective, we don’t look like an internet company today. An internet company can launch something and it’s available around the world, whereas with payments, you have to go to each market and pay attention to regulators. You need a partnership with a local bank. This is a very slow process in any new market.” 

In today’s world, time is BIG MONEY and cannot be wasted. In a world where instant gratification is expected, companies should not be restricted by regulations that slow the momentum down, especially not in the tech industry. 

The new Square Crypto product will be developed to transcend regulation borders, thanks to a variety of blockchain opportunities. The great experience gained in the fiat currency world will be a good guide for efficient servicing solutions for the e-currency industry. As reported by Cointelegraph, Square has been dabbling in crypto since February 2018, where it has seen a net profit of $830,000 made through Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2019 after raking in a total revenue of $65.5 million. This provides great motivation for the company to explore the field more, as they are. 


The team tasked with forging ahead with the new crypto concepts is said to be a small hand-picked contingent is of crypto-specialists and software developers. A single designer is tasked for the project. The team has seen a notable addition of ex Google Director, Steve Lee, as the first name on the staff list. Each specialist will work directly with Dorsey on the project to ensure that it is a cut above and conforms to his vision and mandate. 


Education is the key to growth in any industry, but it’s a useless factor if people are not motivated to learn. When key players from the tech industry start talking and acting in the interest of crypto-currency, it holds a magnifying glass over the subject, inciting potential investors (the man in the street) to star investigating the subject a bit more. Once the advantages of Bitcoin are learned, consumers start realising what a revolutionary concept it is. 

Of course, the knock-on effect of interest in the market, is growth in the market. An increased market share means good things for Bitcoin First businesses like VegasCasino. The more players joining our ranks looking to use their Bitcoin on entertainment, the more our site develops and the greater lead we can take in the industry. 

Another great benefit of a growing crypto-market, is the satisfaction of seeing a diminishing effect of manipulating centralised systems on the human race. Placing the power back into the peoples hand is a liberation struggle worth investing in. 


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