Top RNG Bitcoin Roulette Picks

Top Roulette Games is a proudly Bitcoin First online casino that offers a full spread of casino games on one platform for players looking to engage in Blockchain entertainment. We ensure that both regulated and unregulated jurisdictions are given an equal opportunity to enjoy first-rate casino games entertainment. 

Our spread of gaming entertainment includes a large selection of online Slots, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Red Dog, Rummy, Keno, and Live table games. One of the most popular played games in the world is Roulette, an offering of French decent known as the game of the ‘little wheel’. In this article, we wish to introduce you to the 4 main variants of Virtual Roulette available on our site. 

Our Roulette games are brought to you compliments of Betsoft Casino, who offers only premium quality online casino action to both centralised and decentralized casino operators around the world. 


Virtual Roulette is a substitute for real casino gaming, where first-rate video game graphics are used to render a casino set for you to play on. There is no live dealer and the game is automated by way of computer software. Random Number Generator (RNG) software is used to ensure that all of the outcomes of the wheel spins are legitimately random. The RNG ensures that no game outcomes can be fixed or pre-determined by either the casino or the players, alike. 

You will need to try and determine the outcome of the wheel, by selecting to place various types of bets on the table. Certain bet types carry higher odds than others, based on the likelihood of landing those options. The more likely you are of landing a choice, the lower the house edge and the lower the payout ratio.  

Straight up bets involve choosing a precise number for the wheel to land on. These carry a high house edge but will pay you handsomely if you choose correctly. Outside bets include a group of bets on the outside of the number grid that increase your chance of winning. The options are more generalised to cover more possible outcomes and include wagers like high or low, odds or evens, red or black, 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. 


At we offer the following Roulette game variants: 

European Roulette 

This version of the game is a single player variant where you can make the wheel spin after you are finished lodging your bets. It is played on a standard 36 number wheel, with one zero position. The game is based on the standard European game variation, in accordance with the rules legislated by the Nevada Gaming Commission. 

There is both a standard version of this game on our site, as well as a VIP option, for those who enjoy betting higher wagers. 

American Roulette 

This game looks the same as its European derivative, but if you look carefully at the wheel, you will notice one extra segment. Based on the standard American rules according to the Nevada Gaming Commission, the wheel consists of both a single ‘0’ position and a ‘00’ position, as well. 

With an extra position on the wheel, the odds change from the traditional 36:1 in European Roulette, to 35:1. 

Zoom Roulette 

If you fancy playing European Roulette in a more immersive fashion, then we advise that you give Zoom Roulette a go. The wheel is much bigger, allowing the option of keeping a close eye on the spins. The grid set up is also far bigger to make you feel like you are standing right beside a proper table. 

The betting option offered on the table are the Betsoft standard wagers of 0.50 and 100. 

Common Draw Roulette 

Of all the games listed here, this is the only one that allows you to play along with other players at the table. So each betting period is timed. If you do not manage to place your bets down before the dealer announces “No more bets” then you will have to wait until the next round. 

Played in accordance with standard European Roulette Rules, Common Draw Roulette tracks hot and cold number for you to help you choose where you should bet on the grid. The display above the table will track the last 500 spins and reports the hottest 5 numbers that have recurred over that time, as well as the 5 least frequent hits over the past 500 spins and when last they were landed. 

To review a full list of number statistics, be sure to click on the ‘Statistics’ tab on the game interface. One of the immersive perks of this game is the fact that you can communicate with other players, courtesy of the chat screen. Meet new friends and enjoy some social entertainment. 


The gaming visuals and audio commentaries of the dealers in these games are among some of the best available on the market. All graphics are rendered in crisp high definition to ensure the most realistic game interfaces. The tools and controls are very user-friendly to ensure that any newcomer to the casino will be able to navigate through each title with ease. 

In order to capitalise on our fine array of casino games, all you need to have in your possession is a valid VegasCasino account and some Bitcoin to place your first wagers with. If you do not have a profile with us and own no Bitcoins, you will be able to put both in your possession by way of our site.