The Art of the Blackjack Double Down

Blackjack is one of the most popularly played online casino table games. The game of 21 holds the lowest house edge of all card games at the casino when played in its standard variations. This is already a good sign for players wanting to maximise both their time and their opportunity for wins online.

The reason the house edge is so low with this game type is that Blackjack is considered a game of skill, where the player has a real part to play in the outcome of the game. Where games are purely dependant on chance, the odds of winning are much lower.

The obvious conclusion in all of this, is that the more skilled you are at Blackjack, the higher the chance of walking away the victor at the end of the session. For this very reason, Vegas Casino has selected to put the power in your hands and present you with some of the more advanced strategy upping your chances with higher stakes decisions, in order to reap the highest rewards.

Often players are too reticent to take the high stakes approach to the game but in our book, it’s one of the finest ways to reap rewards. If done properly and at the correct times, it will put the player at the advantage over the casino.


Doubling Down in Blackjack is one of the most adrenalin provoking moves around, where you are able to double your bet in the middle of the game in order to up the stakes. Once you have selected this play, you will only be able to take one more card before you reveal your hand. Of course, it comes with a substantial amount more risk than standard play, because double the money is on the line.

The trick to mastering the art is in discerning exactly when to play the move. Some players avoid it altogether and miss out on potential bonus income, while others play it far too often and eat through their bankroll too furiously.


Blackjack is a game of mathematics. At live land-based casinos, you are able to master the skill of card counting to determine outcomes, but this sort of player is usually caught onto quite quickly by casino staff and you will promptly be asked to leave the casino. It’s not technically illegal, but it sure is frowned upon. So approaching the table with the following 3 strategies will have to suffice in that environment, but you can do what you like while playing online. Each of the following approaches is guaranteed not to make you go bust and is quite likely to see you pull off a decent hand value.

  • Handy Hard 9

First off, a hard 9 is a hand equalling 9 without an Ace involved; for example, a 7+2, 6+3, or 5+4. If you receive this hand and the dealers ‘up card’ is anything between a 2 and 6, then Double Down. The chances of hitting a 10 value card are very high because they dominate the pack, which means you could land a sturdy hand of 19.

The highest hand the dealer could hold with a 6 ‘up card’ is 17 (if there is an Ace card face down). This is not enough to beat you. Most table’s rules will require them to stay on this number anyway. If they have a 10 value card face down, then they will effectively have the worst hand in the game (16) and will be forced to ‘hit’ and most probably bust.

Do not Double Down with an 8+A (soft nine), as this already constitutes as a great hand (19) and the chance of increasing this value with another card is unlikely.

  • Sultry Soft 16 to 18

If you have a soft hand containing an Ace and either a 5, 6, or 7, while the dealer is holding a low ‘up’ card of 2, 3, or 4, then we advise you to Double Down. If you land a lower card, it will give you a high value hand, and if you hit a high-card, the Ace converts from an 11 to a 1 and you still hold a decent hand.

  • The Hero Hard 10 or 11

Once again a hard hand of 10 or eleven is a hand of two cards that does NOT consist of an Ace. This is one of the best hands you could receive. If the dealers ‘up card’ is lower than your cards combined, then Double Down. The law of averages puts you in the position for a high card draw after their last low card was produced.


Your ability to Double Down should transcend through all standard forms of Blackjack but be sure to read the game rules of each variant before you play it. In some rare instances you might find game rules that will prohibit you from ‘Doubling’ on soft hands etc. When you find yourself in a position that you would ordinarily Double Down, but you cannot due to the rules, make sure that you ‘hit’ instead. The outcome will be the same, even if the payout is lower.


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