Super Boom Slot Loads Up the Rewards

Superheroes are the ‘big thing’ at the moment, with Marvel’s Avengers End Game film lighting up the box office and breaking records as it trends on the circuit and on social media. It has everyone around the world heralding men and woman dressed in leotards while they save the world from imminent danger.

At, we have some of our own heroes in our games vault that are sure to entertain you with their game antics and enrich your wallet at the same time. Super BOOM by Booming Games is one such slot game that not only provides inviting visuals and soundtrack, but also keeps you riveted with the promise of Random Wild Reels, Wild Multipliers, and Free Spins. The slot can produce up to a maximum haul of 144,000 coins in a single spin. It’s not quite the same as leaping a tall building in a single bound, but it is far more useful in the long run.


Instead of adding another ‘cops and robbers’ themed slot to the world of casino games, Booming Games have upped the ante considerably, by pitting a bank robbing bandito up against a Superhero, who just so happens to resemble the famous Superman character of the DC Universe. This game allows you to support the role of ‘goody’ or ‘baddy’ without repercussions for your choices. No matter what symbol combo lands, you will be paid dividends.

The game graphics are well designed in a comical cartoon styled fashion and are accompanied by an engaging upbeat soundtrack, which we are convinced is designed to keep your foot tapping as you play.

The highlight of the game is the reels, which are framed within the front façade of a banking establishment, surrounded by skyscrapers in the background. The reels are decorated with various game symbols that each speak to the theme of the game.

The higher paying symbols include the Superhero, the Robber, a Damsel in Distress, and a Money Safe. The lower to medium icons include stealable items from the bank vault, including Gold Bars, Stacks of Notes, Bags of Cash, and Piles of Coins.

The game includes a standard Wild icon and various Multiplier Wild symbols. These substitute for any of the game symbols, except the Newspaper scatter, to help form winning combinations. The scatter is the catalyst to trigger the game’s main free spin feature.


The game is played out over a 5 reels grid with a unique 4/3/4/3/4 format. Wins are made by landing 3 or more matching symbols over one of the 12 fixed paylines in the game. To engage the first spin, simply set your desired wager option and hit the big round ‘Spin’ button to the right of the reels.

Instead of incessantly pressing the spin button on each roll, you can set the ‘autoplay’ feature, by pressing the toggle with the ‘+’ symbol on it. You will then be able to adjust how many times the machine should automatically spin the reels for you. This offers you the option of multi-tasking while reaping in rewards.

The game variance is on the High side, so temper your bets so that you can weather the dry runs and wait for the paying spree before tapping out your bankroll.


Super BOOM, comes with super-explosive features that will have you smiling all the way to your own bank. The extras offered in the game include:

Wild Multipliers

The offering does not only provide a standard Wild symbol alone, but you can land some Multiplier Wilds on reels 1, 3, or 5, as well. They come in 2x and 3x variations, and if they are a part of a winning combination, they will pay you out double or triple the normal win amount, respectively.

Random Wild Reels

You will notice on the screen that reels 2 and 4 have bombs placed under them. Throughout the game the fuses to the explosives may be lit at random. This is when you should get excited, because when the bomb blows up, all symbols above it are blown to smithereens and replaced by a full Wild Reel. Wild reels increase the chances of landing winning combinations.

Free Spin Bonus Round

You will want to see multiple Newspapers land on the screen on a regular basis. Should you land 5 or more on the screen at any one time, you will win up to 12 free spins.

Should you land Wild Reels while in the free spin feature, they will double the value of each win they contribute towards. Wild Multipliers can also land during this feature.


We currently have a promotion underway, in which every bet placed on Super BOOM will earn you points towards winning your share of $2,100. The more points you rack up, the higher up the ladder you will climb. Make use of your time this weekend to climb to the top of the charts before the deadline on Sunday. For more information on the tournament, please see our Promotions page.