Software Series – Booming Games

The greatest contributors to the rapid growth of the online gambling industry have been the massive strides in innovation and technological advances, which most recently include the adoption of Blockchain technology.  At Vegas Casino, we offer first-class gambling entertainment to those who want to make use of their Bitcoin investments for something more than hodling.

The top casino providers from regulated markets have decided to increase their market share by gaining a foothold in the crypto casino world early on in the game. One such gaming studio is Booming Games.


Booming Games is a developer and provider of high-end, next level online slot games to gaming operators across various platforms and markets. They were founded in 2014, where they wasted no time in producing a flurry of finely crafted HTML 5 platform games for distribution throughout Europe and beyond.

Such has been the growth and success of the company over the past 5 years that they now operate out of four different offices, based in London, Isle of Man, Athens, and Manilla. They continue to offer innovative and cutting edge casino gaming software to slot players around the world, thanks to a first-class team of software gurus, technicians, and mathematicians.


Booming Games have created quite an explosive ‘BOOM’ on the market, in keeping with their namesake. Aside from being nominated for various international awards in the industry, there are three defining characteristics of the company that forms a part of their originality. These include:

1. A-Z Production

The entire process of developing the super slots in their portfolio is done entirely in-house. From the planning to the design, to the coding, to the maths, to the marketing, and the release – all handled from within the capable ranks of the company.

Being involved in every step of the production of a game ensures that the company can maintain superior quality throughout the process, by exercising a firm hand on the development procedures. Each component in the manufacture of the product is ensured to compliment the next one.

2. Complete Back Office

Booming Games offers an easy to use back-end to their games, so that casino operators can manage the software to suit their customer’s best interests. They realise that no one knows the customer as well as the operator does.

3. Bespoke Games

Booming Games works hand in hand with casinos to offer tailor-made titles to suit the needs of the operators. Once again this option is offered in recognition of the fact that the operators know their clients best. This sort of service ensures that players receive what they are after in a product, which in turn keeps them coming back for more.


Every one of Booming Games’ offerings available on is developed for optimal HTML 5 supported browser play. This ensures superior cross-platform compatibility and seamless mobile integration. Having done their homework, Booming Games realises that the biggest segment of the digital casino gaming network now resides in the mobile sphere. Multiple millions of players turn to their Android and IOS devices to have a flutter, each day. 

Our sterling portfolio of their games includes 70 games title at the time of writing, which is only set to grow each month. The game themes encompass a wide spread of genres and slot game types, accommodating variances from low down the scale to very high up, so as to meet the needs of a host of different types of players.

Some of the top slot games offered by this supplier include favourites, like Peter’s Universe, Stellar Spins, Cheeky Monkeys, Vegas VIP Gold, Joker’s Wild, Revolution, Sugar Skulls, Vegas Wins, Baby Bloomers, and many more.


Bitcoin is commonly heralded as the transactional platform of the future. Partnering casino digital software with the ultimate financial platform is a match made in heaven. Because the online casino arena is a money market, the splicing of these two platforms just makes sense. Bitcoin benefits playing Booming Games in the following ways:

  • Further Reach: By Booming Games partnering with Vegas Casino and the Blockchain, they are now able to tap into a previously unreached market. For instance, the US market can now enjoy some of these fabulous game options on our platform.
  • Fast Deposits and Withdrawals: Deposits and withdrawals in BTC offer the lowest time delay in the industry. Transactions can usually be carried out in real time, with only a few minutes delay, at most.
  • Privacy Guarantee: Bitcoin payment procedures require very little private information before they can be processed. Security is not tied up in you as an individual, but rather in the verification procedures of the Blockchain and its infallibility. The less vulnerable info you have to place online, the better you are protected against fraud.
  • No added costs: Bitcoin transactions are ‘trustless’, meaning that they do not make use of trusted third parties (like banks) to process finances. The result is that no third party costs are incurred by Bitcoin players. Because Bitcoin is decentralised, it is recognised as one currency, no matter where you are in the world. There are therefore no foreign exchange costs involved when spending across borders.


Booming Games have seamlessly slotted into out Bitcoin-First casino and therefore carry our Certified Approval. Because we want you to enjoy the finest entertainment on offer from their slots portfolio, we have some carefully crafted slot bonuses on offer for you to maximise your Booming Game experience. Simply head to our ‘Promotions’ page to claim your Welcome or reload bonus now!