Slot Themes Series – Classic Slots

Classic Slots

Classic slot machines are some of the most widely played casino games in the world. This sub-genre of the slots category has been around for almost as long as slot machines have been in existence. This would date the genre back to 1895, when the first classic slot cabinet, the Liberty Bell, was introduced to the public by Charles Fey.  

The very first reel machines (prior to Liberty Bell) were mechanically operated and sported various different poker games. The original games had 5 reels and boasted card deck symbols, to provide 5 card poker hands on the rollers. Later on, the traditional fruit, sevens, bells, and bars made their way onto the scene to provide a new type of slot game that incorporated matching symbol combinations over a single payline to earn wins. 


Classic slot machines are slot games that are based on older gaming platforms that traditionally boast 3 reels with between 1 to 9 paylines in total. The trademark symbols for classic slots include the famous Sevens, Bars, Bells, Stars, and Fruits, however modern additions offer up to 5 reels with some other symbol variants, like Jokers.  

The modern innovations do not exclude the games from the genre of ‘classic slot’ which has evolved along with the industry. The key earmark of a classic slots now, is held in the type of symbols used in the game and the lower payline usage, rather than the number of reels employed. 

Online casinos have simply borrowed from the classic mechanical styling of previous generations and have provided digitally rendered machines to mimic the old graphics and game play. These machines are run by state-of-the-art random number generator software, to ensure that the games remain fair. 


In the past, these games where known merely as slot machines. It is only now, that technology has advance and more genres have developed, that we refer to the traditionally styled games as classic slots. The word ‘classic’ refers to the fact that these games are the forerunners of the game type. 


While land based slot machines originally started out with mechanical reel systems, they began to be replaced with virtual software towards the end of the 20th century. In the early 1990’s, the virtual software machine technology was carried over in to the internet sector, where games were made available to play from the convenience of your home on desktop pc’s and laptops. 

It is in the online sphere that slots innovations have progressed the most. It was this technology that saw the introduction of mobile casinos. The new HTML 5 browser technology has allowed for games with top graphics and features to be made available on your mobile device without the need for downloads. You can simply play from your mobile browser. 


Classic slot games were well known for their simplistic game play. Most of the more traditional games boasted only base game reel spins. Wilds were later added to the game, along with Scatter wins, but that was basically the height of classic feature play. 

Today, classic slot games may include a few special features over and above the base game, but these are not usually overdone and remain a little simpler than what you may experience in 3D slot games. Some common added features, may include: 

  • Free Spins 
  • Expanded Wilds 
  • Re-Spins 
  • Double Up Gamble Feature 


Classic games remain popular because some players just prefer the simpler gaming styles. For some, these online slots provide a sense of nostalgia, with players revisiting their memories of playing the older machines on the casino floors and at the pubs, etc. 

There is absolutely no reason to dissuade people from playing Classic games. They boast a mixture of RTPs and variances to match anyone’s playing style. They cater for beginners, intermediate players and in some instances even high rollers. Some classic slots even offer progressive jackpots that have the ability of changing your financial standing, overnight. 


Online slot innovation is ever evolving as providers seek out new ways to expand their visibility on the global stage. Even the blockchain industry has managed to encompass the play of classic slots on their state of the art platform. At Vegas Casino we have taken traditional gaming ideas, like classic slots play, and married to one of the most advanced technological platforms, cryptocurrency, for enjoyment. This means that you can now play your favourite classic slot games while wagering in Bitcoin. The decentralised processes ensures a range of advantages, including gains in security, transaction times, and authentication. 


Playing classic slots in Bitcoin does not mean that you are left with the dregs of the industry. Yes, there are fewer gaming platforms at crypto casinos, but the top names in the industry that provide on this sphere sport some amazing titles and some first-class software. 

Here are examples of the entertaining classic slots we have on offer from the industry’s best casino game developers: 


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