Play Like a Bitcoin Pro: Online Baccarat

Play Online Baccarat Like A Pro

At Vegas Casino we understand the need for great online casino entertainment. We also understand that losing puts a damper on the entertainment. As such, we are sold out to ensuring that our players can maintain an edge and enjoy gambling online with us. 

Baccarat is a great casino table game with a high player’s edge. This card game offers fine entertainment value to both casual gamblers and high rollers alike. Learning to play the game is a synch and not very strategy heavy. 

While playing Baccarat is easy a little planning goes a long way to ensuring you maximise on the opportunities that will come your way. Here are 5 handy tips to help you keep ahead of the game, and adding to your win total. 


The very first element in the approach to playing online Baccarat, is the attitude you sit down at the table with. Remember that gambling is always supposed to be fun. It is entertainment first, the potential financial upside is the cherry on top.  If you’re wild at heart, someone who enjoys the thrill of going head-to-head with the dealer then Baccarat is a game you would enjoy. 


One of the most common tips given to new players in Baccarat circles, is to bet in favour of the bank winning the hand. The odds show that the chances of this happening are greater than the other way around. We want to tell you that betting against the bank might actually be the wiser choice. The odds are only slightly different for betting in favour of the player, but there are usually bankers fees attached to bets placed on the banker’s hand. Sometimes these fees can be anywhere up to 5% of your win. For this reason, the best possible option for a decent win, is to support the player. 

Of course, if you like to live dangerously then outlier bets will probably appeal to you more. A tie carries 8:1 odds in Baccarat, which means you can haul in up to 8 times your bet amount. Of course, this kind of bet should not be played every hand, but the odd chance here and there stands you in better stead for high returns. 


Dodging the house edge at the casino is possible, if you manage to dip in and then dip out again, quickly. Work out a reasonable time to play Baccarat at the casino. If you decide that a short 40 hands is all you want to give time to today, then stick to the strategy. Shorter playing times over a wide spread of game titles often ensures rewarding entertainment value and allows your cash spread to touch all sides of the casino. 


Sober planning before the first deposit or bet is always advised. Take a keen look at your gambling budget and then set a reasonable target for wins that you anticipate making while at the table. Once you have reached the desired amount, take your wins and put some of them aside for another day. Saving up your wins means that your future prospects at our casino become far sweeter. 


As with anything in life, a good budget stands you in good stead to make it out the other end, either flush, or as the winner. The same can be said about gambling. Knowing how to manage your bankroll wisely stands you in good stead to walk away with the highest returns and the tiniest dents. 

Other than discerning when to stop playing, bankroll management has a big role to play in how you bet your money. You will need to strategize a keen balance between bolstering your bankroll for leaner times in the game and then embracing for a streak of luck by upping those wagers. A constant bet is a boring bet. Constantly change the stake to suit the scenario. 

Whatever you do, maintain your composure and play the hand and not your money. Always remember to have fun first! 


To ensure that you are always a happy camper, be sure to read our Terms and conditions on specific games played. These will help guide you to the game that suits your needs, as well as your bankroll.  

Pay special attention to the game odds, and the wagering spread. These are a giveaway as to how the game variance will play out. Higher betting spreads with higher odds ensure bigger single wins at the tables, whereas a lower betting margin with lower odds games ensure a slightly more steady game with less risk, but of course a lower individual rewards. 


At VegasCasino, we have a fine selection of Baccarat games to sooth your gambling soul. Whether ‘Live’ online casino gambling is your thing, or RNG virtual tables are more your style, our portfolio caters to your needs. 

Our games are provided by the best names in the business and are ‘Bitcoin first’ titles, meaning that we accept your Bitcoin wagers and offer the full online casino experience in return. Our top international games providers include: Betsoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming (Live Dealers), Lion Games, and Pragmatic Play. 

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