What do I Need to Play Bitcoin Casino Games?

What do I Need to Play Bitcoin Casino Games?

Play Bitcoin Casino Games

So, you’ve landed on the Bitcasino.io website and browsed all our amazing games on offer and now you find yourself asking, “what do I need to play bitcoin casino games?”. We understand, there’s just so much going on that even the most experienced bitcoin casino player might feel a little unsure where to start. Don’t fear! We’re here to help.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know. Whether you’re struggling with registering, depositing, or choosing the perfect game, read on to get started with Bitcasino today.

How to Register at Bitcasino

First things first, you need to register to play with us. We’re pretty sure you knew that anyway. What you might not know is how to sign up, so let’s take you through the process.

On the homepage at Bitcasino.io, you’ll see the big orange “sign-up” button. It’s in the top-right hand corner of the screen. Now you need to click it, which should bring up this screen:

At this point, things get easy.

First, choose a username. Make sure it’s something unique and responsible (Bl4ckj4ckPRO probably isn’t the best, although it may make customer support chuckle!).

Once you’ve done that, you need to choose a password. Make sure it’s secure!

Finally, pop in your date of birth and email address. After all this, you’ll get a quick email to confirm your account. And that’s it. Nothing more to it. We do recommend that you check out our terms and conditions, so you know what we’re all about and what to expect.

Now we’ve answered the basic question, “what do I need to play bitcoin casino games?”, your next step is to make a deposit and start playing.

How to Make a Deposit

Depositing is just as easy as registering. If you’re still stuck at the registration stage, we recommend you contact our customer service team. They’ll have you set up in no time.

Before you go ahead and play with bitcoins, make sure you’ve got a way to generate bitcoins – Neteller is a good choice, but any other bitcoin wallet service works as well. This will allow you to convert regular currency into bitcoins and store them, at least temporarily, in your bitcoin wallet. Once your currency has been converted, you’ll be provided with a string of numbers and letters. Don’t worry, while this may seem complicated, it’s perfectly safe. This is where your bitcoins are being held by the bitcoin wallet you’ve chosen.

Now, the first thing you need to do once you’ve converted your regular currency to bitcoins is to click the “money in” menu on the left of our website. This will take you through to our deposits section. From here you then need to select “bitcoin” from our selection of deposit methods. Following this, you need to click “continue”, where a pop-up screen will appear. This screen allows you to determine how much you want to deposit in your chosen currency to convert into bitcoins.

From here, all you need to do is click “send payment”, hook up your bitcoin wallet and click “confirm”. Your bitcasino.io account will then be filled with wonderful bitcoins, ready for you to use here at Bitcasino.

A little confused? Struggling to find the answer to the question, “what do I need to play bitcoin casino games?” Can’t quite get your head around any of this? No worries, just contact our customer services team, who will be more than happy to help.

Now, Find Your Favourite Game

Okay, so you’ve registered and deposited with us. Now you need to start playing. If you’re an experienced online casino gamer and know what you like, that’s fine. Go ahead and get started!

But if you’re checking out bitcoin gaming for the first time and asking, “what do I need to play bitcoin casino games?”, it’s possible you might find our options a little confusing.

Try Your Luck with Bitcasino’s Blackjack

Play Bitcoin Casino Games

Bitcasino’s range of blackjack games is unprecedented and is perfect for fans of the extremely popular card game. While you’ll find regular blackjack, there’s so much more on offer! You have Super 7, Satoshi, High Roller and Single Deck blackjack at your fingertips.

For those with a larger bankroll then we recommend you head to our high roller tables, where you’ll be permitted to make larger bets – perfect for the pros out there. Otherwise, if blackjack isn’t for you, we’ve got a huge range of alternative games for you to check out.

A Whole World of Slots For You to Experience

If you’re a fan of classic fruit machines but would like to experience a modern day twist, then we highly recommend you check out Fruit Zen. Or, if themed historical slots are more to your liking, then why not tuck into a bit of Caligula. For those who don’t know, Caligula was a little crazy during his reign as emperor.

If neither of those sound any good then why not grab your fishing gear and dive into the wild world of The Angler – this fishing-themed slot comes jam-packed with intense HD graphics, perfect for the fishing connoisseur

Check out Bitcasino’s Roulette Offerings

Roulette is one of the most well-known casino games on the planet and is enjoyed by regular punters and celebrities alike. Bitcasino.io wouldn’t be complete without a complete range of awesome roulette games.

Not only do we offer the classics European and American roulette, but we’ve got a couple of variants as well – Zoom and Common Draw roulette.

As you can guess, Zoom roulette is a faster, more intense version of regular roulette. Common Draw roulette is a little different. It operates like live roulette, bringing together a number of players on the same table, but instead uses the regular roulette interface. Spins take place every 35 seconds, so you need to be quick!

Get Started Today at Bitcasino

So, now we’ve answered the number one question, “what do I need to play bitcoin casino games?” and set out all you need to know about getting started at Bitcasino.io.

Sign up today and you can be playing, winning, and having fun along with all the other players who have discovered why Bitcasino.io is the very best choice for bitcoin gaming.

And remember to check out our awesome range of promotions to make your time with us even better!