How to Play Bitcoin Blackjack on Vegas Casino

How to Play Bitcoin Blackjack

Play Bitcoin Blackjack

The timeless game of blackjack has long been a huge draw for all types of gamblers. In the last few years, we have also seen some huge advances that have resulted in gamers now being able to play online and use bitcoin funds too.

The bitcoin blackjack game at VegasCasino has proved to be extremely popular. In fact, it has been such a roaring success that we have made it one of our featured games for you to try.

Even if you have never before played a hand of blackjack in your life, you can still discover how to play bitcoin blackjack with us and have a lot of fun doing so. This game is simple to play right from the very start and never loses its appeal over time – no matter how many times you play it.

The History of the Game

Created in Europe but adapted by American casinos on its arrival there, blackjack has a long and interesting history behind it. There are now numerous versions played online, as well as in land-based casinos and homes all over the planet.

The game that you play when you choose bitcoin blackjack with VegasCasino is a classic version that retains the essence of the original game while adding the modern features that players crave these days.

This all adds up to a slick and pleasant gaming experience that will feel familiar to anyone who has ever played blackjack before. The fact that bitcoin can be used to fund your games is another useful modern touch that makes life easy for our players while protecting their security needs.

How to Play Bitcoin Blackjack 

This is a classic version of blackjack, with the added modern facility of being able to play using bitcoin. If you have tried this card game before, then there is nothing that is likely to take you by surprise once you start learning how to play bitcoin blackjack.

8 decks are used and you can get insurance when the dealer has an ace as their face-up card. The dealer must hit on soft 17 and you will see that they peek when they have a 10 or an ace, just as they do in the American casino version of the game.

If you get dealt cards with a total of 9, 10, or 11 then you have the option of increasing the bet by doubling down at this point. You can still double down after a split.

Therefore, the biggest difference that most players will find from the way that they have played in the past is that they can get going using their digital currency funds, which adds a huge degree of convenience and security to the game.

Play Bitcoin Blackjack

Getting Started

As with all of the games here at, it is incredibly easy to get started on finding out how to play bitcoin blackjack. Whenever you are ready to give it a try then you can simply access our range of blackjack games from the main casino lobby.

Once you are in here, you will see that you can choose to play bitcoin blackjack for real money or else give it a whirl just for fun. Enter the game and you will find a fresh and welcoming set-up with a classic blackjack table together with easy to understand controls.

As you would expect, things get started when you choose your level of bet and then ask for the cards to be dealt. At this point, you get dealt 2 face-up cards while the dealer gets one that is face-up and another that is face-down.

In-Game Options

Once you begin to play then you get the typical blackjack options of “Stand” or “Hit”. The one you choose will come down to whether you feel that the cards you were dealt are going to be enough to win with or whether you want to get another card in order to increase your possibilities.

If you get the right cards, then you will also see the option to “Split” or to “Double” pop up on the screen. In addition, you will also receive the chance to get insurance if the dealer has an ace on view.

Our other in-game options are as comprehensive and helpful as you would expect from us at VegasCasino. The “Help” section, for example, explains all about the game and is especially useful if you are starting to find out how to play bitcoin blackjack for the first time and want to understand it more fully.

While you are playing, you can also change the language and other settings to suit you perfectly. You might also be interested in looking through your hand history and finding out how we can confirm that each and every hand dealt to you is provably fair.

There are also options for finding out about free chips and going straight to the lobby on the site. All in all, everything that you want to know about the game is gathered together here for your information.

Play Bitcoin Blackjack

Other Blackjack Options at

If you are after a classic card game with a modern twist then finding out how to play bitcoin blackjack could be the best decision that you have made in some time. You will find a relaxing and trustworthy place to enjoy this game whenever it suits you.

Of course, you may also be tempted to try out a different approach to your gambling at times, which we can also help you with. Take a look through our other blackjack variants and you will find the likes of high roller Atlantic City blackjack, European blackjack, American blackjack, and bitcoin blackjack perfect pairs.

If you are looking for some entertainment then we suggest that you start by seeing how to play bitcoin blackjack right here at After that, the sky is the limit as you try out our other versions at your leisure.

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