Online Bitcoin Video Slots: Enter a World of Spinning Entertainment

Here at VegasCasino we’re pretty pumped when it comes to online bitcoin video slots. Even the quickest look through our lobby will reveal something of an obsession with the latest and greatest products on the market. From gangster-themed online

Online Bitcoin Video Slots

Online Bitcoin Video Slots

bitcoin video slots to classic-looking spinners, we’ve got more than 150 options for you to choose from and, what’s more, they’re all free.

Of course, if you’re looking to bank some bitcoins you can use in the real world, you’ll have to place some actual bets. But if you’re looking for a few rounds of fun or an introduction into the world of online bitcoin video slots, then our lobby is packed with ways for you to play without any cost.

Before you go off into our world of virtual wonders, you’ll probably want to know a bit more about online bitcoin video slots and what they involve. As ever, we’re here with another of our comprehensive guides to everything you need to know about slots, what we offer and why they make great bitcoin casino games.

So sit back, relax and let’s take a spin through the world of video-based betting entertainment.

Watch a Video Tape Instead of a DVD

VHS tapes might have given way to DVDs in recent years, but in the casino world videos are still king. In fact, if you’re in the market for entertainment first and profit second, online bitcoin video slots are the perfect option as they combine highly sophisticated animations and graphics with generous prizes.

To understand what video slots are, you first need to understand what they aren’t and that means talking about progressive jackpot slots. In the online casino world there are basically two types of slot machine: video and jackpot. Here at VegasCasino we have made both available to play, but the second type is generally defined by its top prize.

Instead of having a fixed payment, progressive jackpot games have an ever-increasing top prize. To keep the jackpot ticking over, the game will take a small percentage of each player’s stake and add it to the prize pool. The bigger the number of players, the larger the jackpot becomes until a player manages to hit the necessary combination to release the prize. At this point, the prize is reset and the process starts over again.

It’s Fixed but More Fun…

In contrast, online bitcoin video slots have a fixed prize structure that doesn’t change. On the one hand, this is better for some players as it means they know exactly what they’re playing for at all times. Of course, the flipside to that is often there isn’t as much money at the top available in these games.

However, what online bitcoin video slots lack in cash, they make up for in entertainment. Unsurprisingly, these games are full of video sequences, animated bonuses rounds and symbols that literally come alive on the screen. For example, select a game like The Tipsy Tourist and before you get into the action you’ll see a high-quality video opening that helps to set the scene for what’s about to come – an office worker bored to death discovers a travel pamphlet and jets into a fancy Miami holiday.

Once you’re past the opening video (which you can skip if you want), you’ll notice that this game is more highly decorated that the average jackpot slot. Moreover, the tipsy tourist himself is there at the side of the betting board, waving you through the action. In a nutshell, online bitcoin video slots are designed to be fun and engaging, which makes them perfect if you’re a newbie or novice.

Yes, you can still win some big prizes (350X your stake on The Tipsy Tourist), but the emphasis is more on having a good time than a serious spinning session.

Learning to Spin a Win

Unlike other bitcoin casino games, online bitcoin video slots are quite intuitive. Because much of the action is automated, you don’t have spend time learning when to hit, stand, bet, etc. In fact, as long as you know how to set your bets, the rest is simple:

  • First, choose your game for our lobby.
  • Next, use the +/- buttons to adjust your coin stake – this is the size of a single bet on a single line. In general, our games will allow you to set a coin size of between 0.01 and 1 mBTC.
  • Once you’ve set your coin bet, the next thing you need to adjust is the number of active win lines. This can be anywhere from 1 to 50+ lines depending on the game, but it’s important to remember that the cost per spin will increase as you increase the number of active lines. For example, if your coin bet is 1 mBTC and you open up 10 win lines, the cost per spin will be 10 mBTC. Essentially, your overall bet is the sum of your coin bet and the number of open win lines.
  • As an extra betting option, you can also choose to increase the number of bets per line. Generally ranging from 1 to 5 bets, this option multiplies your coin bet. For example, if your coin bet was 1 mBTC (this is a single bet), and you wanted to make 5 bets per line, then you’d be staking 5 mBTC. You’ll then have to multiply this number by the amount of active win lines you have open to get your total bet per spin.
  • After setting your bets, you can then hit the Spin button and watch the reels kick into action. At this point, three or more matching symbols on any of the active win lines will earn you a prize based on its difficulty to hit and your stake. If, however, you’ve got deep pockets and don’t have to worry about the amount you’re betting, you can save a bit of time and hit the Max Bet option. Doing this will set the bets to their top limits and spin the reels for you.

Let’s Talk Options

OK, now we’ve given you an overview of how to set your bet, spin and what it all means, let’s take a look at some of the in-game options you’ll find when you play any of our online bitcoin video slots:

Auto Play – If you want to play in the most efficient way and save yourself from getting a cramp in your index finger, all our online bitcoin video slots allow you to set your bets once and spin automatically. When you choose the auto play option, the software will ask you how much you want to bet and, importantly, how many times you want to spin. Now, this is very much up to you and the size of your bankroll, but our games will let you spin between 5 and 100 times without any outside interference.

Double Up – Specific to certain games, the Double Up feature is basically a mini-bonus option that allows you to gamble your prize. It’s a simple game of red or black – a correct guess will double your most recent prize while with an incorrect guess you will lose the amount you’ve just won. If you do choose to gamble and win, you always have the option of collecting your prize at any point and returning to the main game.

Bonus – Every bitcoin video slot will have a bonus symbol. Three or more of these across active win lines will open up some sort of mini-game where you have to complete a task in order to win a prize. Although the theme and styling of a bonus round will change from game to game, it’s usually the case that you’ll have to uncover mystery symbols or choose higher or lower in order to accumulate more prizes. Any prizes you win during the bonus round will be added to your balance once the game is over.

Wild – Whenever a wild symbol appears, it is there to substitute for any other symbol in the game. If you need a third beach ball to complete a sequence and you roll in a wild, then it will become a beach ball and earn you a win.

Scatter – The final special symbol you need to look out for when you’re playing bitcoin video slots is scatters. Again, these are specific to each game, but their main job is to unlock free spins. Three or more scatters across active win lines will earn you a certain amount of free turns of the reels. What’s even better about scatters and free spins is that they’re often accompanied by multipliers. So, if you won 10 free spins with a 3X multiplier, this would mean that any prizes you win over the course of your free spins would be multiplied by 3.

Always Something New

The great thing about online bitcoin video slots is that there’s always something new on the market. Because the games are often based on the latest trends, pop icons or movie characters, developers have a never-ending supply of material to draw inspiration from.

Indeed, when you look through our lobby you’ll find everything from Santa’s Kiss (a festive game based on Christmas) to Twerk which has picked up on the recent dance craze popular across the USA and Europe. If something’s popular or on trend, you can pretty much guarantee that it will form the basis of a video slot at some point. In fact, this is what makes these games great fun to play.

Because they capture the moment and have some sort of relevance, it makes them more engaging and entertaining. Although our current selection of games is pitched way over the 150 mark, you can expect the number of options to increase almost on a monthly basis because of the way online bitcoin video slots are made.

Whether it’s a tribute to the latest movie (check out our Ice World slot) or a reworking of a classic theme, developers are always working hard to bring something new to the party which means we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the best of the bunch.

When Spins are Worth More

The final thing you need to know about bitcoin video slot machines before you rush off and start spinning is their hidden value. Yes, they’re full of prizes and yes you can have a lot of fun with them, but when it comes to earning you something extra, they’re fantastic games to play.

Why? Simple: bonuses. Here at VegasCasino we’ll find an excuse to give you a bonus for just about anything. Whether it’s signing up and making your first deposit or simply spending some time on one of our new games, we’re always willing to give you something extra. However, to ensure everyone gets a fair crack at our bonuses, we ask you to bet a certain amount in order to unlock each bonus.

Although the bonus money will be yours to use as you wish, you won’t be able to withdraw it unless you’ve bet a certain amount on our real-money games. Typically, we’ll ask you to wager 35X the bonus amount before the money can be used. Now, with this in mind, bitcoin video slots online become an attractive betting option because of their speed. Each spin take less than a second and because you can set the stakes to your level, you can literally race through hundreds of bets per hour.

When it comes to clearing bonuses, this dynamic is fantastic because it means you can work through our betting requirements a lot faster and, therefore, claim your free cash a lot sooner. Although other bitcoin casino games will allow you to burst through these requirements at a fairly rapid rate, none will be as fast as online bitcoin video slots.

So, if you’re looking for more fun, a better way to bank some bonuses and an all-round slicker gaming experience, look no further than our selection of video slot machines. Register now – it only takes 15 seconds – and start spinning!