Moon Princess Bitcoin Slot

Moon Princess – A Bright Light in the Night Sky

Frolic in the moonlight and let the princess of the night guide you towards some serious wins when you play one of our newest video slots, Moon Princess. As charming as it is lucrative, this virtual spinner has plenty of unique features that will keep players of all persuasions smiling as they spin.

Moon Princess Highlights

  • Jackpot topping 500,000 credits
  • Play from as little as 0.20 mBTC
  • Cascading wins

How to Play Moon Princess

When you spin by the light of the moon, you’ll have the chance to win up to 500,000 credits thanks to the always beautiful Moon Princess. Because this is one of Play N’Go’s latest Bitcoin slots, you’ll instantly notice that the graphics in this game are superb. Filled with colour, energy and dynamism, Moon Princess is a game that’s certainly worthy of celestial royalty.

Naturally, to turn the five reels and set the cascading win function in motion across 20 paylines, you’ll need to offer up a tribute to the princess. In this instance, 0.20 mBTC is the minimum she’ll accept, but if you really want to impress her, then the coin size can be pushed up to 100 mBTC.

Once you’re spinning, wins will cause the responsive symbols to disappear and new ones to appear in their place. For those that have never played a cascading wins slot, this system essentially means a single win can turn into multiple prizes!

A Trinity of Bonuses

The real reason we love this Bitcoin slot is because it’s always looking for an excuse to pay you some money. As we’ve said, you can match three or more symbols and bank a fixed prize, but even if you don’t manage that, you can still win on any losing spin. As crazy as this sounds, Moon Princess can randomly activate one of the following after a losing spin:

  • Love Princess = This princess will transform one set of symbols into something new.
  • Star = This princess will turn up to two symbols wild.
  • Storm = This princess will get two types of symbol removed from the grid.

If these random features don’t help generate any additional wins, Moon Princess is on hand with two additional bonuses:

Princess Trinity Feature: To unlock this bonus, all you have to do is roll in wins featuring the princess symbol. Depending on the number of princesses you make a winning combination with, the number of sections on the Trinity metre will increase.

For example, if you roll in three princess symbols, you’ll fill one section on the metre. Roll in four and you’ll fill two sections and roll in five to light up all three parts of the Trinity metre. Once you’ve managed to turn on all the lights and make the metre shine brighter than the princess’s crown, you’ll unlock all three of the random in-play features in a single spin.

Princess Moon Free Spins: The final shimmer of light in this game comes courtesy of a free spins round. Unlike other Bitcoin video slots, this game doesn’t give you free spins for rolling in certain symbols, it actually awards them to you for clearing all the symbols. Using the game’s cascade feature, you’ll unlock a free spins bonus when you completely clear the grid in a single spin.

Once you’ve caused a chain reaction of wins that clears the board, you’ll get to choose whether you want fewer spins with a better payout potential or more spins with a lower risk. If everything falls into place, you could bank as much as 100x your entire bet when you activate this bonus round.

Overall, if you want to spin into the night and pick up some serious wins as you do it, Moon Princess is perfect.