Jurassic Giants Bitcoin Slot

Jurassic Giants™ Bitcoin Slot: An Epic Journey Into the Past

Online slots don’t come much bigger than Jurassic Giants™. In fact, if you give this one a spin, other slots will seem pretty underpowered by comparison. It’s what you prehistoric film buffs who love dinosaurs and all things really, really ancient have been waiting for, but it’s also highly lucrative.

The figures speak for themselves. For a start, here are six reels which offer an incredible 4,096 ways to win – plus you can even earn yourself up to 250 free spins. Now that’s what we call a monster of a slot. We’ll get into the detail later but first a little about the slot in general.


This dinosaur-filled slot follows on from the Jurassic themes of previous slots but, just like the film sequels that have got bigger and better, this one has too. Its brilliant graphics give it a real epic feel and all the play is accompanied by a huge soundtrack so impressive that it seems more like a real film score, rising and falling with the action.

Apart from the impressive visuals though, Jurassic Giants™ is a pretty standard slot in terms of how the reels look. Everything’s laid out where you’d expect it to be, so it’s as easy as can be to play. The key symbols on the reels are keeping with the theme so you’ll find flaming torches, mosquitos trapped in amber, wild huntresses and sabre tooth tigers – as well as the 10, J, Q, K, A you’d expect.

So far so good, but it gets even better when we take a look at the special symbols. The big ones are the T-Rex and the Mammoth as well as the Volcano wild. When these start to appear you’ll know you could be in for some big winnings. With up to 50 coins per spin, our high rollers who like to spin for high stakes are covered.

But when you start to play, it’s the Diamond symbols that you want to look out for. When they start rolling into view, it’s going to be time for some pretty awesome free spins action.


In fact, diamonds are going to be everyone’s best friends when they start to come up because the more you see, the more you’ll get. It starts with 10 diamonds to give you 15 free spins, 11 will give you 20 and each additional one will earn you an extra 5 spins – up to 17 for 50. But get 18 diamonds and bonanza time starts with a jaw-dropping 80 free spins. Then, it’s time to lift your jaw off the floor and get ready to discover that 20 diamonds will mean 250 free spins – surely one of the biggest free spin giveaways in the world of online slots.

As if this wasn’t enough, there’s also a novel multiplier that kicks in for every free spins win when the T-Rex and the Mammoth go head to head in a breathtaking battle, the result of which will determine if you’re going to win 2, 3 or 4 times your prize.

All of this adds up to a Bitcoin slot as massive as the size of the prehistoric beats, a game that could well make all others extinct – especially when you consider that it also features both ways wins and a very respectable 96.03% RTP.

So listen out for the thunderous footsteps of Jurassic Giants™ heading your way and spin with dinosaurs, prehistoric tigers and mammoths by joining Vegas Casino today.