Jackpot Slots vs Online Slots


Slots: Jackpot Slots vs Online Slots

For many years, slots and slot machines have intrigued casino players from around the world on a daily basis.

Whether standing on a casino floor and playing the one-armed bandit or seated in front of your home computer, the allure of a slot machine is unmistakable.

Exciting, designed to keep you wanting more and with the potential to pay out huge sums of cash, it’s no surprise that slots (and more specifically online slots) are the most popular form of gambling in the world right now.
But where did it all begin?


Like many casino games, slot machines have a long and interesting history that deserves to be explored. In fact, the very first slot machines weren’t directly linked to gambling at all, but instead were a fun way to win cigars and drinks.

Dating back to the 1880s in the United States, the very first slot machine was a basic form of the machine it evolved into once it became a lucrative way to make and win cash. Set on a bar counter, patrons would drop coins into the machine and be paid by the barman should they land a lucky spin.

Only a few short years later, in 1888, slot machines paid out coins and rose in popularity!

While early machines used mechanisms such as scales and toy horses to determine a winner, the first true slot machine was created in Charles August Fey in 1898 when the first true 3-card machine was born.


Thanks to natural disasters, World Wars, and the organised crime, it took many years for the humble slot machine to grace the floors of a brick and mortar casino. Eventually joining the many table games that already existed and the other forms of betting that had become popular, one-armed bandits grabbed the limelight.

Since their first debut in French casinos in 1988, these machines ruled by luck and random spins have proven to be a hit as they’ve evolved and changed over the years.


As technology evolved, so did the slot machine. Soon the video slot became a hit which allowed players to land different win variations on a multitude of different backgrounds and while enjoying different themes.

This trend has continued until today and thanks to the internet, online casinos, and smart software providers, online slots have evolved from good to great!

Every week, new online slots are released to be enjoyed and the themes are almost unlimited. No matter how you choose to play or which themes you prefer, there are always multiple options to make the most of. More so, the number of software providers in the market also means that there is healthy competition to keep games growing into bigger and better versions of something that is already loved.

Fairytales, movies, superheroes, remakes of classic fruit slots and everything in between can be found at your favourite online casino in slot form. And rest assured, if it hasn’t been created yet, it’s sure to be on its way!

Another slot machine evolution which sparked an exciting way to play was the creation of the jackpot slot. Also known as a progressive jackpot slot, these casino games bring a whole new form of winning to the reels. Winning opportunities that you definitely won’t want to miss…


You may be wondering what makes jackpot slots so different from online slots? The differences are subtle but extremely important. On the surface, online slots and jackpot slots appear to be exactly the same. They have the same sort of themes, the exact same gameplay mechanisms, and even feature similar bonus features.

If you enjoy free spins, you’ll find those on both online and jackpot slots. Love the ability to boost your bankroll while changing your betting settings? That’s possible on both forms of these slots too.

The real difference when it comes to jackpot slots vs online slots is a simple one: The jackpot. It’s right there in the name! Jackpot slots are fitted with a very special jackpot ability that (depending on the game and the software provider) knows no limits. While a standard slot can provide the chance to enjoy jackpots of 10,000 times or even 50,000 times your bet, a jackpot slot can make you a millionaire!


For the most part, all progressive jackpot slots can be won in the same way. Land the symbols needed to trigger the bonus game and pray that Lady Luck is on your side! However, there are a few things you should know about jackpot slots…

  1. Not all jackpot slots are created equal – Depending on the software provider who creates a particular jackpot slot, there may be a limit to how much can be won. Another difference between jackpot slots is that some offer a single huge jackpot waiting to be claimed while others may provide more than one chance to win with 3 jackpots. The smaller jackpots don’t diminish the larger, as they simply provide more ways to be a winner.
  2. Network-wide and local jackpot slots are different – Certain jackpots found on these brilliant slots are only grown by players betting at a specific casino. This is referred to as a local jackpot slot. However, if you want to experience a truly life-changing win, keep your eyes peeled for network-wide jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah by Microgaming. These jackpots grow based on the bets placed by ANYONE playing that particular casino game at many different online casinos around the world!
  3. Jackpot slots can be life changing – It’s not an unheard-of occurrence for players to share their winning stories where millions are won and for that casino game in question to be a progressive jackpot slot. Take a look at the recent big winner stories and you’ll find that most are thanks to games such as these. With the ability to grow as large as they do, jackpot slots take the cake when providing mind-blowing big winning experiences.

Ready to explore more and discover just how exciting these casino games can be? Sign up at a top online casino and dive in for the ultimate casino experience!