iPhone Vs Android: Best Bitcoin Casino Platform

The online casino industry has been through a number of changes in its three-decade-long life. The latest trends have seen a massive upturn in the demand for user convenience and instant gratification. As a result, mobile gambling has become the most popular segment in the gambling market. The convenience of being able to play ‘on the go’ within seconds is second to none.

Another advancing segment in the industry is the Blockchain casino market, which is attracting more and more players from around the world, especially players from countries who have fiat currency gambling bans imposed. The ‘boom’ in the unregulated market has led to competition on all sorts of levels, including the gaming device level. Gamblers want the best out of their gambling experience and as a result are constantly on the look-out for the best device to play on. This is where great contention is brought to the fore by the two biggest device operating systems in the world. Each touts itself as the leading technology for gaming.

Vegascasino.io has gone to great lengths to ensure that mobile players have the best mobile experience when playing with us. In this article, we aim to take a non-biased look at the pros and cons of both Android and IOS within the context of casino game play. We trust that by the end of the article, you will be able to draw to a conclusion as to which software will benefit your game playing ways the most.


Before you can start matching your preference with a suitable device, let us have a look at what iPhones and Android phones are:

1. iPhone

iPhone is a mobile telephonic device developed by Apple. These phones work on the one of a kind IOS operating system designed to appeal to trendy people looking for a change from the run of the mill machine. The multi-touch interface and direct game manipulation is of premium quality and allows for optimal casino game play and integration.

Unfortunately, IOS software does tend to date a bit more rapidly than Android systems and you will need to ensure that you keep up to date with the latest patches and updates in order to keep up to pace with the advances in tech in the iGaming sector.

2. Android

Android is not the specific name brand of an isolated mobile device, but rather an operating system based on JAVA programming that is used by multiple popular telephonic devices and tablet brands. Internationally, brands such as Samsung, Huawei and LG make use of the Android platform.

Android also works on direct touch manipulation gestures instead of command prompts, but services a market share of devices that outnumbers the IOS units by over double.

Android devices update software regularly, which ensures that devices have a longer shelf life, however, once your device gets to about 5 years of age, you will need to look at upgrading it to something newer to keep pace with advancing software trends in the gaming market.


The number of casino apps available for Apple devices is impressive, however current Bitcoin casino trends shows that players prefer gambling via their browsers.

The advancements in HTML 5 browser technology allows for rich game visuals and heavy data files to be simplified and integrated for lower powered devices, such as smartphones and iPhones. Being able to play directly from the browser has the added advantage of not having to download an application and clutter your phones with more widgets.

The Android Play Store does not have such a big software portfolio for casino gamblers, so most apps need to be downloaded directly from the casino’s site. Where Apple is the casino app leaders, Android dominate browser playing operations, thanks to Google Chrome and its superior abilities.


When it comes to downloading a Bitcoin wallet app for your device, both Apple and Android are well catered for. Should you visit prominent Bitcoin exchanges like Coinbase, you will be able to link your wallet to either device after registering an account with them.


Vegas Casino is a premium Bitcoin first casino that strives to ensure that no matter what gaming platform you choose, you receive the best casino entertainment possible. Top iPhone and Android devices are able to contend with the best casino games that we have to offer and are truly only separated by preference in our opinion.