Columbia Welcomes ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ with Open Arms


Bitcoin has received quite a bit of attention in the news lately, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the fast climb in the value of the currency and then its volatile value drops have been a hot item of news across the world.

The talk of Facebook’s Libra currency has drawn out many conversations on the cryptocurrency subject, where Bitcoin has been indirectly drawn into the spotlight again, as a benchmark to judge the merits of the system on.

Lastly, news surrounding the claimed founder of Bitcoin, Craig White, has put a focus on the currency in a different form completely. We have covered some articles in this regards in the last few months. While fast conclusions are up in the air, the speculation around the authenticity of his claims to be the founder of BTC, are not well received in crypto circles by purists.

There are, however, those who have accepted what Dr Wright has claimed and embrace him as the famous Satoshi Nakamoto. The Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 in Bogota Columbia saw Wright receive a very warm welcome indeed.


Invited as prominent speakers, Dr Wright, along with Jimmy Nguyen (Founding President of the Bitcoin Association), were invited to Bogota to speak about Bitcoin and law. Their arrival was met with open arms as crowds of people met them with fan-like procession.

When presented to the council, Dr Wright was officially introduced as Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator and founder of Bitcoin and the blockchain. It is therefore evident that more and more people are embracing who he says he is.


The premise of Dr Wright’s message revolved around his vision to see average men and woman embracing a globally connected economy where borders are no longer a hindrance to trade. He romanticised about the poor and the isolated receiving the ability to trade their goods anywhere on earth thanks to the Blockchain. This is indeed a plight which the crypto community can agree on.

Instead of opposing the government, Wright played the safe card and spoke about a vision that did not wish to destroy governmental systems, but of a mission to abide by the law, but to help keep government’s honest. This view presents a well-worded balance that both the public and the government can swallow quite easily. It presented a door for Wright to present what he truly was there for – Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision).

His current platform was introduced to the council as the answer to empowering Columbia and the rest of Latin America. Bitcoin SV is said to embrace what Wright initially intended for Bitcoin before the world twisted and contorted the platform. The acclaimed Nakamoto set about using his Bitcoin stature to introduce a concept that he believes the world could really benefit from. In our estimation, it’s also a platform that he stands to benefit from more than with Bitcoin, as he has lost control to the Satoshi BTC wallets.

Bitcoin SV was touted as a decentralized way of Columbia circumventing US sanctions on the country. The question begs answering: When Wright seeks to work within the laws of the government, to which government is he referring?


Once Dr Wright had completed his presentation to the Bogota Council, he was surprised with an official honour for his work on Bitcoin under the pseudonym – Satoshi Nakamoto.

While one country seems geared to honour him, many other Bitcoin enthusiasts have their real doubts about the authenticity of his claims. His sudden change of stance, as well as the fact that Bitcoin SV was the offered answer to the South American crisis, seems a sure sign to some that he is riding the Bitcoin bus for the sake of his own interests.

There really is no way of him proving his claims while so much evidence seems to point in the direction of falsehood. These include:

  • Accusations of theft and fraud by the Kleinman estate.
  • No access to Nakamoto Digital Bitcoin Wallets.
  • Clear reversal of the stance perceived about Nakamoto to this point.


We cannot deny that blockchain principles may be the best bet for some countries and that blockchain technology is the way of the future. Fiat currency needs a competent competition and should any cryptocurrency rival them, it would be a great outcome.

It seems likely that the only form of cryptocurrency that will be accepted internationally, is one that becomes regulatory friendly. Perhaps this why the principles of Wright seem to pander towards tolerance rather than defiance at the moment. Perhaps, it will take a refreshed view on Blockchain to carve the way forward.

With so much division in crypto circles, it may be up to platforms like the Libra Network to make the difference and bridge the gap between blockchain and the public.


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