Coinbase: the Bitcoin Exchange of Choice

The Bitcoin online gambling industry is growing tremendously, each year. The number of gamblers turning to the Blockchain to meet their need for casino entertainment is an encouragement to the gambling world and to the Bitcoin market, as a whole. In fact, the general public is getting more and more inquisitive about Bitcoin trade and its endless possibilities it holds in the future. The only problem is, many do not know where to begin on their Bitcoin journey.

The simple starting point is actually getting Bitcoin into your possession. Not everybody has the time or the money to invest in mining the coin themselves, so crowds of people are searching for safe platforms on which they can buy BTC with their fiat currency.

At Vegas Casino, your safety and convenience is our priority. As such, we would like to introduce you to the world’s leading Bitcoin exchange, Coinbase.


Coinbase was founded in June 2012 and operates from offices in San Francisco, California, USA. Their express purpose is to provide a state of the art digital platform on which the public can trade and manage cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin. In essence, they are a digital e-currency exchange that operates in both crypto to crypto trades, as well as the buying and selling of e-currency for fiat funds.

Coinbase are no fly-by-night company and have amassed a total user-ship including over 20 million accounts, having traded in excess of $150 billion worth of transaction in only 7 short years.


The mission of Coinbase is an admirable one, as it includes effecting a revolution in the way the world trades and transacts. Their primary goal is to create an Open Financial System that promotes economic freedom, innovation, efficiency, and equal opportunity.

Within their journey to accomplish their mission they prioritise two ‘sub-plots’:

  1. To be most trusted
  2. To be the easiest platform to use

Both of the above character traits lay at ease the minds of potentially vulnerable investors seeking the best fit for their business. In Vegas Casino’s estimation, there is no better ‘fit’ around.


Coinbase is open about their core values as a company. These include:

  • Clear Communication: Coinbase shares information efficiently to better educate and assist their clients. They also offer a true listening ear, so that your voice can be heard.
  • Positive Energy: Coinbase maintain an optimistic outlook on life and business, choosing to be problem solvers, rather than blame shifters. The company is positive about the future and are determined to realise their objectives and dreams.
  • Continuous Learning: Coinbase is driven to offer the best service possible. They, therefore, enjoy receiving regular feedback from their clients. A learning company is a company that is interested in servicing their customer’s real needs.
  • Efficient Execution: Coinbase believes that the key to efficiency is hidden in working smarter, rather than harder. As such, much of their solution orientated products are automated rather than manually operated, offering a high quality of work, more quickly.


Coinbase does not try to fit the same suit on all its customers, metaphorically speaking. Rather, it has developed tailor-made products to suit niche markets, so that each customer can experience the best that cryptocurrency has to offer. As such, they focus on 4 main packages:

  1. For Everyone: Here, they provide a user-friendly platform where you can both buy and sell e-currency as well as register a suitable crypto-wallet to store your Bitcoin on, securely. There are also various opportunities for the public to make money while they learn about cryptocurrency.
  2. For Advanced Traders: The Pro Package offers a more advanced offer that is suited to traders that seek additional investment opportunity.
  3. For Institutions: The Custody Package is tailor-made to suit the needs of various institutions.
  4. For Businesses: The Commerce Package offers advanced trading features that would apply to those running a business and seeking to invest and capitalise on cryptocurrency on a commercial level.


There are specific benefits offered by the Coinbase platform that set them apart as an industry leader in the crypto-exchange industry. Of all of the benefits offered by Coinbase, 3 primary features seem to stick out. These include:

  • Full Portfolio Management Opportunity: Not only are you able to buy and sell cryptocurrency by way of the innovative Coinbase wallet, but you are able to track every single transfer and movement.
  • Recurring Buys: The platform allows you to invest in Bitcoin slowly over time by scheduling purchase dates on either a daily, weekly, or monthly bases, as it suits.
  • Vault Protection and Insurance: Coinbase offers off platform Vault protection for your currency. This added security comes with insurance against loss and criminal activities, making your investment 100% safe in their care. Your wallet is available for download on either your Android or iOS device to ensure that you can move your funds while ‘on the go’.


Getting started with Coinbase takes mere minutes and incorporates a three-level process. This includes:

  • Creating an account
  • Linking your bank account
  • Start buying and selling

If you don’t know where to get started, you can sign up with Vegas Casino and follow the process of buying your first Bitcoin the easy way with Coinbase on our site. This way, when you are done, you can immediately start playing at our casino and increase your investment even more.