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VR and AR Gaming: The Final Frontier

The online gambling industry has grown massively since its inception in the mid-1990s. The surge in technology over the past 3 decades has been a massive influencing factor in the rate of growth experienced.   Starting its early life in the realms of Java software, modern gaming

Kiwis Can Now Be Paid in Bitcoin!

Bitcoin has always held much promise, but in a world of skeptics has received a bit of backlash from conservative trade circles, and government. Of course, these naysayers would be the first to try and cut out an alternative form of currency, because they

The Land down Under on Top of Bitcoin Retail

The Bitcoin market has shown itself to be very resilient this year, bouncing back from a crypto draught in 2018, to rally back to a healthy value in the past 7 months.   The volatile nature of the coin has always been a stumbling block for market usability, especially

Big Boys Binance Issue Warning to Investors

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a hot item at the moment, with many of the top contenders in the industry having rallied to great heights since the start of the year. Many have pegged Bitcoin directly against gold in the race for asset dominance, thanks