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Combating Bitcoin’s Fake News Problem

The modern tech age has opened up a superhighway to information and data. The internet has bridged gaps between people and countries and shrunken the world to make you feel like you are dealing with people down the street when in actual fact they

Get All Gemmed up for the Week with Betsoft

Well, we hope that the weekend was all you wanted it to be; filled with rest, relaxation, and a lot of fun. The week is looming and with VegasCasino it is anything but dull and mundane, so if you need a form of gambling escape at any time,

Visa and Mastercard to Reconsider Involvement in Libra Network

The announcement of the impending Libra Project by Facebook earlier this year has grabbed many of the headlines in the crypto-sphere over the past while. Not only has it had real involvement with the increasing value of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and others, but has made world governments sit up and

Bitcoin vs Tether: The Tussle for the Top

Since its inception in 2009, cryptocurrency has made great strides towards becoming a viable form of trade. The technology combines the best of the cyber-world, to provide a payment register that is set to become one of the leading techs of the 21st Century.  The register,

Casinos Disguise Apps to Sneak Beyond Cyber Borders

Online gambling is a rapidly growing industry around the world. It amounts to billions of dollars’ worth of revenue every year. Millions of people enjoy the convenience of being able to play lotto, bet on sports, or play their favourite casino games from the comfort of

Top Gaming Casinos in Las Vegas

Everybody in the world knows that if you want to gamble like a king, the foremost destination on this planet is Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The Vegas Strip is quite a sight to behold, with casino after casino lining the pavements, as you meander

Heat up the Weekend with a Chilli Quest

Rather than ending off the weekend with some fine slot entertainment this week, we have decided to partner with GameArt to heat up the weekend from the very start. That means you will have the full two days to enjoy yourself with a fine Mexican fiesta.  Fiesta