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BitTorrent Jumps On the Bitcoin Bandwagon

The crypto market is currently seeing amazing growth, finding fresh footholds in online retail, service, hospitality, travel, and entertainment industries. One of the most notable crypto industries is the online gambling world, where a number of casino providers, like Vegas Casino offer a full range of

Bitcoin: Opening Borders for All

Imagine a world without borders. A place where we could hypothetically live in Europe but spend in Canada as if we were there ourselves. A place where transactions are not questioned and are carried out in the safest and most efficient environment around. A

How Crypto Currency Gains Its Value

Crypto currency has been around for quite a while now, but gained much of its popularity in 2017, when Bitcoin took a major surge in value, waking the world out of its slumber towards blockchain technology and virtual currencies.   While Bitcoin is still a buzz word,

Nasdaq Launches Bitcoin Index

Bitcoin took one step closer to becoming a recognised powerhouse in the financial sector on February 25th when NASDAQ launched its first ever crypto currency facing index.   The Bitcoin index will appear on the reports as BLX (Bitcoin Liquid Index). Given the scope of Bitcoin’s reach, the incredible impact it