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Be Safe, Not Sorry!

Bitcoin is a massive buzzword in the financial sector right now. Simply “Google” the word and have a look at the first page of search results. It’s all about its growth and value increases.  Bitcoin has gathered itself from the dust of 2018 and has

Wake up to Cryptocurrency, World!

Cryptocurrency is the way of the future. This statement has been a resounding anthem and war cry for a few years now. Blockchain technology is at the cutting edge of transactional processes that give in to the true demands and needs of the people. It has

Bitcoin Destined for the Moon

Cryptocurrency seemed to have lost its flair in 2018; a mere year after Bitcoin reached close to the $20,000 per coin level. The market crashed to a loss of over 80% in record time, leaving many crypto-punters in despair.   A year down the road

Apple Take A Bite Of Bitcoin

Many had written-off Bitcoin and cryptocurrency last year, after its massive 80%+ decline in value. Doomsday prophets and naysayers were puffing their chest in pride, as their prophecies seemed to be playing out.   But, the commonly accepted definition of failure is “staying down after a

Nakamoto Revealed!? – Part2

Our article in yesterday’s blog post was an introduction to Craig Whites actions in Copywriting Bitcoin white papers and the source code, itself, as he claims to be the founder of Bitcoin. We also assessed the implications of how it might affect the Blockchain