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Apple Take A Bite Of Bitcoin

Many had written-off Bitcoin and cryptocurrency last year, after its massive 80%+ decline in value. Doomsday prophets and naysayers were puffing their chest in pride, as their prophecies seemed to be playing out.   But, the commonly accepted definition of failure is “staying down after a

Nakamoto Revealed!? – Part2

Our article in yesterday’s blog post was an introduction to Craig Whites actions in Copywriting Bitcoin white papers and the source code, itself, as he claims to be the founder of Bitcoin. We also assessed the implications of how it might affect the Blockchain

Bitcoin Surge Boosts Casino Market

Currently, a Bitcoin is valued at just shy of $8,000. Though far from the heights it attained in 2017, this year has proven just how resilient the e-currency really is. From the start of the year, the value has over doubled, sending holders and investors into hysterics,

Microsoft to Climb Aboard the Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin’s Blockchain is really proving the naysayers wrong in all respects, at the moment. The e-currency has just surpassed the $8,000 barrier, proving all the doom and gloom prophecies over the blockchain to be nothing but feeble opinions of centralised punters. But, that is not all… Tech giants, Microsoft,