Casinos Disguise Apps to Sneak Beyond Cyber Borders

cyber borders for online casino

Online gambling is a rapidly growing industry around the world. It amounts to billions of dollars’ worth of revenue every year. Millions of people enjoy the convenience of being able to play lotto, bet on sports, or play their favourite casino games from the comfort of their own home, from either their mobile devices or desktop computers. 

The convenience factor has increased in the mobile segment of late, with the introduction of HTML 5 browser technology, which lightens the data load for mobile phones and tablets, so that top games can be enjoyed on the smaller devices without compromising the visual, audio, and feature experience offered on PC. All of these games can be played without downloads, straight from the mobile browser. 

But do we take these marvellous perks for granted at times? Much of this first-world entertainment is easily accessible to Western countries, while our brothers in the East fear for their safety and freedom, each time they venture online in search of gambling opportunities.  


While gambling is illegal in certain parts of the USA, the penalties for playing for real money generally only results in confiscation of funds received. America is one of the most conservative countries in the West when it comes to gambling, so this is the limit to Westernised punishment for this activity. 

In China, however, citizens fear for their freedom, if they are caught indulging in slots, poker, or any other form of gambling. The headlines have been rampant of late with stories of crackdowns and busts for people offering land-based and online gambling in heavily restricted areas. If you are caught gambling, you could face real jail time. 

If you think the blanket ban and tough consequences stop gamblers from getting their fix, you are mistaken. To conservancy; gambling operators who go through great lengths to reach a market that is desperate for igaming fun, even though it’s illegal to do so. 


The Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store have apparently removed a number of ‘illegal’ apps from their cyber stores after many of these apps were found to be gambling applications that masquerade as other non-gambling products. 

It is against the terms and conditions of the two app stores to promote or offer true money gambling apps, so some operators merely insert their casino apps onto the platform with a false name which is unrelated to the services being offered. Also, none of the comments or reviews showing any connection with gambling are displayed for others to view. Some of the app headings categorised these apps under travel, retail, weather, or other unrelated subjects, so as to escape government detection.  

We are not talking small fry apps either. Some of the deleted options drew large downloads, having been rated over 100,000 times, with some even reaching the top tiers for downloads on the app store. 

It was found that most of these app offers were Asian facing, as there was a massive contingent of downloads coming from regions such as China and surrounds. It seems the mass culling of programs came about due to pressures placed on both Apple and Google to comply with strict regulation in the Orient around online gambling.  

This year was not the first time that investigations were done by the platform owners, as last year saw many lottery apps removed from the store under similar circumstances. 


While we in the Bitcoin world respect the laws of all nations, we cannot help the fact that the blockchain crosses borders. Many gamblers from countries where online gambling is illegal are making use of Bitcoin casino operators to get their gambling fix. But the difference is, the operators are not being deceptive. 

Bitcoin casinos run on a decentralised platform that does not require players to identify themselves or their country of residence. Players from around the world are therefore allowed to happily use the gambling services offered to them.  

Because so many countries have restricted online gambling through the centralised banking system, their Bitcoin gambling efforts go unnoticed and cannot legally be hindered or stopped, until stiffer regulation is brought into the crypto-sphere. As such, Bitcoin gambling is the only legal way around gambling regulation on a fiat currency level.  

VEGASCASINO ROUNDUP offers app free decentralized gambling opportunities to anyone in the world who wishes to play online casino games. As long as you own Bitcoin and have a public wallet, we can do business in an above-board manner, without fear of falling victim to regular laws imposed upon real money (fiat money) wagering. 

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