Caligula Bitcoin Slots: Become Ancient Roman Royalty with One Spin

Caligula bitcoin slots - intro

Forget Nero. Forget Julius Caesar. If you really want to bank a Bitcoin fortune, then Caligula is your man. Although he might be the forgotten Emperor of Ancient Rome and his reputation as a bit of a wild ruler might not have earned him many fans back in the day, it has certainly helped create an entertaining slot machine.

In fact, as a fitting tribute to the former Roman ruler, Caligula is the wild symbol in the Caligula slot. It’s not only there to substitute for any other symbol (except the scatter), but hand out some bitcoins of his own. However, if you really want to unlock this Bitcoin slot’s full potential, then it’s bonuses that you need. Fortunately, Caligula has one of the most interactive slot bonuses currently on offer at Vegas Casino. Offering a combination of mystery, anticipation and, of course, cash, this mini-game fits fantastically well with the “entertainment” vibe of Caligula.

What? You say that’s not enough for you? Well, how about we throw in a gamble game, 11 win symbols and the ability to spin the reels from as little as 0.50 mBTC? S, sound better? Of course it does. But before you rush off and share a toast with Caligula, stick with us for a few more minutes as we outline the highlights of this hot slot.  

Caligula at a Glance:

  • Stakes: 0.50 mBTC to 100 mBTC
  • Payouts: 45,000 mBTC
  • Bonuses: Centurion Bonus
  • Notable Feature: = Gamble game

The Basics of Caligula

Caligula bitcoin slots - basics

One of the first things you’ll notice about Caligula is that it doesn’t have background music. Although it does have sound effects, the designers appear to have made a conscious decision to let the visuals do most of the talking. Now, as we’ve said, there are some sounds (trotting horses), but these only kick in once you start spinning the reels. However, if you’re looking for a musical interlude between wins, then you’re going to be disappointed.

Why would we point this out, we hear you ask? Well, in reality, most players don’t really want a soundtrack while they’re playing. Yes, they help to set the scene the first time you play. But, with developers limited to just a few bars, the tunes can quickly become repetitive. With this being the case, most seasoned spinners will turn off the music and simply focus on turning the reels.  The people behind Caligula have taken note of this and removed any musical distractions, so you can focus on the task at hand (i.e. winning some bitcoins).

Immersive visuals and plenty of ways to win

Beyond the music or lack of it, Caligula is a Bitcoin slot that’s big on visuals. As well as static symbols, wilds and scatters in this game come to life whenever they’re used to create a winning combination. For example, when Caligula works his wild magic, he’ll give you a little wink and raise a glass to toast your latest win. Working in tandem with these active images is a backdrop that extends beyond the reels.

Instead of putting all their design skills into the reels (which are flowing red banners), Caligula’s designers have also added some life to the area behind the reels. Although this won’t have much of an impact on the way you play, it does give the game some added depth and, therefore, quality.

When it comes to betting, Caligula is as simple as they come. Just like we told you to forget other Emperors, we’re also going to tell you to forget multiple betting options. Because this game has ten fixed winlines, the only variable you’ll need to adjust is the “bet per line”. Each time you click the value up a notch (from 0.05 mBTC to 30 mBTC), you’ll always know that it will be multiplied by 10.

Once you’ve decided on your stake, the final thing you’ll need to do is hit the spin button and look out for three or more of the following symbols:

  • 9 = 1,500 mBTC
  • 10 = 1,500 mBTC
  • J = 3,000 mBTC
  • Q = 3,000 mBTC
  • K = 4,500 mBTC
  • A = 4,500 mBTC
  • Shield/Sword = 7,500 mBTC
  • Gold Coin = 15,000 mBTC
  • Goddess = 30,000 mBTC
  • Centurion Scatter = 30,000 mBTC
  • Caligula Wild = 45,000 mBTC

*Wins based on five matching symbols and betting at the maximum stake.

Setting Yourself Up for a Win

Caligula bitcoin slots - winning

As we’ve said, setting your bets when playing this game is a simple matter of adjusting your bet per line from 0.05 mBTC to 30 mBTC. However, if you really want to speed things up, you can hit the “autoplay” option. Once you’ve picked your stake, the “autoplay” button will ask you how many times you want the reels to spin without stopping:

  • 10
  • 25
  • 50
  • 100
  • 200
  • 500

But wait: what if you change your mind halfway through the free spins? Not a problem. In the same way the autoplay button was your route to a batch of automatic spins, it’s also the way to stop them. Basically, anytime you’ve had enough of watching from the sidelines, you can hit the “stop auto” option and you’ll resume control of the game.

The other option you’ll need to set before you start spinning is the gamble game. Located in the settings pop-up (the cog symbol), the option to turn on the gamble game will allow you to play a game of red/black for your prize.

For example, if you rolled in a 10 mBTC win, you’d have the option to double it if you can guess the correct colour of a mystery card. Of course, if you’re wrong, you’ll lose your prize. However, if you’re right, you can continue to gamble until you’ve won five times in a row and multiplied your prize significantly.

In-Game Features: Getting Something Extra

Caligula bitcoin slots - in game features

Unlike most Bitcoin slot bonuses that offer you a combination of free spins and expanding wilds, Caligula is a bit different. Once you roll in three or more Centurion scatters, a flag ladder will appear at the top of the reels.

Featuring a sequence of numbers that equate to the size of multiplier you’ll receive, this ladder forms the basis of your bonus journey. Indeed, each time a blue Centurion symbol appears during your free spins, a random number (2, 3, 4 or 5) will be revealed. Your flag will then move that many steps up the ladder and whatever multiplier value it lands on will be applied to your next free spin.

The bonus round will continue until you reach the end of the ladder, at which point your bonus wins will be totted up and added to your account. The interactive nature of this bonus round is something that not only helps to make Caligula more lucrative, but it adds a layer of interaction and entertainment that makes it perfect for players who want something more.