Bitcoin Scratch Cards: Simple, Slick Scratch Card Success

Bitcoin Scratch Cards

Bitcoin casino games don’t always have to be highly complex affairs with detailed graphics, complicated rules and endless betting options. Sometimes it’s nice to play a game where you can just place a bet, press a button and that’s it. Of course, having a variety of options at your disposal is great, but things don’t always have to be so involved – and that’s where bitcoin scratch cards come into their own.

Offering a slice of instant action without any messing around, these games have all the appeal of a regular bitcoin casino game but the difference is that they can be enjoyed by players of all persuasions. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie with no real concept of what online betting is or you’re a mobile gamer looking for a quick burst of action, bitcoin scratch cards offer a simple, slick way to place a bet.

In fact, these games are so simple that we could basically stop this article here and you’d be able to head off into the gaming lobby and start playing without any issues. However, because we want you to feel completely confident in what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, we’ve put together a quick guide to all things scratchy.

Old School Game in a New School Setting

One of the main reasons bitcoin scratch games are so popular is because of they are basically virtual representations of the cards you’d buy from your local shop. Whether it’s the National Lottery’s branded cards or some sort of local game, scratch cards have been a staple betting option in Europe for years.

In fact, because scratch cards are readily available in shops up and down the UK and across Europe, it’s often described as a social betting activity – and that’s made it a hit online. Indeed, today when you scroll through our lobby and check out our Skratcherz betting options, you’ll notice there’s an air of social entertainment running through the games.

Of course, any time there’s real money involved, things can get serious. However, bitcoin scratch cards are certainly less serious than other casino games and that’s what makes them a great option for novices looking to ease their way into the world of bitcoin, betting and everything else in between – as well as experienced players looking for a quick wager.

How to Play Bitcoin Scratch Cards

How do you play bitcoin scratch cards? Well, unsurprisingly, you pay your money to join the action and then you scratch away at the panels. Of course, getting to that point takes a few more steps, so here’s how you play the VegasCasino way:

  1. Choose Play Now or Practice. Play now will take you to our real money games, while practice is your way to play for free.
  2. Select one of the four bitcoin scratch cards you’ll see on the left of the screen:
  • Fortune Cookie – Find two identical symbols in a row or a fortune cookie to win a prize.
  • Double Deluxe Bucks – Match your numbers to the ones shown at the top of the game card to win a corresponding prize.
  • Deluxe Bucks – Like our Double Deluxe game but with a single win line instead of two,
  • Cash Smash – Match any of your numbers to the “smash number” to win a prize. Find a double symbol to multiply your prize by two.
  1. After choosing a game that suits your preferences and bankroll (each game has a different purchase price), all you need to do is hit the “purchase” button and take control of the virtual coin.
  2. Holding down your mouse pointer, simply make a scratching gesture over the top of each panel to reveal a symbol/number and a corresponding prize. If you manage to have a win, the cash will be added to your bankroll, and it’s on to the next game.

Why You Get More Bang for Your Bitcoin

As you can see from the steps above, bitcoin scratch cards offer a simple way to play regardless of how skilled you are. In fact, beyond the simplicity of scratch card games, there are a few more benefits to playing these games.

Speed – If we’re honest, it will probably take you more time to read our guide to playing bitcoin scratch cards than to place a dozen or so bets. Because the games have very little complexity in terms of their structure – i.e. you buy a game card and scratch the panels – you can race through a ton of games in a short period of time. In fact, if you’re looking to increase your hourly win rate, scratch cards are a great option.

Prizes – Aside from offering big money prizes, scratch cards are appealing to bitcoin bettors because they offer an element of surprise. Whether the prizes are determined by a communal betting box or by each individual symbol, you never know how much you can win in a single game. In fact, even if you played the same game ten times, you’d never be sure of just how much you could win. This sense of anticipation is the reasons scratch games are great fun.

Multitasking – Possibly the biggest reason bitcoin scratch cards are popular with the masses is their flexibility. You don’t have to get too involved with each individual game, so you can actually keep playing something else while you’re scratching. For example, let’s say you’d set one of our video slots to autoplay – you could then nip over and have a few rounds of action on the scratch cards to add some extra weight to your bankroll. This ability to play scratch cards alongside our other betting options is the best way to get more for your time online and that’s by far the best reason to have a little scratch.

The VegasCasino Difference

As you’d expect, we’re not in the business of offering a bitcoin game and leaving it at that. When you join VegasCasino, you’ll be treated to a better all-round betting experience through the following features and options:

Make it a Favourite – If you like a game and don’t want to lose sight of it in amongst our matrix of betting options, then all you have to do is hit the heart button. Once you’re inside the scratch game of your choice, the heart icon on the right side of the screen allows you to save it and get instant access to it later. Although this isn’t necessary – because the game will always be there – it is a better way to quickly get to the games you love.

Rate It – Not sure if a scratch card measures up to your expectations? Well, never fear because our software allows you to get the lowdown on a game before you even make a bet. Inside the lobby, you’ll see a star rating for each game so you can get an idea whether your fellow players love it or hate it. Of course, no one really hates our games, but if you do really take a shine to something, then give it a rating out of five stars and let the community know about it.

Blow it Up – One of the best reasons to play online casino games is the control you have over the action. Because we want you to have the most immersive and entertaining experience possible, our interface will scale up and down according to the size of your browser. To make things even better, you can choose to blow up the gaming page to cover your entire screen. When you’re playing bitcoin scratch cards this is great because it means you’ll never miss a symbol or prize while you’re scratching away.

Instant Support – Not quite sure of the rules? Have an issue with your account? Want to find out what bonuses are available? All the answers to your questions are available in an instant thanks to our live support widget. Always present at the bottom left of the screen (look for the speech bubble), this feature puts you in contact with our dedicated team of experts whenever you want. Regardless of whether you have a simple query or a complex question, our team is there 24/7 to offer a helping hand.

Have a Little Something Extra

In addition to the above options and features, we’ve made our bitcoin scratch cards even better through a network of generous bonuses. When you first join us and make a deposit, we’ll give you up to 1,000 mBTC in free cash through our 100% match bonus. Once you’ve claimed that cash, a second deposit bonus worth an additional 1,000 mBTC can be picked up through our 50% match.

But that’s not all. Beyond our welcome bonuses, all registered real money players will get a reload reward each time they make a deposit. Again worth as much as 1,000 mBTC each time, this ongoing reward is a great way for all players to get something extra for their time online. Although you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to claim your cash, the money is there for you to grab with both hands if you want it.

Beyond these deposit-based rewards, we also offer a loyalty scheme for our most active players. Although we don’t have any set requirements for gaining entry to our VIP system, we do like to pick out the players who are the most loyal. With this in mind, scratch cards are a great way to get noticed because they allow you to play at a relatively low level, but stay as active as possible.

Staying active is the key to earning our respect, so scratch cards offer a simple yet effective way to get some added value when you ante-up. Of course, we can’t guarantee that a just few sessions will make you a VIP – but we can tell you that these games do allow you to put in enough volume to make a statement.

Join Us for Scratch Card Fun

OK, so we’ve hopefully given you an insight into the wonderful world of bitcoin scratch cards during this article. As you can see, picking, playing and profiting from each game we offer is extremely simple, so the only thing left for you to do now is join us.

To ensure you don’t put a foot wrong when it comes to registering your details with us, here’s an overview of the sign-up and deposit process:

  • Visit the homepage, look towards the top right of the page and hit the “register” button.
  • Input your details, confirm you’re old enough to play and hit the confirm button.
  • Once you’re on your personal account page, navigate to the “cashier” page and select the “Get Bitcoin” button.
  • Before you make a deposit, choose the “open bonuses” option and “enable” any available bonus.
  • After enabling your bonus, head to the “Get Bitcoin” option and choose “exchange now”. At this point you’ll be asked to select your preferred deposit method, visit one of our partner bitcoin exchanges and convert your native currency into cryptocurrency.
  • Once you’ve got some bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet, send them to your account using our dedicated bitcoin address – 1C1arAHGeYNcoQGnrnCUY8vYCNUt9aDLRS. Then wait a few moments and check your balance to see it’s all there.

With the cash in your account, you’re then free to play anything and everything you desire. Of course, in the context of this article, we suggest checking out any one of our four bitcoin scratch cards. You’ll quickly see why they’re one of the best casino options out there.