Bitcoin Raffle: Win Weekly Prizes Without Lifting a Finger

bitcoin raffle - raffle ticket

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Forget the giant tombola, endless reams of numbered tickets and an annoying ticket seller trying to get you to part with your money, because raffles have changed. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can now play a modern raffle that’s not only stacked with cash, but one that uses the latest gaming currency: Bitcoin.

Back in the day when you used to play raffles at your local fair, the best prize you’d typically get is a vintage bottle of wine or a gift voucher for the local salon. Today, online Bitcoin raffles are all about money. Regardless of how big or small your bankroll is, our raffles are designed to reward you with a bundle of money for a very small investment.

Naturally, like all of our best Bitcoin betting options, you need to become a member of Vegas Casino before you get access to our weekly draws. However, with the registration process taking less than a minute and deposit options aplenty, joining the fun really is as easy as ABC. Of course, before you take the plunge and join us for random raffle action, you’re probably keen to know what this new craze is all about.

Fortunately, since we’re the people behind this new wave of Bitcoin betting, we’ve got all the information you need. So, before you rush off and start buying tickets like they’re going out of fashion, here’s our guide to playing the Bitcoin raffle.

What are Bitcoin Raffles?

bitcoin raffle - weekly raffle

In a nutshell, a Bitcoin raffle is a lottery-style draw where players have a chance to win a share of a prizepool. Although a raffle is quite similar to a lottery, the main difference between the two games is that a raffle has fixed prizes while a lottery offers graduating payouts.

For example, if 100 people paid 10 mBTC to join a Bitcoin lottery, the overall prizepool would be 1,000 mBTC. Under the rules of a lottery, players would have to pick a certain amount of numbers and if any of these numbers matched the ones drawn, they’d win a prize. Importantly, however, the more numbers a player matched, the more they’d stand to win.

In contrast, a Bitcoin raffle has a fixed prizepool. For instance, in our weekly raffle, we put up a 300 mBTC prizepool and ten prizes. For 1 mBTC, players can purchase a ticket and, if their ticket is drawn, they’ll win 30 mBTC. Unlike a lottery, the value of a single prize doesn’t change regardless of how many times you play, or how many people play.

Now, to help make our games more lucrative, we actually allow you to purchase up to five tickets for our Bitcoin raffles. Not only that, but you have the potential to win with all five tickets – which means you could bank a total of 150 mBTC from a single draw. Of course, some would argue that lotteries are better because you stand to win a larger top prize. However, it’s also true that you have more chance of winning a prize when you play a Bitcoin raffle.

In a lottery, no one is guaranteed to win. If the numbers drawn don’t match anyone’s tickets, the prizes roll over. In a raffle, tickets are drawn until all the prizes are gone. So, if there were 10 prizes on offer and just 20 people in the game, you’d have a 2/1 chance of winning at least one prize!

Roll Up, Roll Up

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So it pays to become a part of the Vegas Casino raffle club, but how exactly do you join the action? Well, the beauty of our games is that taking part is not only simple, but in fact something everyone can do. Unlike certain Bitcoin casino games that require some prior knowledge or experience, Bitcoin raffles are as simple as purchasing a ticket, checking the results and cashing in your winnings.

Here at we host a weekly raffle and all you have to do to join is complete the following steps:

  1. Create your first account and make a Bitcoin deposit if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Click on the “lottery” tab and make sure “current lotteries” is selected.
  3. On this page you can either scroll through the list of active games or you can choose the “Raffle” option and show the next draw.
  4. Inside the raffle info box, you’ll see all the relevant details about the draw such as when it will take place, how long until entry closes, the prizepool and the number of tickets sold.
  5. Once you’re ready to purchase a ticket, hover over the “Weekly Raffle” image and click the “Buy Ticket” option.

As we’ve said, you’ll be able to buy up to five tickets for our weekly draws and if you need any more information about the prizes, draw times or the game details, you can click on the “read more” or “more info” buttons on the raffle info box.

A Few Things to Remember

Playing a Bitcoin raffle really is as simple as buying a ticket (see above) and waiting to see if your name gets pulled out of the hat. However, to ensure fair play, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind:

  • You can only enter a single draw a maximum of five times.
  • Each ticket costs 1 mBTC.
  • Each weekly draw has a fixed prizepool of 300 mBTC regardless of how many tickets are sold.
  • Each draw will reward 10 winners, with each prize worth 30 mBTC.
  • Raffle draws take place every Friday.
  • Ticket sales end five minutes before the draw starts.

Why You Should Play Bitcoin Raffles

bitcoin raffle - raffle prizes

All this will certainly sound good to you, but maybe you’re still not sure. Well, just in case it wasn’t already obvious, Bitcoin raffles are great, and here’s why:

The Prize is Fixed – It doesn’t matter how many players are registered, the prizepool is always the same. Even if just a handful of players play, there will still be 300 mBTC up for grabs.

It’s Cheap – A single ticket costs just 1 mBTC which means you could earn a 30x return on your investment.

Enter at Your Leisure – Arguably the biggest reason to play Bitcoin raffles is that they won’t affect your casino gaming efforts. Once you’ve bought a ticket, you can either sit back and relax or continue playing casino games – which would basically mean you’re giving yourself two ways to win!

If you’ve never played a Bitcoin raffle, now is the time. Join us today and you’ll get access to prizepools worth 300 mBTC every week, at the cost of a measly 1 mBTC.