Bitcoin Prizes

Win Bitcoin Prizes While Playing at Vegas Casino!

When you become part of the Vegas Casino family, you’ll have two ways to play. If you’re a newbie or you simply want a way to have some fun without any financial pressures, our practice tables give you full functionality without the cost. However, as entertaining as it can be to play for free, the real beauty of Bitcoin casino gaming reveals itself when you ante up for real.

Thanks to way we’ve structured the site, everyone will be able to play for real regardless of how large or small their bankroll is. Satoshi-themed games let you play blackjack and the likes for as little as 0.1 mBTC, while with big-money options like High Roller Baccarat you can bet 5,000 mBTC on a single hand!

In short, it doesn’t matter how many Bitcoin betting chips you want to put on the line, we have a game for you. Naturally, the upside to this is that you can win real Bitcoin prizes even if you’re not a “high roller”. In fact, when you join Vegas Casino, you’ll have a variety of ways to win some serious Bitcoin prizes once you start playing for real money.

So, now we’ve got your attention, sit back, relax and let’s take a look through the ways you can win while you’re playing at Vegas Casino.

Bet, Win, Repeat

The most obvious ways to win Bitcoin prizes while playing at Vegas Casino is to bet. As we’ve said, our list of games give you a range of betting limits and all you have to do to add some weight to your bankroll is play. OK, sounds good, so what can I play? Well, without taking you through the details of all the 300+ games we’ve got on offer, here’s a quick overview of the best ways to win when you join us:

Bitcoin Blackjack – When it comes to Bitcoin casino games where you can have an edge over the house, blackjack is king. By employing certain tactics, such as analysing the dynamics of the deck and understanding the strength of the dealer’s hands, you can actually improve your chances of winning when you play Bitcoin blackjack. With this in mind, you’ll be able to access 15 different variants when you scroll through the Vegas Casino lobby. From classic Atlantic City to modern options such as Pirate 21, Super 7 and Royale Blackjack, we’ve got plenty of ways for you to win if you’re in the market for some blackjack action.

Bitcoin Slots – If using mathematical tactics to play card games isn’t your thing, Bitcoin slots are the best way to win. In fact, Bitcoin jackpot slots are the best way to win prizes period. By staking as little as 0.1 mBTC, you can take a spin on games such as Mega Glam Life, Tycoons Plus and Greedy Goblins and win upwards of 400,000 mBTC. Yes, that’s right, with a single spin, you could win a potentially life-changing sum of money in a split second.

Bitcoin Live Dealer Games – For a more “realistic” way to win Bitcoin prizes, our live dealer games are where most of the high-stakes action happens. War of Bets, Live Roulette and Lotto 5 Out of 36 not only give you the chance to bet 1,000 mBTC+, but win thousands. Yes, if you want to win big you’ll have to bet big, but that’s the beauty of Bitcoin casino gaming. The more you play, the higher you can climb up the betting ladder, i.e. you’ll be able to play for higher stakes and win more money over time.

Deposit, Win, Repeat

Aside from the playing for prizes, Vegas Casino will give you something extra each time you make a deposit. Yes, the welcome bonuses are there for all newbies, but regular players can win prizes any time they add some funds to their account. OK, so this isn’t technically a “prize” but it is a financial reward for doing something simple. In fact, unlike playing Bitcoin casino games where the results can vary, you’ll know exactly what you stand to make each time you reload your Vegas Casino account.

Once you’ve hit the “enable” button next to the reload bonus option on your account page, the system will automatically juice up any deposit you make by 25%. Although there is a 1,000 mBTC maximum reload bonus for every deposit you make, you will be able to claim as many as five payments each day. So, in theory, if you were to make a single deposit worth 4,000 mBTC, you’d end up with 5,000 mBTC in your account (4,000 mBTC of your money + 1,000 mBTC bonus). Do this five times in day and you could have 5,000 mBTC in free bonus cash!

Play, Reward, Repeat

The final way to win Bitcoin prizes while playing at Vegas Casino is to play. Now, we know we’ve already made this point, but in this instance we mean something a little different. Yes, when you play you have the chance to win in-game prizes, but what you’ll also get is the chance to win external prizes.

For example, if you become a Vegas Casino VIP, each bet you make will give you the chance to take part in a new promotion. This could be a monthly prize draw where random VIPs are selected to win a share of a prizepool or it could be a physical prize like a MacBook or even a car! Basically, the more you play, the more rewards you’ll have the opportunity to claim from the Vegas Casino VIP care team.

In fact, that’s really the point we’re making here. The more you bet, the more games you play and the more active you are, the more chances you have to win prizes. Whether it’s making the right moves or simply being at the right place at the right time, Vegas Casino is designed to reward loyalty and activity. Regardless of the stakes you play for or the games you play, winning Bitcoin prizes is easy if you invest a bit of time and effort when you become a Vegas Casino player.