Bitcoin Dice Strategy

Bitcoin Dice Strategy: A Bitcoin Dice Strategy to Remember

It’s Bitcoin dice. What can possibly be less complicated than that? In fact, here’s where that childhood you spent playing street craps against a broken down wall is going to come in handy: you already know the basics of how to make a bet and throw the bones. It’s hard to ignore the fact that there is plenty of Bitcoin dice strategy advice online promising huge returns on your bets though. So, today, we’re going to talk about whether it’s actually possible to change what happens in this mostly luck-based experience. Can Bitcoin dice really be as deep and involved as the player likes?

Bitcoin dice strategy

The path to becoming a grizzled dice whizz stuffed with knowledge begins with an obvious step: trying out the game. Here at Vegas Casino, we offer a Bitcoin dice game with a free play mode (did you know that you can trial all our games without even making a deposit?). Players can bet on dice rolls with “fun” money before playing with Bitcoins. With three bonuses on offer for making a deposit though, there’s always an incentive to get involved at Vegas Casino. When you play with us, you get a 100% bonus for your first deposit, 50% for the second, and a 25% reload bonus for each subsequent deposit.

Now that you’re familiar with the game, let’s get started with our tips for creating a Bitcoin dice strategy to remember, following a quick note of caution: don’t be alarmed by the long names! It’s the tricks contained within each strategy that are important, not what they’re called. Of course, if you want to impress your friends feel free to memorise the names too!

The d’Alembert Method

The first thing to understand about dice is that it’s a game of probability or chance, so many of the strategies actually come from math boffins who lived and died long before Bitcoin even had a name. One of these was Jean le Rond d’Alembert, a French scientist who worked in fields like mechanics, music and physics. The d’Alembert method of betting can be used in any game of chance so feel free to try it out in our Bitcoin dice game before experimenting at our roulette tables. We’re going to stick to dice for the moment though.

The d’Alembert method is a very easy plan to follow: increase your bet by a single unit (1 mBTC > 2 mBTC > 3 mBTC> 4 mBTC and so on) when you’re unsuccessful but keep it the same amount when you win. The thinking behind this Bitcoin dice strategy is that in a game of chance with two outcomes (like a coin toss) the likelihood is that you will win half of the time. The issue is that Mr. d’Alembert didn’t factor in streaks, combination bets (at Vegas Casino, you can wager on three of a kind, pairs, sequences, and lots of other outcomes) so it’s a bit of a flawed idea.

As we’ll see next though, the d’Alembert Method is one of the gentler introductions to dice strategies, and that’s why it’s so popular.

The Martingale Method

The Martingale method is probably the most popular dice and roulette strategy out there. It’s very similar to the d’Alembert method but Martingale players double their stake every time they’re unlucky at the table (1 mBTC > 2 mBTC > 4 mBTC > 8 mBTC), keeping it the same on a win. Martingale is based on the idea that all outcome streaks have to break eventually, and doubling your bet will recover unsuccessful wagers much more quickly.

This is one for the high-rollers, as it’s more about having nerves of steel than luck. Just remember that Lady Luck enjoys a laugh: in 1913, a ball at a roulette table at the Monte Carlo Casino in 1913 landed in black 26 times in a row. Make sure you set your own wagering limits before playing the Martingale way. If it’s high-limit action you’re after though, we’ve got plenty of games made especially for you. Fancy some 5000 mBTC max baccarat? We’ve got a 500 mBTC max slot too – Dolphin’s Luck!

The Paroli System

Finally, here’s a Bitcoin dice strategy for everybody. It’s actually something that we’ve borrowed from roulette, and it’s called the Paroli system.

So what is it about? Simply double your bet after a win. That’s all there is to it. The Paroli system is a great option for beginners as it involves playing with what you’ve already won from the casino. The downside is that it can be hard to rack up one win after another to get a large payout as, again, you’re wagering on streaks.

It’s probably best if we show you how to do it. Let’s take a look at a quick example:

Let’s say you fire up our live Bitcoin dice app on your mobile phone and place a 10 mBTC three of a kind bet – and you win. Congratulations! To double your bet, all you have to do is leave your initial 10 mBTC (now 20 mBTC) wager on the table. Now, let’s pretend that you’ve won four times in a row and have a wager of 80 mBTC. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go your way on the next roll so you give up your bet to the dealer. You’ve only really surrendered your initial 10 mBTC as the other 60 mBTC came from the casino. If you decide to cash in instead of continuing to bet though, you’ll have won up to 60 mBTC in this case, with only 10 mBTC!

So, we’ve come all this way – what have we learned? The three betting systems offer a balance between risk and reward. Martingale is a perfect option for high-rollers as the potential winnings are enormous. Imagine correctly predicting the “red” outcome of the 27th spin of the wheel in 1913, a bet worth $300m on an initial $1 red bet! Paroli is the most forgiving strategy, while the d’Alembert Method occupies a convenient middle ground between the two.

Despite a bit of a learning curve, dice is an enduring part of casino culture because it’s so much fun. With online and mobile play at Vegas Casino, it’s also a convenient way to enjoy a game wherever you happen to be.