Bitcoin Dice Games: Rolling in a Fortune

In the online Bitcoin casino world you’ll find everything you could ever want from a gambling perspective. From traditional table games, such as blackjack and roulette, to more innovations, such as slots and live dealer tables, all high quality platforms now give you a better way to ante-up.

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However, with new developments come new opportunities and inside Bitcoin casino sites, such as, the developers have been able to incorporate a host of uncommon options. Indeed, because Bitcoin casino sites are still evolving as a sub-section of the iGaming industry, those in charge have been able to innovate and that’s led to VegasCasino and its peers being able to offer options such as keno and, the subject of this guide, dice games.

What are Bitcoin Dice Games?

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In a nutshell, Bitcoin dice games are betting games where the player has to predict the outcome of a dice roll. Now, if you’re someone who has spent a lot of time in the online casino industry over the last decade, you’ll probably realise that dice games aren’t often usually something you’d stumble across.

Traditionally, iGaming operators have focused on a standard range of games, such as blackjack, roulette and slots. However, as the industry has changed and Bitcoin casinos have tried to take things in a new direction, different options have found their way into the virtual arena.

However, if you’re a gambling aficionado, you’ll also realise that dice games have always been a staple fixture of any gambling venue. People have been betting on dice-based games for hundreds of years and, in recent decades, many live casinos in places such as Las Vegas have brought this culture into their venues. For example, when you stroll into Sin City’s Bellagio or Venetian casinos, there will be one dice game that instantly sticks out: craps.

Utilising a large gaming table covered in betting options, craps is a game where players are able to bet on the outcome of a dice roll (two dice are used). Although there are some subtle nuances to the game, such as the come out roll and the point number, the main premise is simple – bet on a number or category of numbers and wait for the dice to decide your fate.

While craps is arguably the most popular casino dice game, there are other options based on a similar premise. In fact, if you were in the Venetian and took a short walk across the gaming floor you’d find a simple dice betting game. Following a similar structure to craps but without many of the twists and turns, players are given a selection of betting options (e.g. a total of ten will be rolled) and some accompanying odds.

After placing a bet the dealer will press a button to activate the roller (a small vibrating plate upon which five dice sit) and once the moving dice come to a stop the player is paid out if any of their combinations have rolled in. Although this game isn’t as popular as roulette or blackjack, it is one that many punters, especially casual players, enjoy and that’s the reason for its appearance online.

Today, thanks to some clever engineering, players can now connect with real dealers located in a remote location, and bet on the outcome of a roll in the same way they would if they were sipping a free cocktail inside the Venetian.

The Basics of Bitcoin Dice Games

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OK, so dice games have been hugely popular for a number of years and you’ll often find them in the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, but how do they work? While it’s true that the basic premise of Bitcoin dice games is simple, it’s still important to run through the rules so that you know exactly what you’re doing before you start betting.

Game Overview

As we’ve already hinted at, Bitcoin dice games use five dice each with number sides showing pips from one to six. At the start of a new game the roller will shake the dice in a sealed ball before releasing them into a special betting area. Once the five dice have come to a standstill on one of their flat edges, the roll is deemed to be complete and the results of the roll (i.e. the number shown on each dice) is read from left to right by the roller.

At this point the system calculates any wins and pays out the relevant winners before the round is closed and the game moves on.

Placing a Bet

Bitcoin Dice Game - Placing a Bet

Because of the unique set-up offered by, players are able to bet their Bitcoins in a hybrid format. Instead of being a completely virtual game, players are linked to a live roller via an HD web stream. To ensure a constant but fair flow of action, a new betting round gets under way every five minutes on Once you navigate to the Live Games tab and hit the dice option, you’ll be shown a slew of bets as well as a countdown timer.

Starting at five minutes and counting down until the start of a new game, this period of inactivity is where players can make their bets. Using a one click system, players are able to bet on the main outcomes and associated odds (in decimal format)

  • At least one pair = 1.04 (two of the five dice have the same value)
  • Any two pairs = 3.50 (two sets of pairs are rolled)
  • Three of any kind = 4.45 (three of the same dice equal the same value)
  • Sequence from 1 to 5 = 50.00 (the five dice show a sequential sequence of numbers)
  • Sequence from 2 to 6 = 50.00 (the five dice show a sequential sequence of numbers)
  • All different = 10.00 (all five dice have a different value)
  • Any one pair and any one triple = 23.00 (two dice have the same value + three dice have the same value)
  • Four of a kind = 40.00 (four dice with the same value)
  • Five of a kind = 500.00 (five dice with the same value)

As you can see, the more unlikely the outcome, the more money you stand to win. Indeed, if you place a bet on five of a kind and are successful you’ll receive a return of 500X on your money.

Beyond this betting option you’ll find a host of additional combinations that all offer a greater or lesser chance of coming in. However, the premise remains the same throughout – predict how the dice are going to fall.

Once you’ve chosen your betting option, the next thing you need to do is choose your bet amount. For ease you can use one of the pre-determined amounts using the single click tabs (these tabs range from mBTC 3 and mBTC 600). However, if you want to bet a different amount, you can simply type the value in the relevant box before hitting the “place bet” button.

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The final step in the betting process is the confirmation message. After confirming your bet, the system will notify you that it has been accepted and the only thing you have to do then is sit back, relax and wait for the next betting round to begin.

Claiming your Money

The bets you make before the start of the next betting round are only valid for that particular roll and no others. So, it’s important that you continue to watch the action and go through the betting process each time if you want to play multiple rounds.

Each time the rolling process has come to an end and the combinations have been verified, the system will scan your betting options and note any wins. At this point it will then calculate your winnings, tell you how much you’ve won and then push the money straight into your account.

Bitcoin Dice Games on

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To ensure players get the best service possible,’s Bitcoin dice betting portal contains a selection of gaming options. Designed to increase your overall comfort and experience, the following options can all be accessed with a touch of a button.

Single Click Bets

As we’ve alluded to, betting your Bitcoins inside the dice portal is as simple as clicking the relevant option. This single click system means you can place a flurry of last minute wagers without missing the start of a new round.

Last Five Draws

To keep you in touch with the action and give you some insight into the movement of the dice, the placeholder image (the image shown in between the live action) has a boxout showing the last five combinations as well as the biggest winners.

Results History

If you want a more personal insight into your own results, the “results history” option will allow you to look back at your wins and losses as well as the recent combinations rolled.

Stream Quality

Because everyone’s internet connection is different, gives you the ability to adjust the stream quality up to a rate of 500p. If your connection is slow or simply having a minor meltdown, you can reduce the quality and maintain a free flowing live link.

Full Screen Option

Bitcoin dice games on come in a medium-sized betting window as standard. However, if you wish to create a more immersive experience, there is a full screen option that will remove the external clutter and simply show the live action across the entire screen.

How to Beat Bitcoin Dice Games

By now you should have a pretty clear idea of how to play Bitcoin dice games. However, before you rush off and join the action on, it pays to have some idea of how to beat the game. Although there are no hard and fast rules on how to play dice games, there is a simple piece of gambling logic you can employ to ensure you don’t bust your bankroll in a single session.

If you read back through the list of betting options you’ll see that there’s a combination of high return and low return bets. Much like games such as roulette, betting on the unlikely outcomes in the hope of a significant return is highly attractive. However, as you’d expect, this is a high risk strategy.

Ask any professional gambler if they’d rather win a series of small, low risk bets or endure a run of losses in the hope of hitting a big win and they’ll probably choose the former option. Consistency might seem like a boring way to play, but it’s the best way to ensure you don’t go broke and are able to stay in play for as long as possible.

With this concept in mind, the best betting option is the pair bet which offer a return of 1.04. Although a single win on this option won’t send your bankroll skywards, it will make you a profit and if you can win 20 of these bets in a single session, the chances are you’ll come away with a smile on your face.

Another tactical consideration you need to make is the amount you’re betting on each round. Although it can be tempting to speculate on a variety options, you need to make sure you aren’t betting more than you stand to win. Although it seems like an obvious trap to avoid, it’s one that many novices often fall into so you should always have a quick look at your risk vs. your potential returns before you confirm your bets.

If you’re able to master these simple concepts and head off into the Bitcoin betting arena with a cool head, then dice games should prove to be an extremely entertaining and lucrative pursuit.

Although the pace of each game isn’t as swift as some options, the five minute intervals do make it possible for you to place your bets, nip over to another section of and have some fun, before returning to watch the next roll take place. This set-up, combined with the inherent qualities of the game, makes betting on dice a great choice for anyone taking their first steps in the Bitcoin casino world.

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