Bitcoin Casinos: A Natural Defender Against Money Laundering

money laundering

As long as casinos have been in existence, people have linked such operations with money laundering and crime. Land-based casinos were the best places to exchange dirty money for clean money. Cashiers would take customer’s deposits into one section of the safe and make use of other ‘dirty’ money to pay out winnings and the like to the public, therefore hiding their criminality.

Money launderers don’t have to be the casino bosses though but are often players themselves. They buy a lot of chips with dirty money from one cashier, walk around the casino floor for a while and then go and cash the chips in at a different cashier.

With the introduction of online casinos, you would have thought that it would prove more difficult to exchange and launder dirty money. Instead, it just made criminal types think differently.


While money can be laundered in a number of different ways, casinos have always provided an easy-to-use method, because moving big amounts of money is commonplace in the industry. Due to physical cash not being used at online casinos, but rather digital money, criminals have had to become far wilier in their ways.

Purchasing vouchers in cash from retail vendors is often one way of doing it. The credits are then loaded on the online site and played once or twice before being withdrawn. Because the amount being transferred back into your bank account is from a casino, there are no questions asked about how such a big amount of money has made its way into your possession.


Modern regulations at online casinos have installed protocols that seek to curb the types of transactions mentioned above, from happening. Licensing bodies enforce software onto regulated casino platforms which can identify the shady business.

The registration at online casinos is also quite in-depth and rigorous, ensuring that only true identities are used when claiming withdrawals. This way, if suspicious behaviour is flagged, even after the time, the details can be given to the necessary authorities to follow up.

As a result of well-regulated casinos in Europe and North America, much criminal activity has been curbed considerably in these areas.


Unfortunately, not all jurisdictions in the world require casinos to be licensed and regulated in order to operate. It is some of these establishments that pose the biggest risk for criminality, as they are not forced to input protocols to deal with crime, at all. Dirty Money is easily filtered through these establishments.


While Bitcoin-first casinos may not all be regulated properly, because of the lack of software to contend with the blockchain, several them do carry licensing, such as

But there is a built-in protocol in blockchain casinos that ensure that money laundering is not easily accomplished. Where other casinos will take a deposit through a voucher and then organise the payout via a bank transfer, Bitcoin does not entertain such multiple payment options.

The Bitcoin Wallet address that you pay with has a very specific address tied to it. If funds were deposited via that hash, then payouts and wins will only be refunded to that very same wallet address. There are no cash or cash equivalent transactions made, which means Bitcoin in equals Bitcoin out; it’s very easy to reconcile. What’s more, is that criminals cannot even write the income off to gambling wins, as the Bitcoin wallet’s history is public, for all to see on the Blockchain. The authorities can see that unverified funds were transferred into the casino equalling the withdrawal that was received. It is easily proven that the funds out were not wins, without having to audit the casino profile.

While we cannot vouch for the protocols against laundering in buying and selling Bitcoin on an exchange level, we can assure you that our Bitcoin casino is free of this sort of crime.


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