Bitcoin Casino Table Games: Multiple Ways to Play

Bitcoin Casino Table Games

When you walk into a live casino, the first thing you’ll see once you get past the twinkling slot machines is the tables. All casinos, whether they’re big or small, will have rows upon rows of tables laid out end-to-end across the gaming floor. Unsurprisingly, each game that takes place on a table is known as a “table game” (what a shock), but there are two exceptions to this simple rule.

Because roulette combines a table and a wheel, it doesn’t often get lumped in with other “table games”. Similarly, because blackjack is by far the most popular table-based game, this one also gets excluded from the main definition of the game. With this in mind, when you join VegasCasino and click the “table games” tab, you’ll find a selection of casino games that aren’t roulette or blackjack.

Now, although our tables are virtual in their design and appearance, they do offer all the same features as a real table. In fact, because our bitcoin casino table games are controlled by random number generators (think of them as invisible dealers), the action ticks over at a much quicker pace than it would in a live casino. Moreover, because our dealers don’t get tired or stop for breaks, you can actually place more bets and have more fun when you bet your bitcoins with us.

Of course, before you jump into the action and start playing at our tables, it’s a good idea to get a handle on the basics. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a guide to bitcoin casino table games, what we offer and how to get a little more from your time online.

Getting a Taste of the Bitcoin Casino Table Games for Free

Before we take you through the list of bitcoin casino table games we offer and how you can ante-up, it’s important to note that you can actually play for free. Because we’re in the entertainment business as much as in the money-making business, we want you to have the option of playing any of our bitcoin casino table games without having to put any money down.

After scrolling through the lobby and finding a game that takes your fancy, all you have to do is hit the “practice” option and the system will transport you to a table with a virtual bankroll. At this point, everything from the way you place a bet to the in-game options will be realistic. In fact, the only difference between these bitcoin casino table games and their real money counterparts is that the chips you’re using won’t have any actual value.

To get the most authentic experience possible, our practice tables have full functionality, which is great for two reasons. First, you get to try out a new game, learn the rules and find out whether you like it or not without using any of your bankroll. Second, you can try out some new tricks or strategies without any risk.

For example, let’s say you’ve read about a betting technique for Casino Hold’em that allows you to win almost 50% of the time. In gambling terms, this would be an effective strategy and one worth exploring. However, if you had to spend your own money to find out if it works, you might be reluctant to put it into action. Fortunately, at our practice tables you can run through the basics of the strategy and see for yourself if it has any long-term value before implementing it for real.

Basically, if you’re looking for a way to get the most out of our bitcoin casino table games, then make sure you give them all a go for free before diving in and splashing the cash.

What You’ll Find on Our Table

Our table is always full of ways for you to fill your face with chips, but each option will have a slightly different flavour. Keep this in mind while checking out the menu of options below, so you can decide which bitcoin casino table games will suit your tastes:

Casino Hold’em

If you’re a fan of Texas Hold’em, the game you watch at the World Series of Poker, then Casino Hold’em is a great alternative. Essentially a heads-up match between you and the dealer, the game runs in much the same way as blackjack, but the route to scoring a win isn’t based on hitting 21, but on making the best five-card poker hand. Here at VegasCasino we have a variety of Casino Hold’em variants, including Oasis Poker, Ride’em Poker, Caribbean Poker and Triple Edge Poker. Each variant has a subtle twist, but the main premise is always the same: make the best poker hand and win the pot.

Draw Hi-Lo

Bitcoin casino table games don’t come much easier than Draw Hi-Lo. In case you haven’t already guessed, the aim of the game is simple: bet on whether the next card will be of higher or lower value than the one on display. For example, if the up card was the 5c, your job would be to guess whether the next card would be higher (a 6, 7, 8 and so on) or lower (an Ace, 2, 3 or 4).

As per our rules, aces are low and kings are top of the shop and each option has a different payout. If your up card was the 4d, the chances of the next card being lower are slim. However, if you choose this option and get it right, you’ll receive a larger payout than if you’d have chosen higher. To add another element of spice to the game, you also have the ability to bet on a tie after the first card is drawn. Hit this at the right time and you’ll receive a 10:1 payout on your tie bet.

Top Card Trumps

Similar to casino war, Top Card Trumps might be the simplest bitcoin table game we offer. After betting between 1 mBTC and 100 mBTC, the only thing you have to do is hope that your card is worth more than the dealer’s. If you win, a 1:1 payout is yours. If you lose, the house takes your chips and it’s on to the next round. Of course, to add something extra to the game, you can also choose to bet on a tie. All tie bets payout at 10:1, but that’s not all.

If you do tie with the dealer, you have the option to go to war. This involves matching your initial stake with a “raise” and waiting to see if your next card can beat the dealer’s. If you win, you’ll receive an even money payout on your “raise” bet as well as your initial stake back. If you lose, then the dealer takes both bets. Of course, you don’t have to go to war. If you’d prefer to tie and move on, you can surrender and the dealer will take half of your original stake and start the next round.

Mini Baccarat

A high-octane version of our standard baccarat tables (which can be found in the live dealer lobby), this game is basically a raise to see which hand can make it to 9. However, unlike other bitcoin casino table games where you have to play the hand you’re dealt, baccarat allows you to choose whether you want to bet on the bank (dealer hand) or the player (your hand).

Red Dog

A round of Red Dog starts with two cards being dealt. If the cards are consecutive numbers, the hand is declared a draw. If the two cards are of equal value, then a third card is dealt: if this is the same value then the player is paid out at 11:1 (no match results in a push). Finally, if neither of the aforementioned conditions (consecutive numbers or equal value) is met, then a spread is announced which determines the payoff and a third card is dealt.

Beat Me

Similar to Top Card Trumps, this bitcoin table game is basically a case of the highest card winning. Bets in this game range from 1 mBTC to 100 mBTC, but the one twist in this game is that you can’t go to war. Although you can bet on a tie and receive a 10:1 payout if you’re correct, there isn’t an option to continue the action if your opening card matches the dealer’s.

Pai Gow Poker

The aim of Pai Gow Poker is to make two hands that can beat the dealer’s over two rounds. After placing a bet between 1 mBTC and 100 mBTC, you’ll be dealt seven cards which you then have to split into “high” and “low” hands.

The rules concerning the five-card hand are similar to those used in poker, with the exception that an Ace-2-3-4-5 straight is considered the second highest straight. For the two-card hand, a player can have a pair or two individual cards, with the highest two-card hand possible being a pair of Aces and the lowest two-card hand being 2/3. To win the pot you need to win both the high and the low hand. If you win just the high or the low, the hand is declared a push and you receive you stake back.

Three Card Rummy

Similar to Casino Hold’em, Three Card Rummy with bitcoin sees you first place a bet between 1 mBTC and 100 mBTC. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given three cards face up while the dealer will get three cards face down. At this point, you can choose to fold your hand and lose your bet or raise (match your opening bet) and reveal the dealer’s hand. If the dealer has a total of 20 or less, they qualify and the best hand is the one of the lowest total.

If you choose to raise and the dealer doesn’t qualify, you receive an even money payout on your original bet. If you raise and the dealer qualifies, you win even money on your original bet, plus one of the following payouts on your raise:

  • 0 points = 4:1
  • 1 to 5 points = 2:1
  • 6+ points = 1:1

To help you determine the value of your hand, cards are valued in the following way:

  • Cards 2 to 10 = face value
  • Jack, Queen, King = 10 points
  • Aces = 1 point
  • Any pair = 0 points
  • Any triple  = 0 points
  • Two-card suited run = 0 points
  • Three-card suited run = 0 points


Before you start, select your stake (1 mBTC to 100 mBTC) and you’ll then be taken into the world of Predictor. After a few seconds, a coloured cart will roll into view with a number printed on it. After assessing the number (ranging from 1 to 48), you can choose to play or dump the cart (change it for a different number).

If you choose to play, you can bet on whether the next cart will have a higher or lower number. If you want to be a bit more specific, you can choose to bet on whether the next cart will be higher or lower as well as what its colour will be. Any time you win, you’ll have the opportunity to bank the prize, collect half of it or let it all ride on the next round.

Poker3 Heads Up Hold’em

Like poker but without the dramatics, this game is basically the closest you’ll get to Texas Hold’em in a casino setting. The start of a game will see you choose our opponent and then pick your stakes. Once you’ve set your bets, the next thing you’ll have to decide is whether to play your hand or fold. If you choose to play you’ll have to add money to the pot on each street (pre-flop, flop, turn and river). If your opponent folds at any point, you’ll scoop the pot. If the hand goes to a showdown, the best five-card hand will take the cash in the middle.

As you can see, bitcoin casino table games offer a wide variety of ways to play. Whether it’s guessing the value of the next card to come off the deck or it’s a more skilled-based game like poker, our lobby is filled with ways for you to have some fun and enjoy the best bitcoin betting experience around.