Bitcoin Casino Promotions: When Playing More Can Earn You More

In the bitcoin casino world there are two ways you can win. The first, and most obvious, is to make the right moves at the right time. Whether it’s by rolling in a winning slots combination or doubling down and hitting 21 at the blackjack table, a well-timed move can pay dividends in the bitcoin betting world.

However, as we all know, beating bitcoin casino games isn’t an exact science and, sometimes, even the best laid plans can fall apart when you least expect it. Fortunately, in a world where uncertainty is sometimes the name of the game, there is a way you can guarantee yourself a payday without breaking the bank. How, you might ask? Simple: bitcoin giveaways and freebies.

Although it might take a little bit of effort to pick up a promotion or bonus, the result is more than worth it. Unlike our bitcoin casino games where the frequency of your wins will depend on a variety of factors, bitcoin bonuses are set in stone. What we mean by this is that if, for example, we offer you 100 mBTC for completing XYZ, you can be 100% certain that you’ll get 100 mBTC if you carry out XYZ.

Essentially, bitcoin casino promotions remove the element of chance you might have become accustomed to in the online betting world and this means you can win whenever you want. As long as you’re able to follow some simple instructions when you place your real money bets, you’ll have more ways than one to boost your bankroll here at

Understanding Our Bitcoin Casino Promotions

Although we’ve spoken quickly about the basic process of claiming a bitcoin casino bonus in our intro, it’s worth running through the process in a little more detail before we set you off on your quest for free credits. In simple terms, a bitcoin casino promotion is a way for us to give you something back for your time online. Because we value loyalty, we’re prepared to give you free credits, bonuses or prizes when you place real money bets with us.

In fact, the reality is that we’re just as keen to give you some bonus cash as you are to claim it. Put simply, if we’re willing to invest in you, you’re more likely to invest in us. When this is the case, the result is a more productive environment where everyone can walk away a winner.

Sign up, follow the rules and get something extra…

So how does the process work? Every promotion we offer is listed (unsurprisingly) on our “promotions” page. Here you’ll find a breakdown of the latest deals, what they offer and, most importantly, what you have to do to get them.

For example, our most common deal and one that you’ll all be entitled to when you join us is our welcome bonus. Otherwise known as a first deposit bitcoin bonus, this promotion allows you to boost your opening deposit by as much as 1,000 mBTC.

As with all our promotions, you’ll have to follow some simple steps in order to claim these bonuses and they are:

  • Create your first account.
  • Head to the “cashier” page and “enable” the welcome bonus on your account.
  • Make an opening deposit of at least 1 mBTC and we’ll match it, up to a value of 1,000 mBTC.
  • You can then use this free cash to play any of our games, but you must wager 35X the bonus amount before you can request a withdrawal.

Assuming you can complete the above steps, you’ll not only get up to 1,000 mBTC credited to your account, but you’ll be able to withdraw it whenever you like and spend it however you wish.

Can I Get Something for Nothing?


Yes, of course you can. Assuming you’re not trying to manipulate the system, our bitcoin casino offers are open to everyone. Although we’ll run through some of the important requirements you have to meet below, the main thing you need to bear in mind at this stage is that every bonus we offer can be claimed by anyone as long as they don’t break our terms and conditions.

For example, let’s go back to our welcome deposit scenario. This deal isn’t some sort of exclusive prize that only high rollers can claim. Yes, if you’re able to fund your account with 1,000 mBTC from the start then you’ll get the most value out of the deal. However, if you’re a newbie that doesn’t quite have the cash or desire to spend that much straightaway, you can still get something extra by depositing just 1 mBTC.

All our casino deals are designed to meet the needs of every player. Unlike some sites where only the hardcore players get some extra value for their time online, we’re constantly updating our promotions page with offers that everyone can enjoy. In fact, that’s one of the most important things you need to bear in mind when you’re searching for promotions.

So, even if you don’t find something that suits your situation on a particular day, you can always check back at another time and we’re pretty confident there will be something for you to get your teeth into.

Make sure you stick to the rules…

OK, so what about the requirements we just mentioned? To ensure everyone has a fair crack at our promotions and greed doesn’t trump loyalty, you’ll need to meet the following these general requirements if you want to bank any of our bitcoin bonuses. Although certain deals may have their own specific T&Cs, everyone will still have to stick to these rules:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a verified real money account.
  • You must “enable” a bonus via your account page if required.
  • You can only claim a single bonus once.
  • Only one bonus per household/IP address is valid.
  • You must meet the minimum deposit and/or betting requirements before requesting a withdrawal.
  • You must meet the betting requirements within a specified amount of time.
  • Any attempt to beat the system and break these rules will forfeit any pending or active bonuses.

The above rules are designed to protect us and you, so we’d urge you to take note of them before you start taking advantage of our promotions.

Four Reasons You Need Bitcoin Bonuses in Your Life

bitcoin casino promotion

While the benefits of free cash are pretty clear for all to see, there are four reasons you might not have thought of. So, for your reading pleasure, here are four benefits to claiming bitcoin bonuses:

  1. They Give You More Firepower

It might seem obvious, but bitcoin promotions are the best way to keep your bankroll topped up. Regardless of whether it’s a deposit bonus, a VIP reward or one of our progressive lotto jackpots, the deals we offer will give you more money to spend at the tables. For example, let’s say you picked up 100 mBTC through our 25% reload bonus.

Because this bonus will be instantly credited to your account, the cash is there to use when you want it. To put this in context, the 100 mBTC we put into your account will allow you to spin the ever-popular Sugar Pop slot 100 times for free. Because this game has a minimum bet of 1 mBTC, the bonus will basically give you the ability to bet more than you would have before.

  1. They Help Counter Negative Variance

In the betting world, variance is basically the swings of good and back luck you’ll experience. Every move you make will have a certain mathematical expectation, i.e. it will win a certain percentage of the time. However, because no move is ever 100% guaranteed to win, there is always a chance the result won’t go in your favour (i.e. you could stand on 20 in blackjack but lose to the dealer’s 21).

Although bitcoin bonuses can’t eliminate variance, it can help you cancel out the times you lose. For example, if we refer back to the 100 mBTC reload bonus, this cash can be used to “play for free”. However, you could also look at it as a way to overcome 100 times you got unlucky when you bet 1 mBTC, or hit 20 but the dealer pulled 21.

  1. They Allow You to Try New Things

One of the many benefits of joining us here at VegasCasino is that you can load up a practice table whenever you want and play any of our bitcoin casino games (excluding live dealer games) for free. However, if you don’t want to play for fun but still want to test something without blowing your bankroll, our bitcoin promotions are there to help.

Let’s say you’ve looked through our promo page and decided to take a shot at the monthly lottery draw. After purchasing a ticket, you win a share of a jackpot worth 8,000 mBTC. With an account full of credits, you now have the ability to test out some games you’ve never tried before.

Because you don’t stand to lose anything from your original bankroll, you can take a turn or two at the baccarat table without the risk. What’s more, because you’re playing for real, you’ll actually be able to win some cash!

  1. They Keep Things Interesting

Always losing, never having the guts to try something new and not wanting to pull the trigger when you’re in the thick of it can make things a little dull. Bonuses are there to help keep things interesting. Aside from the benefits we’ve already listed, bitcoin casino promotions also are constantly changing.

One month we’ll have you spin the reels as many times as possible to finish on top of our leaderboard, the next you might have to make a deposit in order to get a cash boost. Just like Christmas presents under the tree, you never quite sure what you’re going to get next and that’s what makes casino gaming so exiting.

Why a Little Effort Goes a Long Way


Now, before we bring this bitcoin bonus breakdown to a close, it’s important to reiterate that every offer will require a little effort on your part. While we’re more than happy to give you something extra for you time online, we can’t just go around handing out credits like candy. To ensure the system is fair for everyone (that includes us), you’ll have to play a bit in order to claim the following promotions and more:

  • Bitcoin welcome bonus
  • Bitcoin deposit bonus
  • Bitcoin VIP reward
  • Bitcoin free bets

Clearing a bonus is simply a matter of meeting the “play through” requirements and it’s usually the case that you’ll have to bet a multiple of your bonus. For example, when you pick up our welcome bonus, you’ll have to wager 35X the bonus amount before it’s “cleared”, i.e. before you can withdraw it.

Don’t Forget to Play…

To give this some context, let’s assume you’ve picked up 100 mBTC in bonus. Before you hit the “withdraw” button, you’ll need to bet at least 3,500 mBTC. Now, that might seem like a lot, but this figure relates to the amount staked and not won/lost i.e. any money you win during this process doesn’t affect the amount you’ve contributed.

For example, you could place 3,500 slot spins at 1 mBTC and end up winning 300 mBTC at the end of it. Regardless of what you’ve won, you’ll have met the playthrough requirements and be entitled to your 100 mBTC bonus, which means you’ll be 400 mBTC in profit.

Now, it’s important to note that not every game contributes to these requirements in the same way. Just so you’re aware of what counts and what doesn’t before you go and check out our promotions, make sure you review the following list. Once you’ve done that, go off and get all the added value you can from our bonus pages:

  • Slots: 100% contribution to betting requirements
  • Video slots: 100% contribution to betting requirements
  • Other games: 100% contribution to betting requirements
  • Video poker: 10% contribution to betting requirements
  • Table gamesBet On Poker, Lottery Games, Casual Games, Multiplayer GamesScratchcards, Wheel of Fortune, Live Dealer Games: no contribution to betting requirements