Bitcoin Casino Guide to Roulette

Bitcoin Casino Guide to Roulette

Roulette is an extremely popular casino game across the globe. Not only are tables well populated at brick and mortar casinos, but live online games and virtual online games are a real crowd pleaser too! Films and TV have made the game quite famous, where often casino scenes see the black and red notched wheel featured in the shot. 

It’s a game of guessing, but in some instances the odds on your guesses are quite good, especially when placing outside bets. Never the less, there is money to be made at the Roulette table if you build up a little experience in the game. 


The origins of Roulette are not perfectly known, though there seem to be some educated guesses as to where its roots began. It is widely accepted though, that the French mathematician, Blaise Pascal happened upon the game during the 17th Century, while developing a perpetual motion machine. There is even evidence that several ancient civilizations played games of a very similar nature. There are conspiracies tying the game to China, ancient Rome and even ancient Greece! 

The modern version of Roulette is definitely French in origin. Even the word ‘Roulette’ is French for ‘Little Wheel’. They directly moulded the game from two previous 17th century games, called ‘Roly Poly’ and ‘Even-Odd’. Blaise Pascal’s invention formed the crudest form of the modern wheel and worked a charm to produce random outcomes when placing a ball on it. 

The game eventually caught on rapidly throughout Europe, eventually crossing the ocean and settling in the United States, as well, hence the American version of the game. Through the game’s transition, it developed slight variations in game play and developed into what we know today as three distinct Roulette games. 


As the game spread from France to Europe and then America, it picked up 3 slight variations along the way. For this reason, we now have American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette. All of these games are based on the same premise. 

European and French Roulette both utilise the same wheel, consisting of numbers 1-36 in red and black, with a green ‘0’ position. The American version also contains 36 positions of red and black notches but includes ‘0’ and ‘00’ positions on the board. This makes the odds a little steeper in favour of the house, in this version.  

The European and French rules are very similar, though the French game makes use of the ‘La Partage’ rule, which gives the player back half their wager, if the ball lands on ‘0’ and they have bet on something else.  

Closer inspection of the grid on the table will also reveal that the boxes on the French table are all marked out in red and the wording used in the blocks is written in French, whereas the European game is written in English. 


The aim of the game is to try and guess where the white ball will land on the wheel. The table offers a grid of options, upon which you can place various chips which represent your value in money or BTC. In regular fiat money Roulette, each chip has a monetary value, but in BTC games, the chips represent crypto currency, such as Bitcoin or Etherium. 

The grid on the table is split into Inside and Outside bets. The inside bets refer to betting on specific numbers on the grid, whereas outside bets encompass grouped win possibilities. These usually include betting on either red or black, odds or even numbers, 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12 number and more. The odds of winning with outside bets is far greater, yet inside bets pay out 35:1, which is far better. 


Live dealer platforms are extremely popular, especially amongst players in Europe. Here, Roulette is hosted in real time from a television studio or casino, where it is streamed to the player’s PC or mobile phone. This allows players to embark on a more immersive type of online gambling, where it sounds, looks, and feels like you are in a real casino!  

The Roulette wheel is a real wheel and the croupiers are real people with whom you can interact in real time. 

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You need not crack out the old laptop or start up the desktop if you are wanting to place a few bets on the wheel while on the go. Most virtual and Live Roulette games are available to play from the comfort and convenience of your mobile phone and tablet with total ease. 

The gaming interface is modified specially for the smaller screen, but the quality of the action is not compromised in the least. Thanks to modern HTML5 technology, both the newer Android and iOS devices can play optimised games without a fuss. This is great for players who like to play while commuting, waiting in a queue, or feel the need to take a few minutes out of the busy day for a bit of fun. Simply whip out your phone and you are ‘aye for away’! 


Traditionally, online gambling games like Roulette are played in real fiat currency. The introduction of Bitcoin and crypto currency variations of the game suit both the player and casino environment to the ‘T’. Because blockchain transfers are instant, safe and verifiable, a player can deposit their funds and begin playing within minutes.  

Likewise, withdrawals from the casino are super speedy. Once the authorisation is given, the transfer can be concluded within minutes, if not seconds. 

Some casinos will even offer you the source code to the game, so that you can monitor the algorithm employed, to ensure that all game responses and reactions are completely random. These ‘provably fair’ games are a great breakthrough in fair and legitimate gaming. 


If you are still a beginner in all things to do with Roulette, you can access some of the games for free play, before you transfer your BTC across. It is advisable that you rack up some experience in this field prior to placing actual bets. 

So, signup with a casino like without delay, for your Roulette fix!