Bitcoin Casino Games: A Better Way to Bet When You Know How

James Bond loved them, Rain Man was an expert and now you have the chance to become a casino king without leaving the comfort of your own home. Through the power of modern technology and the emergence of Bitcoin casino games, the average Joe or Joan can now power up their computer (or mobile device), log in to and enjoy an experience that both 007 and our autistic savant would love.

bitcoin casino games

Unlike the early days of online casino gaming where many of the options were basic reconstructions of their real world counterparts, today’s online environment is a lot different. Not only are the games more realistic than ever, but the medium has flourished into its own unique entity.

Bitcoin casino games breathe new life into the industry

Not only that, but recent years have seen things become even more realistic thanks to HD webcams and RFID chips. These live dealer tables, as they’re now known, give you the ability to play your favourite casino games against real people. Although you can’t physically reach out and touch them, you will be able to see exactly what they’re doing in real time (and they’ll see your bets in real time) and chat with them throughout.

Basically, the most realistic online experience you can have, these games have taken the industry by storm over the last five years and, more importantly, helped to make online casino gaming a favourite pastime of the masses.

Betting without borders

OK, so what’s different at Vegas Casino? Well, in case you haven’t guessed already, the main difference here at is that everything is powered by Bitcoin. Unlike other online operators that are specific to certain regions and currencies, we’ve created a platform where you can enjoy all the latest games regardless of your location. Because Bitcoin is a currency that was designed and built online, it’s perfectly suited to the world around it and, therefore, online casino gaming.

Of course, we don’t expect you to believe us without some evidence; after all, you’re savvy casino players who operate on logic rather than emotion. So, to ensure you’ve got the full scoop on Bitcoin casino gaming and everything it has to offer, here’s a look at the basics of the industry and why we do things a little better than the rest.

Bitcoin Casino Games: The Basics


As we’ve already discussed, online casino games are virtual representations of the betting options you’d find in a bricks-and-mortar casino. Everything from roulette and blackjack to slots, baccarat, video poker and more can be enjoyed inside our little slice of the Internet. However, as we’ve also said, Bitcoin casino games are slightly different due to the fact you aren’t using your native currency.

For example, when iGaming first hit the mainstream around the turn of the millennium, the dominant currency was US Dollars. In more recent years, the GB Pound and the Euro have also been added to the mix as operators have tried to make it easier for players in iGaming hotspots like the UK, Germany, France and Spain to play.

More options, fewer barriers…

Naturally, as is often the case in any evolving industry, the market has continued to grow and that’s caused players to demand more access. Although players aren’t necessarily blocked from turning their native currency into one of the three options mentioned above, the process isn’t ideal. For example, if a player in the UK is forced to make a deposit in US Dollars, the chances are that they will have to pay surcharge, a currency conversion charge or, potentially, both.

Either way, players that aren’t able to ante up in their native currency are often left at a disadvantage. Now, as it’s done in other areas of the online world, Bitcoin has addressed this problem. Being a digital currency that’s neither produced nor controlled by a government agency, Bitcoin is able to cross geographical borders without restrictions. To put it another way, someone in the UK can send Bitcoins to someone in the US without having to pay any charges.

Additional charges just won’t cut it

The benefit for online casino players using Bitcoin is that they can make a deposit or withdrawal without worrying that some of their bankroll will be lost to unnecessary charges. Yes, there are plenty of other benefits to using Bitcoin as your betting currency, but its ability to break down international barriers is one of its most important.

Great, but doesn’t every online casino offer Bitcoin as a deposit option? In short, no they don’t. Although it’s fair to say that some sites do accept Bitcoin deposits, the difference between these sites and ours is that this is where their interest in the cryptocurrency stops. To legitimately call yourself a Bitcoin casino or a provider of Bitcoin casino games, you can’t simply offer Bitcoin deposits and nothing else.

We’re all-in on Bitcoin…

The main problem with offering Bitcoin deposits but betting in a currency like US Dollars is that players still suffer from currency conversion issues. Because their Bitcoins are converted into a “traditional” currency, there’s almost no benefit to using it over another currency. In simple terms, the only way to really get the most out of these bank charges is to offer casino games exclusively in Bitcoin.

That’s exactly what we do here at Vegas Casino. From the moment you sign up and make a deposit to the time you spend betting and eventually withdraw your winnings, everything is powered by Bitcoin. The main benefit of this is that you don’t have to convert your currency midway through the process and pay unnecessary charges. Basically, by making Bitcoin the star of the show, we make your whole experience a lot more efficient and, therefore, a lot more enjoyable.

But How Do I Turn Money into Bitcoin?

Excellent, so Bitcoin is the best way to bet online, but what if I don’t own any coins? The classic trap most novices fall into is assuming that they need to have some digital currency before they join us. Although it may help speed up the deposit process, the reality is that you can come to us as a complete newbie and you’ll find everything you need at the touch of a button.

Because we want everyone to experience the benefits of Bitcoin betting, we’ve made it easy for you to exchange your native currency and make a secure deposit. In fact, to make things even easier for you, we’ve got two ways for you to turn your currency into Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Exchange – The most popular method for turning your native currency into the world’s leading cryptocurrency is to use an official exchange. After creating your first account with us, you’ll be able to click on the “How to get Bitcoins?” link and then choose “exchange now”.

At this point, you’ll be asked to choose one of four deposit methods: MasterCard, Skrill, Visa or Neteller. Depending on the method you choose, you’ll then be directed to or

Once you’ve sent some money to one of these exchanges, you’ll have some Bitcoins which you can then store in a special online wallet and then send to us using the following address: 1C1arAHGeYNcoQGnrnCUY8vYCNUt9aDLRS.

When you’ve completed the final step, we’ll process your transaction and your account will be filled with credit and ready to use.

Bitcoin Faucet – If you’re not quite ready to jump feet-first into the Bitcoin casino world and spend your own money, then how about getting some free credits? By creating an account with, you’ll be able to earn free Bitcoins for playing games, completing tasks and winning prizes.

The more you play, the more you can earn and, once you’ve got some credits in the bank, you can send them to us and you’ll be able to use them to play any of our Bitcoin casino games.

Bitcoin Casino Gaming at a Glance

bitcoin casino games

So you now know that Bitcoin offers a better way to play and have read all about getting some credits. The next thing you’re probably thinking is: what can I play?

Well, that’s a great question. As we’ve already said, Bitcoin casino games are virtual representations of their real-world cousins. Not only that, but they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, to give you an idea of what you’ll find when you join us, here’s an overview of the top bitcoin casino gaming options here at Vegas Casino:

Bitcoin Slots – When it comes to variety, speed, accessibility and prize money, Bitcoin slots are top of the pops here at Vegas Casino. We offer everything from standard spinners with fixed prizes to progressive jackpot titles like Mega Glam Life, so you can get the most out of your time online. You’re certainly going to find something that tickles your fancy in our Bitcoin slots lobby.

Bitcoin Blackjack – One of our most popular gaming options, Bitcoin blackjack comes in 19 different styles here at Vegas Casino. From low stakes options like Satoshi Classic (0.1 mBTC bets) to high stakes Single Deck Blackjack where you can bet 1,200 mBTC per hand, you’ll have plenty of ways to race to 21 when you join us.

Bitcoin Roulette – When two roulette variants (European and American) aren’t enough, you need Bitcoin roulette. In addition to the traditional gaming options, we’ve got modern versions of the game such as Zoom and Common Draw Roulette. Each table offers its own unique twist on the game, which means you can play and win in a way that suits you.

Bitcoin Table Games – This is the place where every Bitcoin casino game that takes place on a table and isn’t called blackjack lives. Offering everything from Casino Hold’em and Caribbean Stud to mini baccarat, heads-up poker and three-card rummy, this section of the site offers the most varied selection of Bitcoin casino games in the industry and, what’s more, you can play from as little as 1 mBTC.

Bitcoin Video Poker – Fans of flushes, straights and full houses will enjoy these instant win games. Combining the skill of poker with the speed of slot machines, our 14 types of video poker will not only test your powers of logical deduction but also give you plenty of ways to win thousands in an instant.

Bitcoin Scratchcards – If you’re in the market for instant action and mystery prizes, scratchcards are for you. After picking one of four Skratcherz games, you’ll be able to click and scratch your way to prizes worth 1,000 BTC+.

Bitcoin Live Dealer Games – The pinnacle of Bitcoin casino technology, our selection of live dealer games bring reality to your living room. Aside from boasting the highest quality live dealers and video links in the industry, we offer roulette, blackjack and baccarat in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

The Vegas Casino Difference

Wait, wait, wait. Before you rush off in search of our top Bitcoin casino games, we couldn’t bring this guide to an end without mentioning our free games. Yes, that’s right, you can actually play our Bitcoin casino games for free. When you become a Vegas Casino player, you’ll notice that each game (excluding live dealer games), has two options: “play now” and “practice”.

We know that online casino gaming can be daunting at first. So, to ensure you don’t blow your bankroll trying to learn the basics of a new game, we offer a full suite of free games. Clicking on the “practice” button will take you to a table where everything except the chips you’re betting will be realistic.

From the sights and sounds to the way you place a bet, everything on a practice table will mirror the dynamics of a real game. The only difference in this instance is that the chips won’t have any real-world value. Having the ability to play free Bitcoin casino games is great for newbies who want to settle their nerves and, basically, try before they buy.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to get your foot in the door and enjoy the best Bitcoin betting experience online, make sure you look out for our Bitcoin free games when you join us here at