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Why You Should Get into Bitcoin Casino Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Program

Ever heard of casino affiliate marketing? In short, it’s your way of helping your favourite bitcoin casino, and getting some pretty cool rewards for it too. Keep reading to learn all about casino affiliate marketing and why you should get involved in spreading the word about Vegascasino.io.

What is a Bitcoin Casino Affiliate Program?

Our bitcoin casino affiliate program is basically your way of telling your friends, readers and social media followers what you think about our casino. There are lots of ways to do this. The main ways are through an advert or blog post shouting about how good we are and all the great bonuses we offer our players. Your site visitors find a great place to play games and you get money for each recruit you bring in to enjoy our fab casino options. It’s win-win.

It all works with links. When you sign up to be a VegasCasino.io Bitcoin casino affiliate, we give you your own personal link, so we know when someone comes to us because you told them how great we are. If they sign up with us, it alerts us that someone has joined because of you, and money comes your way. Easy, right?

Here are five reasons why it pays to become one of our bitcoin casino affiliates.

Cheap to Set Up

If you haven’t got a blog or website, don’t worry. They’re really easy to set up. You don’t need lots of fancy coding skills or an expensive graphic designer on speed-dial. There are sites out there that are “plug and play”. You’ve heard of WordPress, right? That’s probably the best known of these sites, but there are loads of others too. They have free templates which you can use to put words and images on your very own website. They look great because all the complicated coding has been worked out for you.

You simply click the template you like best and post your content. They also help you set up your very own domain, or website address. You can then use our Bitcoin casino affiliate program to add your links. It’s super simple and for an afternoon’s work, you can have a fully functional, fancy looking website ready to make money. How cool is that?

Don’t want to go through all that trouble? Don’t worry, you’re free to talk about us and share your unique link on social media, internet forums, or even in person with your friends and relatives. You’ll still get rewarded if they like the look of our site and games and end up joining us!

No Signup Fees

Affiliate Program

Yep, that’s right. The most important thing to know about our Bitcoin casino affiliate program is that we NEVER charge you for signing up. That means all the cash you earn with us is entirely yours to keep. You can choose to put banners and adverts for VegasCasino.io on your site, forum signatures, social media posts or anywhere you wish (and are allowed to). If you’re trying to capture a huge audience, consider writing blog posts about us and adding your affiliate link, so people can seek us out and sign up.

We’re pretty friendly guys here. We pay you for every person who signs up with us through your site. After all, it’s only fair that we reward your hard work. There are six commission tiers. Check them out:

Tier Commission Required Players Gaming Revenue (Bitcoin)
Tier 1 25% 0-3 0
Tier 2 30% 4-10 1
Tier 3 35% 11-30 3
Tier 4 40% 31-50 10
Tier 5 45% 51-100 25
Tier 6 50% 101+ 50

We’ve got great low player thresholds, meaning that you start earning cash from your players much faster than some of our competitors. And with our great choice of online casino games, live dealer tables and sports betting markets, there is lots to tempt them in and keep them playing.

We are one of the few sites out there that allow casino gamers to bet using bitcoin, an internet-based currency that’s more secure and safe than any other currency out there. It’s anonymous, which means no personal or card details being shared, no slow bank transfers and no poaching from e-wallets. It’s a financial revolution, and we’re embracing it!

Decide How Much You Want to Earn and How

With affiliate marketing, you set your own hours. Many people use affiliate marketing as a great way of generating a little bit of extra cash on the side. It’s simple just to add some affiliate links and watch your income tick over slowly. Oh, and it’s important to understand that you’ll never get any pressure from us. We’re all about a relaxed, fun experience for all our players and this means our affiliates too. Whatever pace you want to set, that’s just fine with us.

If you’re tired of the daily grind, then this just might be for you. Some people have found they can quit their day job and become full-time affiliate marketers. We’re not saying this kind of success comes easy. You need to put a lot of time in and reach a huge online audience. But if you set up a good affiliate site related to online gaming, you can have multiple revenue streams working for you at once. What this means is potentially being able to work for yourself and not worry about having to get to work for 9 am in the morning again! It helps if you’re a fast and talented writer (or know someone who is), because engaging content is more likely to pull in readers and get them clicking on your affiliate link.

Under our bitcoin casino affiliate program, you’ll receive a percentage of the money spent by each player who signs up to the site for the life of their account. That can soon add up.

You’ll find some sites offer a one-off “finder’s fee”, but we think our structure gives you the best possible outcome. We calculate what tier of payment you’re on at the end of the month and pay you on the fifth of each month. You get paid in Bitcoin, which is the best way to get paid in our opinion because the value of Bitcoin can rise, just like shares.

What Are You Waiting For?


Think that our bitcoin casino affiliate program is for you? Then what are you waiting for? Sign up today to spread the word about our great casino games and earn yourself some extra bitcoins! You’ve got nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain.