Bitcoin Casino Baccarat: Don’t Be Afraid to Give it a Go

bitcoin baccarat explanation 1

If a casino game can stand the test of time and still appeal to the masses centuries after it was first invented, there’s got to be something to it, right? Baccarat is one of those games that’s been around for years and, despite appearing slightly complex from the outside, it actually offers bags of entertainment.

Compared to casino staples like roulette, blackjack and slots, bitcoin casino baccarat doesn’t cry out to the masses in the same way. Much like craps often gets overlooked by novice players, baccarat can sometimes appear a daunting prospect for the uninitiated. We certainly understand this sense of trepidation, but let’s make one thing clear: baccarat isn’t just for the pros.

Once you’ve mastered a few basic concepts, the dynamics of baccarat are extremely easy to learn and, what’s more, the game can be highly lucrative. Whether you’re playing for low stakes, somewhere in the middle or at the elite levels, Bitcoin baccarat offers a plenty of scope for carving out a profit.

Naturally, before you head down the road of prosperity, you’ll need to know the rules of engagement. To help guide you down this long and winding road, we’ve not only outlined the basics of bitcoin casino baccarat, but we’re also going to explain exactly what you’ll find when you join our top Bitcoin betting tables.

Getting to Grips with the Game

bitcoin baccarat basics

In its simplest form, baccarat is a casino game that involves one decision: will the bank (dealer) win, will the dealer win or will it be a tie? Instead of picking numbers like you would in craps or roulette, Bitcoin casino baccarat requires you to pick an outcome. Now, the way the winner is determined is where things get a little tricky, but if you can keep this core concept in mind, you won’t have any issues at the table.

A single round of baccarat is known as a coup and the aim is to make the best total which, in this instance, is a total that’s closest to 9 (or 9 exactly). The coup starts with you, the player, betting on whether you believe the “player hand” or the “bank hand” will get the best total. Additionally, you can also bet on a tie.

Once the bets are in, the dealer will give the player and bank two cards each. At this point, each total is calculated using the following values:

  • Ace = 1
  • 2-9 = Face value of the card
  • Picture Cards = 0

Looking at the two cards, the overall value is determined by the right-hand digit of the two-card total. For example, if the player hand was a 3 and a 5, the total would be 8 and, therefore, the player’s hand value would be 8. Similarly, if the bank hand was an 8 and an 8, the total would be 16 which would make their hand value 6 (because this is the digit on the right).

If either hand makes an 8 or a 9 on the first deal, that hand is declared the winner. However, if neither hand makes one of these totals, or the player hand doesn’t have a total of 5+, a draw takes place. Starting with the player hand, the draw must follow these conventions:

  • If the player hand has a value of 5 or less, they receive another card.
  • If the player’s hand is strong enough to stand (i.e. a 6 or 7), the banker has to hit if they have 5 or less.

Alternatively, if the player’s total forces them to draw, then the bank can’t simply draw. Instead, they have to follow the rules below to determine whether they should stand or draw:

  • If the player draws a 2 or 3 = the banker draws with 0-4, but stands with 5-7.
  • If the player draws a 4 or 5 = the banker draws with 0-5, but stands with 6-7.
  • If the player draws 6 or 7 = the banker draws with 0-6, but stands with a 7.
  • If the player draws an 8 = the banker draws with 0-2, but stands with 3-7.
  • If the player draws an ace, 9, 10, or face card = the banker draws with 0-3, but stands with 4-7.

Note: If a total above 10 is drawn, the 10 is subtracted from the overall total, as explained above.

A Little Bit of Maths

bitcoin baccarat maths explanation

Although the drawing conditions seem complicated, the great thing about our Bitcoin baccarat is that you don’t have to worry about it too much. Our software is programmed to draw the cards automatically based on the above rules, so you can focus on sitting back and making the best picks possible.

Of course, when you’ve made a correct pick, you’ll want to get something for your efforts, right? In Bitcoin casino baccarat, the following payouts are in place for the best-ranked hand (i.e. closest to 9):

  • Player hand wins = 1:1 (even money) payout
  • Banker hand wins = 1:0.95 payout (this figure is the same as a 1:1 payout minus a 5% commission)
  • Tie bets win = 8:1

In addition to the standard payouts, our Bitcoin casino baccarat games have a selection of bonus bets. You can toggle these off/on using the + icon on the table and they offer the following returns:

  • Small (wins if the opening total of all cards dealt is 4) = 1.5:1
  • Big (wins if the opening total of all cards dealt is 5 or 6) = 0.54:1
  • Player Pair = 11:1
  • Banker Pair = 11:1
  • Either Pair = 5:1
  • Perfect Pair (matching suit and value) = 25:1

Finding Your Way Around the Table

bitcoin baccarat finding your way around the table

Here at we don’t want you to dive into the action without feeling comfortable. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’re giving you the opportunity to play for free. After creating your first account, you can go to the “casino” tab, load up the “table games” page and join our demo table for free. Here you’ll get full functionality and access to all the following features:

Player/Banker/Tie Betting Boxes – These circled areas are where you place your chips in favour of the player, banker or a tie.

Side Bets – Using the + button, you can call up the side bets we referred to earlier.

Statistics – Using the grid button, you can call up a window which shows you two tables: the big road and bead road. Using coloured symbols, these tables will tell you which hands won the most recent rounds of action.

Game Options – In the top right of the page you can access the settings tab and change everything from the animations and sounds to the depth of the casino chips. You can also check out the pay table as well as the betting limits (5 mBTC to 2,000 mBTC per round).

As you can see, baccarat isn’t nearly as daunting as you might have thought. Although the drawing conditions make it seem complex, all of this is taken care of for you by our software. So, as long as you know which outcome you’re going to pick, Bitcoin casino baccarat should prove to be a highly entertaining game.