Best Online Slots Bonus Features For Big Wins

With the rise in dominance of the online slot, as the premier casino game to play, it is really the bonus features which seal the deal with players. The base game play is no longer the only draw card – the game need to offer more in order to enthrall the player. If you are looking for the best bonus features to keep you spinning then this is the article for you.

Below are 6 of the best features to keep an eye out of if you’re looking to experience top notch slots entertainment.


Let’s begin with the kingpin of all online slot feature – the Free Spin!

There are various ways of triggering free spins, how and when this happens depends on the on the game title that you are playing. Some slots incorporate landing scatters or free spin symbols on the reels, while others require you to accumulate special symbols on a meter until the desired quantity is reached and the feature activated.

In newer slot releases you will not only be rewarded with free spins when triggering the bnus feature but also some of the more popular add-ons that lead to bigger win chances. These can include receiving free spins plus…

  • Extra Wilds: These can come in various forms, and truly add a bit of a better chance of securing nice wins.
  • Multipliers: Often, all of the wins won in a free spin feature will be subjected to a multiplier of 2x or 3x on all wins. This is a handy way of boosting your bankroll considerably.
  • Respins: Some free spin rounds have ways of winning extra spins throughout the feature. These can be considered as ‘bonus bonuses’.

Free spins help you conquer the odds laid down by random number generators. The more spins you can muster in a game the better your chances of landing a winning combination. When you get to spin for free, you just know that the odds are in your favour.


Re-spins are another great way of hauling in the wins. Though not as generous with big wins as its free spin counterpart, they still offer you a smaller number free chances at landing a jackpot.

Respins can be triggered in a variety of ways. Some of the more popular triggers include:

  • Landing Wins: Some games offer a respin of the reels after each win in the game. In effect, it is a way of offering you additional value on top of your win.
  • Wilds: Wilds can often be designated as a trigger for a re-spin of the reels. Many times, the triggering wild will become sticky while the re-spin rolls, boosting the chance of wins. If other wilds land as a result of the spin, they too, will trigger re-spins, and so the pattern progresses.

Finding a slot machine that offers both Free Spins and Re-Spins as Feature is a guaranteed winner in our books.


Though not great as a stand alone feature in a game, it’s a great supporting feature to free slots features. It’s an awesome way to ensure that your bankroll is nudged up on occasion as there is no cost to selecting the symbols that will trigger your bonus payout.

Often triggered by special bonus icons, this round will zip you away to another screen, where you will get to pick a number of items from a selection offered on the screen. Usually, the wins include spot Bitcoin or cash prizes, though it is not uncommon to win free spins and multipliers with this type of game, too.

Our favourite type of pick games are the progressive ones that come with multiple stages or levels. This usually entails having to pick through various items without discovering a ‘bogey’ item or by collecting a predetermined number of wins. If you successfully achieve the requirements for that level, you will graduate onto the next stage. Here the prizes are generally more generous than those that preceded them.

Some Pick Me feature games within Jackpot slots may even hold the key to winning the progressive jackpots offered by the game!


The cascading reel platform is a newer online slot innovation, one that does away with normal reel spins in favour of replacing those that made a winning combination with new randomly selected symbols.

When a win is made, the tiles involved in the combination will disappear from the screen, leaving gaps in the reel set. New symbols will cascade from above to fill the gaps and allow the game to recalculate for more wins. This feature can result in several consecutive cascades, resulting in bonus wins or even unlocking special features.


Megaways paylines are a trademarked feature offered by Big Time Gaming (BTG). Many other game studios have bought the rights to use the engine, resulting in many new titles offering this awesome feature. It allows for each spin to offer a random number of paylines, meaning that you are always on the edge of your seat waiting to see how many pay ways you will get next.


Though Wilds do not constitute a special bonus round of their own, they provide a really good extra feature to spice up the base game and free spin rounds, alike. Their main purpose is to substitute for the standard game symbols, in order to assist with the formation of winning combinations. They can be found in several forms. The most noteworthy ones are:

  • Sticky Wilds: When landed, sticky wilds will remain in place for several spins, or an entire bonus feature, while the rest of the symbols on the reels change with every spin.
  • Expanded Wilds/Stacked Wilds: These wilds occupy more than one position on the reels at a time, expanding the reach of the substituting symbol.
  • Multiplier Wilds: When a multiplier wild becomes involved in a winning combination, it will multiply the win in accordance with the size multiplier it is designated.


For a slot catalogue filled with superb games with the above features in them, be sure to visit the slots and jackpot slots on offer by Vegas Casino. Find your lucky slot and place your Bitcoin wagers, who know you could be taking home the next life changing mega jackpot.