Become a VegasCasino VIP

Become a VegasCasino VIP: The Upgraded Bitcoin Loyalty Program is Coming

When you play any real money Bitcoin casino game at Vegas Casino, there are two ways to win: Firstly and most obviously, you can hit the right combination of cards, symbols or numbers in a game to win a prize. However, you’ll also have the ability to get something extra for your time online by becoming a VIP.

The Vegas Casino loyalty program is a way for us to give something back to our regulars. Unique to Vegas Casino and highly lucrative, the bonus scheme is essentially a reward for investing your time with us and one of the many ways we use to thank you. Now, it’s important to note that a Bitcoin loyalty program can vary from site to site, but the main premise is always the same: play and you’ll receive rewards.

When it comes to the Vegas Casino bonus VIP program, the way you gain access to our special little club won’t be the same as it is as any other Bitcoin casino. Similarly, the prizes and gifts you can earn won’t be the same either. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know before you start investing your time and money with us.

How Can I Join the Club?

The answer to this question is fairly simple. As long as you play, you have the opportunity to become a VIP. Now, exactly how much you have to play depends on a variety of factors that our bonus team keeps under wraps (because we don’t want anyone stealing our ideas). In simple terms, the best way to think about our Bitcoin loyalty program is that you have to play as often as you can. Then, once our team feels you’ve done enough to warrant entry to our VIP scheme, you’ll be sent an email inviting you to the party.

But doesn’t all this mystery make it harder for me to become a VIP? No, in fact the opposite is true. On some other online casino sites, VIP status is earned after hitting a certain points total or after you’ve wagered a certain amount of money. This system undeniably gives players a clear idea of what they need to do in order to become a VIP – but the downside is that only high rollers get to the top level.

Why is this the case? Well, the fact of life is that not everyone can become a VIP because, well, then becoming a VIP wouldn’t really mean anything. With this in mind, casino operators have to impose strict entry requirements on their programs to ensure they remain exclusive.

In contrast, when you join Vegas Casino, we don’t set any strict limits. Our Bitcoin loyalty program is based on merit rather than bets. This means that everyone has an equal chance of becoming a VIP. Basically, because you don’t have to hit a certain points/betting total, you can play at the stakes you feel comfortable playing at and truly enjoy your time with us on your way to becoming a VIP.

From here, all you have to do is play as you normally would. Then, once you’ve shown us that you’re a committed player that’s an integral part of the Vegas Casino family, you’ll be invited to the VIP program. So, even though we don’t tell you exactly what you need to do to become a VIP, that’s actually a good thing. Our system is inclusive and that means anyone, regardless of the amount they bet, can become a Vegas Casino VIP.

What Can the Vegas Casino Bitcoin Loyalty Program Do For Me?

Once you become a member of our loyalty program, the world is your oyster. Being a member of our exclusive club will entitle you to host of monthly offers, bonuses and prizes. From Bitcoin payments to a virtual concierge service where you can get VIP treatment anytime you like, our system is a great way for you to get more for your time online.

Although the actual bonuses you can receive each month may change, the advantages of our loyalty scheme typically fall into the following categories:

Personalised Targets and Prizes – After you become a Vegas Casino VIP, our bonus team will review your account activity and set you various targets based on the way you play. The beauty of this is that you won’t have to alter your betting patterns and style just to win a prize. As long as you continue doing what you normally do, you’ll be able to win prizes ranging from a MacBook to a Ferrari.

For example, if you’re a fan of live casino games, our bonus team might tell you that you can win a new laptop if you stake a daily average of 100 mBTC on any live dealer game for a period of two weeks. Similarly, if you’re a slots fan, you may be able to collect a new iPhone if you spin ten different slots each week for a month. Basically, our personalised targets will give you the chance to win something special for doing something you’d be doing anyway.

Invites to Monthly Cash Giveaways – When you become a VIP, you’ll get to take part in closed promotions. Taking place once a month and offering prize pools worth 10 BTC+, these promotions basically contain a select number of players and some seriously impressive prizes. This dynamic means you stand a much better chance of picking up some bonus cash than you would if you only took part in one of our regular prize giveaways.

Exclusive Deposit Bonuses – On top of our regular reload bonus where you can claim a 25% bonus worth up to 1,000 mBTC up to five times each day, we give our VIPs their own special deposit deals. Like our personalised prize targets, each offer is tailored to your specific circumstances. So, if you usually deposit 100 mBTC every Friday, our team will put together a special bonus to fit in with this.

Personal Care from the Vegas Casino VIP Team – Even though our support team is one of the best in the business, we like to go the extra mile for our VIPs. By contacting the VIP team, you’ll be able to get technical support, advice or even some sort of personal service in an instant. Indeed, if you fancy having a pizza while you play, our VIP support service will even sort that out for you. Similarly, if you feel like trying a new game but want a bonus for your efforts, our team will look into it for you.

In short, when you become a Vegas Casino VIP, you’ll enjoy a more personal, profitable Bitcoin betting experience. Regardless of the games you play or the stakes you play for, our Bitcoin loyalty program is on hand to give you more. So, if you want us to roll out the red carpet for you, create your first account with us and start playing today.