A Newbie’s Guide to Vegas Casino

The world of online casinos can be a rather daunting place if you have no one to guide you. Navigating the content of a site could present a challenge, as some of the terms used may be unfamiliar to you.

For this very reason, Vegas Casino would like to take you by the hand and make you feel comfortable with the mechanics of our ‘Bitcoin First’ website. Being a Blockchain casino, our experience is slightly different from that of fiat currency sites.


The concept of ‘Bitcoin-First’ may be new to you, but the explanation is very simple. It refers to the fact that our casino only accepts deposits and wagers in Bitcoin cryptocurrency and not by means of any other monetary method.

We have embraced the cutting edge technology of the decentralised Blockchain to ensure that all gamblers are able to enjoy casino games under one umbrella, wherever they find themselves in the world.

There are several advantages to playing at a Bitcoin casino:

  • Security: All transactions are verified, irreversible and tamperproof. Once payment has been made on the Blockchain, no one can hack it or tamper with it. The decentralised nature of the blockchain ensures that no one can control or manipulate the system.
  • Privacy: When registering on Vegas Casino, you need not enter all of your sensitive information on our site, along with your banking particulars etc. This ensures that your privacy cannot be invaded by prying eyes of any form. Many gamblers want to be able to play anonymously, which is possible on our site.
  • Cost: Bitcoin is one e-currency that crosses all borders. As such, there are no foreign exchange costs levied on deposits and withdrawals. The lack of a middle man money broker ensures that no extra admin costs are levied either and speeds up the transaction process.


The very first thing to consider when wanting to make use of an online casino site is to create a player profile so that you have access to all of the features offered on the site.

At Vegascasino.io, you can simply go to ‘Sign In’ and create a new user account. In order to do this, you will be asked to create a username and provide a password to your profile, after verifying that you are over the age of 18 years old and of legal age to gamble.


The next step in the process is to place your first Bitcoin deposit on your account. If you already have a Bitcoin Wallet, you will merely need to share your public key with the casino and authorise the payment with your private key.

If you do not own Bitcoin, the site will help you obtain your first Bitcoin within minutes, if you follow all of the prompts.


Bonuses and promotions at an online casino are designed to maximise your gameplay time at the casino, by subsidising your deposits on certain games and for a limited amount of Bitcoin. In most cases, casinos will offer you Deposit Match Bonuses.

Deposit Match Bonuses are offers where the casino promises to match your deposit by a stipulated percentage, to increase your bankroll. These bonuses are subject to wagering requirements, which ensure that you actually play the games for all they are worth. Once the wagering requirements are satisfied, you will be able to withdraw the winnings or apply them to your normal play roll.

Vegas Casino offers Newcomer Promotions to first time players on the site, as well as weekly and monthly top-up bonuses for those who play more regularly. Every now and then we will also market special event tournaments and other promos that might tickle your fancy from time to time. These can all be viewed on our ‘Promotions’ page.


If you have never been onto an online casino site, then you may not be aware of the fact that there are extensive lists of different games that can be enjoyed. VegasCasino.io offers a wide spread of gaming variety that will appeal to a large number of gamblers. We offer:

Slots: These are games of luck that entail you setting a wager and rolling the reels. They offer a great number of game themes and special features to keep gamblers entertained from start to finish. Slot games appeal to those who enjoy high stakes gaming with minimal game strategy.  All outcomes in slot games are controlled by Random Number Generator Software (RNGs), ensuring wins and losses are completely random.

At Vegas Casino, you can enjoy a host of video slots, jackpot slots, classic slots, and more, from some of the leading brands in the market.

Video Poker: This game is often misidentified as a slot game, though they are quite different in gameplay. Unlike slots Video poker is a machine based poker game, where landing valid poker hands will pay you out in accordance with your wager placed and the value of your handheld.

Video Poker is a game of skill that makes use of an RNG to deal the cards out. If you learn basic poker strategy, you could turn your video poker playing sessions into frequent money winners.

Table Games: Table games include card game offerings such as Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat, as well as Roulette. Each of these games requires a basic understanding of the game rules before they can be played. Poker and Blackjack are playable in many different variants. The more strategy you learn around playing these games, the more you reduce the house edge and can end up cleaning up at the tables.

At an online casino, table games are virtually rendered and managed by RNG software. Your skill and interaction with the game, together with a touch of luck, is the key to success with such titles.

Keno: Keno is a lottery style game, where your choice of between 1 and 15 numbers is compared against a randomly drawn 20 digit number. Several number matches will win you cash prizes in accordance with the ratio of how many numbers you have chosen versus how many matches you make.

Live Casino: Live casino offers some of your favourite table casino games on your mobile device or desktop without RNG intervention. Instead, all games are hosted by live dealers or croupiers that deal real cards and spin real roulette wheels. The action is live-streamed to your device in real time. Interacting in this form of casino play is far more immersive than virtual casino gaming and is the perfect compromise between online casino gaming and live land-based play.


VegasCasino.io is set up in a simple and easy to navigate manner. This has been done with your convenience in mind. The headings of each category are clearly marked at the top of the page for direction. Should you need further assistance, you can engage in a live chat with one of our professional customer service advisors, via our 24/7 chat service found on the bottom right of the page.

Keep up to date with our current blogs and peruse through the menu for guides on Bitcoin, gaming, and gambling. These articles are each designed to stand you in good stead for success at a Bitcoin casino.