A Day of Las Vegas Extravagance

Las Vegas Extravagance

VegasCasino.io is a Las Vegas themed Bitcoin First online casino that offers its slots, table games, live dealer games, and others, to people around the globe, in order to give them a taste of the Vegas life.  We punt the Vegas story because it offers the best gambling experience in the world.   

The Las Vegas strip is a bright and impressive sight to behold, filled with luxurious casinos, theatres, restaurants and clubs. The nightlife of that city is second to none and the entertainment on offer is unparalleled anywhere else in the world.  

In this article, we wish to show off our namesake a bit and showcase Las Vegas extravagance. Let’s say that money was not an option and you wanted to experience the highest form of life offered by the city. Where would you go on the strip and what would you do? We have seven extravagant ideas for you, so pay attention!  


So, you’ve arrived at the ‘City that never sleeps’. You may be looking for the grandest place to hold up for the night. A place where you can party and experience the best sights in the city all at once. There is only one destination for you – The Sky Villa at the Palms Hotel.  

Upon arriving at the airport, the hotel will send a pick up from the airport. But this is no regular minivan shuttle or town car. You will be collected in a Rolls Royce and escorted in style to your apartment.  

The Sky Villa is the largest suite in Las Vegas, boasting 9,000 square feet of space. We understand that the size of it may be a little overwhelming at first, but that’s why you will have your own butler to settle you in. The servicemen will see to your every need throughout your stay in this palatial abode.  

Take in the best view in Vegas while floating in your infinity pool, making you feel like you are on top of the world. Organise a party or go it alone, this suite will set you back within the region of $40,000 per night.  


After a hard night of partying and crowds of people, perhaps the next day might see you escape off on your own for a spa treatment or massage.   

Sahra Spa offers one of the premium spa and Hamman treatments in the USA. It provides a Moroccan themed journey of sensual pleasure. From eucalyptus steam detoxes to full body massages, or the famous desert ritual, the ultimate experience in relaxation and rejuvenation is yours for around $1,800.  


All that pampering will probably get you in the mood for a great lunch, but best make it a casual snack because you plan to go out for dinner too.  

Hit down to Paris Las Vegas and visit the Le Burger Brasseire, for the world’s most expensive burger meal. It will be worth it!  

The meal will cost you $777 but is a unique experience that will most probably never be repeated again. Firstly, choose your bun. Select from traditional sesame seed, caramelised onion bun, aged parmesan cheese bun, or oven-dried tomato ciabatta. The filling consists of Kobe beef, Maine lobster, caramelized sweet onions, prosciutto and French Triple Cream Brie. The burger fill is finally drizzled in 100-year-old balsamic vinegar. A complimentary bottle of Dom Perignon Rose Champagne comes with it to wash it all down.  


There is always time for some gambling fun while in Vegas. The afternoon is before you and you have at least a few hours of table fun ahead. What’s the point of low rolling entertainment, when high limit tables provide you with the opportunity to rub shoulders with the upper crust of society?  

Villa Prive at the Bellagio Hotel offers the ultimate private lounge, decked out in decadent trims, befitting the expectations of the rich and famous. A $20,000 minimum buy-in secures you the finest high rolling entertainment with 5-star service and a fine assortment of beverages at your request.  


Your lunch may not have been as light as you thought it was, so you decide to stall dinner by an hour so that you can partake in another once in a lifetime opportunity of extravagance.   

The Bellagio Fountains are a spectacular sight to behold in the “City of Lights”. Nothing is as grand in all of Vegas unless of course, you are in control of it all. For a VIP ticket of $250,000, the gold-plated control box for the fountain becomes yours; each spray pattern and colour created by you.  

Along with your power trip, you will receive a 30-litre bottle of Ace of Spades champagne to make you feel like a king. Don’t drink it all at once though, as that bottle holds the equivalent of more than 30 bottles of champagne inside it.  


For one of the best French Cuisine dinners in the world, head over to Guy Savoy Restaurant at Caesars Palace. Awarded as a top 100 restaurant in the world, the cuisine offered at Guy Savoy is world-class.    

For the ultimate opportunity, you had better book an experience on the Krug Chef’s Table. Here, you will be seated at a six-seater table with a grand view of the kitchen. A 10-course meal will be prepared right before you and paired with 2 glasses of the finest Krug Prestige Curee Champagne.  

This delectable experience will satisfy your taste buds for $650 per person.  


We can only imagine with so much to take in over the course of the day that after dinner it will almost be time to call it a night and head back to the suite.  But, before you do, head for the ultimate nightcap at Fizz. Their signature Champagne Cocktail is a temptation sure to tickle your fancy.   

Dom Perignon Rose Champagne is perfectly blended with Grand Marnier as a liquid base. A few added secret ingredients are added and then capped with a rose petal and 24kt gold flakes.   

Once finished, settle the tab of $2,500 per cocktail and make your way back to your suite for a well-deserved rest, because there is way more to do tomorrow!  


While we know, that very few people may actually be able to afford a day like the one depicted above, it is always good to dream. Maybe Vegas is a little out of reach for you right now, but here is where we come in. VegasCasino.io offers the same gambling fun afforded on the floors of Vegas, right here on your mobile device or desktop. Simply register an account with us and sign in to start your dream.  

The wins possible with many of our games could set you up to live the Las Vegas dream as a reality someday, just carry on trying.