3 Reasons To Play Live Dealer Casino Games

Reasons To Play Live Dealer Casino Games


Back in 1994 when the first online casinos launched, the world was in awe of all things technological.  

The day that bullies and jocks had feared was on the horizon, the nerds and geeks were taking over. With lingo like ‘HyperText Transfer Protocol’ (aka http) being used to describe the fact that website information is text based, and ‘Uniform Resource Locator’ being used to describe your website’s address, it seemed they spoke a language mere mortals could never crack and that their reign would never end. 

Fast forward to 2019 and those terms are common place, anyone can visit WordPress.com and build a website without knowing how to code, everything from banking to wedding planning happens on our mobile phones and children play with their friends online and not outside. 

All this technology, however, has caused a deep-seated desire in us for something we once so easily traded in for cool tech – there is a need to connect with another human being.  

Ever found yourself frustrated with an automated voice system, ignoring all the prompts till you get the “… or hold the line to speak to a consultant” option? We all have, because we’re social animals! 


The online casino industry is brilliant at listening to the needs and wants of its patrons, and this need to connect, to speak to a real person, was a common request. In the early days of online casinos customers called the Support Centres in the early hours of the morning with simple questions often just to spend time with a person. Even VIP Hosts are sent around the world to spend time with high rollers to give them a human-face to associate with the casino. 

The introduction of Live Dealer casino games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat means that there is now a 24 hour a day outlet for that need to connect and be part of a community. More than just having a real person dealing you cards or spinning the roulette wheel, live casino games also allow players to speak with other players at the table. 

Evolution Gaming is the premier live casino games supplier globally, and a proud partner of VegasCasino.io, who not only host live casino croupiers in high-tech studios but also have live casino games being played at actual casino venues.  

This means that over and above the dealer and the other players, you have the experience of being in the middle of an actual casino floor. If you’re a people watcher this is the best of both worlds – enjoy world-class gambling entertainment and watch the comings and goings of the casinos real-world patrons too. 


At our core we are competitive beings. Whether it was competing for the best mate or seeing who could bring down the gigantic woolly mammoth, people love competing. With the majority of online and mobile gambling being focused on slots, a lot of that one-on-one has been lost, with the exception of multiplayer slots tournaments. 

Live Dealer casino games have reinvigorated the feeling of competition, the thrill of outplaying and outmaneuvering not only the House but also your fellow punters. When you’re playing live blackjack you can slow play the dealer, try pick out her tells, while also watching the players either side of you to determine what they may do and how it affects your time at the table. 

It truly brings back the strategic element of certain table games when it’s not just a random card draw but the actions of several people at the table that determine your chances of victory. There is nothing sweeter than playing a winning split hand when everyone else at the table, including the Dealer, busts! 


It may seem odd to swing back to technology when the entire point so far has been how Live Dealer casino games are a way to connect with people again, but without good audio, smooth video and a flawless gambling experience, Live Dealer casino games would not be played.  

Thankfully with the advancements in audio and visual technology (thank you, mobile sector), and the ongoing progress being made in digital compression and internet speeds, VegasCasino.io is able to offer you the best desktop and mobile live casino experience available online. 

To ensure that you get only the industry’s top live-streaming gambling experience, VegasCasino.io has partnered with three premier suppliers who have built their reputations on delivering stellar experiences and having some the most well-trained dealers in the industry. 

  • Evolution Gaming – Stream live dealer casino games at television quality from two private studios and several land-based casino studios. They also run their own academy to train live dealers. 
  • Ezugi – Stream from 9 regions world-wide and they offer both public and private live dealer tables. In addition to table games they also offer lottery-style games such as keno live. 
  • Asia Gaming  Best known for creating unique and entertaining live gambling experiences such as ‘interactive bid baccarat’, ‘squeeze baccarat’ and more. While also offering Sic Bo and Bullfight in addition to the classic blackjack, roulette and baccarat roster of live table games. 

Be sure to log in to your real money casino account to enjoy all the benefits of playing live dealer bitcoin casino games!  

If you have questions about live dealer casino games or how to deposit and claim any of the many bitcoin bonuses at VegasCasino.io, simply click on the ‘We Are Here’ tab on the bottom of the screen to speak to a trained Customer Support Representative.